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Void knight deflector detail

The void knight deflector is a shield released with the Conquest minigame. It is purchased for 150 Void Knight commendation points or 175 Thaler points from Stanley Limelight Traders. To wield this, a player needs level 42 in Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Ranged and Magic, and 22 Prayer.

The deflector can be equipped in the off-hand slot. It is one of the few shields to be classed for all combat styles.

Combat Stats
RequirementsVoid knight deflector equipped
42 Attack, 42 Strength, 42 Defence, 42 Magic, 42 Constitution, 42 Ranged, 22 Prayer
CombatSwords AllOff-hand slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour133PvM: 5.7%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


  • With the changes brought by the Evolution of Combat regarding 2-hand and off-hand weapons, the Void Knight Deflector became less useful. The Void Knight set is most often used for its offence-boosting effect, but using a shield decreases damage output. Because of this, it is best used as an ordinary shield.
  • The deflector used to require 1250 Conquest rating to purchase, until the Minigame Spotlight update. Having a rank of 1250 is still one of the requirements needed for the trimmed Completionist cape, however.
  • Other void knight armour can be alched however the deflector cannot.