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Volatile clay hammer detail

The volatile clay hammer is one of the possible tools that the Volatile Tool can transform into. The hammer gives a 29,340 bonus experience in the smithing or construction skill. Once the bonus experience is gained it is not necessary to carry the discharged tools around to benefit from it. The tool will lose 10% of its potential bonus experience if you revert it. If you attempt to revert it when it is depleted it will be destroyed. This item can be found on a members world in the Stealing Creation  activity.

After the 8 October2013 bonus experience update, these tools have become much better to use. The player may simply revert and transform the tool until they get the type they want, then recharge that tool. This makes them better than a Proto-tool if you aim to gain a good amount of experience.


  • Originally the experience bonus did not apply for making flatpacks, but this was changed on 13 January 2009.

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