This article is about the island. For the moai, see Waiko moai.
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Release date 25 July 2016 (Update)
Sea Eastern Sea
Kingdom(s) Eastern Lands
Members Yes
No. of banks 1
No. of altars None
No. of obelisks None
Teleportation Waiko teleport
Guilds None
Music Various
Inhabitants Waiko islander
Waiko map

Waiko is an island in The Arc region of the Wushanko Isles. It is the central hub of The Arc, and has many shops and merchants on it that players may sell resources they gather around The Arc to for chimes.

Getting thereEdit

Notable featuresEdit

Waiko dock houses

The Waiko fishing district.

Waiko jungle

The mountainous jungle of Waiko.


Bamboo Market 101Edit

Main article: Bamboo Market 101

Bamboo Market 101 is a shop run by Zhuka (bamboo merchant), where players may buy and sell bamboo and driftwood for chimes.

Fish Oil SalesEdit

Main article: Fish Oil Sales

Fish Oil Sales is a shop run by Salmon Max (fish merchant), where players may buy and sell native fish products for chimes.

Ports Reward ShopEdit

Main article: Ports Reward Shop

The Ports Reward Shop is a shop run by Boni. It sells Player-owned ports resources and trade goods. The shop can be found in the north east corner of the market area.

Salty GoodsEdit

Main article: Salty Goods

Salty Goods is a shop run by Yi Yan (salt merchant), where players may buy and sell items mined from crablets for chimes.

Tang ChufangEdit

Main article: Tang Chufang

Tang Chufang is a shop run by Tang (food merchant), where players may buy and sell food products native to The Arc for chimes. The Waiko Grill provides a 5% chance of cooking duplicate food. Duplicate food is banked automatically, this stacks with Modified sous chef's toque.

Torts R UsEdit

Main article: Torts R Us

Torts R Us is a shop run by 'Reggie' (tortoise shell merchant), where players may buy and sell tortle products for chimes.

Waiko Reward ShopEdit

Main article: Waiko Reward Shop

The Waiko Reward Shop is a shop run by Boni that sells unlocks and upgrades pertaining to activities in The Arc, various reward items, customisations for the player's own island, and experience lamps. It is located in the north east corner of the market area.


Music unlockedEdit

Player-owned ports voyagesEdit

Waiko is described as a merchant island with a thriving slave trade. Eastern and western ships, crews and merchants can be found here.

  • In A Friend Indeed, the player may befriend the personal chef of Waiko's Khan.
  • In Howdy Pilgrims, the player may be escorting a group of Guthix worshippers on a pilgrimage to a site of magical significance on Waiko.
  • In Supply and Demand, an opportunity arises to trade with a rich merchant from Waiko for bamboo.
  • In To the Rescue, the player may send a ship to intercede in a fight between pirates from Mos Le'Harmless and eastern traders from Waiko.