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War-chief clothing set equipped

A male player wearing War-chief clothes.

War-chief clothing set (female) equipped

A female player wearing War-chief clothes.

War-chief clothing is obtained from the Mobilising Armies minigame by spending reward points. They are just for looks and bragging rights, and therefore give no stat bonuses. It can be bought with 200+ Ranking from the first floor.

Players can store the full set in the Magic wardrobe of their Costume room.

War chief's Uniform
Image Item Credit Cost
War-chief cap War-chief cap 106,000
War-chief top War-chief top 123,700
War-chief trousers War-chief trousers 123,700
War-chief skirt War-chief skirt 123,700
War-chief boots War-chief boots 106,000
War-chief gloves War-chief gloves 106,000

The entire set (picking either only a skirt or only the trousers) costs 565,400 reward credits.

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