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Wand of treachery detail

The wand of treachery is a one-handed magic weapon. It requires level 70 Magic to wield, and is tied the sixth strongest wand alongside Ahrim's wand and crystal wand, after the Seismic wand, Seasinger makigai, Attuned crystal wand, Virtus wand, and Abyssal wand. It can be obtained by looting tents in the Wilderness Warbands Distraction and Diversion.

For every supply box looted from a tent, there is a small chance of finding the wand. Only one wand can be found per Warband. The player who loots this item will be highlighted with a glow for around 20 seconds, their Prayer points will drain to 0, and everyone nearby will receive a message stating who found the wand. They will also become instantly teleblocked and may not log out for 10 seconds and will be attackable by anyone regardless of what level wilderness or what wilderness combat style they are in. It is likely that this is why it was named "The Wand of Treachery." This does not affect players who simply picked up a dropped wand.

When participating in Wilderness Warbands, it is recommended to only bring a prayer potion or prayer renewal potion and items that are worth less than the wand of treachery. This is so that if the wand is found prayer points can quickly be restored  (alternatively, a prayer renewal dose can be consumed before looting the camp) and protect item activated. This will ensure that the wand is not lost upon death. Winter storage, the Pack Yak's special ability, can be used to bank the wand.

Its stats are equivalent to those of Ahrim's wand and the Crystal wand, but is a considerably cheaper and non degrading alternative.

Wand of treachery concept art
Combat StatsWand of treachery equipped
Skill requirements
70 Magic-icon
Magic MagicWeapon slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 2.4 seconds
Attack speed fastest


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  • The examine text may be referencing the Elder Wand from J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" fantasy book series.
  • Although being a level 70 weapon, it can not be augmented like most level 70 equipment.

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