Vulnerability icon
Release date 23 October 2002 (Update)
Members? Yes
Level 66
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat
Experience 76
Runes 1Soul rune1Chaos rune
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Vulnerability is a spell in the standard spellbook. When successfully cast on a target, it will increase the damage they take from all sources by 10% for 60 seconds. This means a target that would take normally take 2,500 damage will take 2,750 damage (250 being 10% of 2,500). It is often used against endgame bosses such as Telos, the Warden and Nex: Angel of Death.

This spell can be used simultaneously with Curse (the weaker version of Vulnerability), but Vulnerability's effects will have a higher priority.


1Chaos rune1Soul rune440


  • Before the Evolution of Combat, Enfeeble and Stagger were used alongside Vulnerability for training Magic in metal armour because the spell would always miss with a low enough Magic attack bonus (-65). It could be re-cast indefinitely in this manner, resulting in quick experience. However, this spell no longer gives any experience for missing.

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