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With the Wallie card players can make internet payments on RuneScape. It is one of many payment options now approved on RuneScape. They can be purchased in the United States and all European Union countries.

The Wallie-card Edit

The Wallie-card comes in two types:

  1. Physical card: a paper card representing a certain monetary value.
  2. E-voucher: a printed ticket from a terminal or cash register that is produced at the moment a Wallie-card is purchased. Each e-voucher has a unique payment code printed on it, which can be used for payment.

Use Edit

Wallie-cards are bought for a specific value. The value differs per country (as market conditions and currencies differ from country to country). The balance of the card is checked in real-time and the amount that needs to be paid will be deducted from the balance on the card. When the card or e-voucher has no balance any more, it can be disposed.

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