The Voice of Seren is a blessing effect in Prifddinas, moving between clan districts every hour. Two clans will have the Voice active at any given time. While the Voice is active in a clan's district, certain actions related to that clan's signature skills give additional experience or rewards.

The clans that are receiving the Voice are the same in all worlds. Elven clan capes can be right-clicked to tell whether the Voice is currently active in that clan's district. The Master clan cape can be right-clicked to do the same, but will tell whether the Voice is currently active for any clan.

When in Prifddinas one will see two clan icons on their screen depicting which clans are illuminated by the Voice of Seren. Since 6 July 2015 one can also hover over these icons to see some of the effects for that clan when it is illuminated. As well, when you are near the lodestone, you can see which districts the voice is in, by looking at the illuminated symbols on the ground, giving direction of where the clan is located.

Inside Prifddinas, the following message is shown when the Voice of Seren changes districts. The colour depends on which district is mentioned.

Clan Message
Amlodd The Voice of Seren is now active in the Amlodd district.
Cadarn The Voice of Seren is now active in the Cadarn district.
Crwys The Voice of Seren is now active in the Crwys district.
Hefin The Voice of Seren is now active in the Hefin district.
Iorwerth The Voice of Seren is now active in the Iorwerth district.
Ithell The Voice of Seren is now active in the Ithell district.
Meilyr The Voice of Seren is now active in the Meilyr district.
Trahaearn The Voice of Seren is now active in the Trahaearn district.

Randomness of the voiceEdit

The Voice of Seren rotates in a somewhat random way with some key restrictions. If a voice is on a clan then there is a two hour cool-down on that clan having the Voice of Seren again. For example, if the Voice of Seren is on Trahaearn from 02:00-03:00 then the earliest hour the Voice of Seren can be on Trahaearn again is 05:00-06:00.

This means that at the beginning of any hour there are four clans that cannot have the voice on them. So of the remaining four clans that can have the voice, two will be chosen. This means that if the Voice of Seren just finished being on a clan there is a 50% chance it will be on that clan again in exactly two hours.

In this way one can use when the last Voice of Seren was on a clan to know when the next time the Voice of Seren has a chance of being on that clan again. A good way to check this is with Jagex's Clock on their Twitter page.

After any game update, the voice can be any combination, regardless of the voices prior to the update.

Known effectsEdit

Icon Clan Effects
N/A All clans
  • 20% extra base experience from pickpocketing the respective workers.
  • An increased chance to find Golden rocks in the respective clan's skill.
  • A chance for a crystal impling to spawn at the herald of one of the affected clans (this can happen multiple times during the illumination).
Amlodd Clan
Cadarn Clan
Crwys Clan
Hefin Clan
Iorwerth Clan
Ithell Clan
  • 20% more base Crafting and Construction XP from training using the harps. The harps have a significantly lower chance of losing tune while playing.
  • 20% more base Crafting XP from crafting crystal flasks.
  • Sawmill operator shop stock doubles. It will replenish if it is empty when voice takes effect.
  • The soft clay rocks will not deplete when mined.
Meilyr Clan
Trahaearn Clan
  • 20% more base Mining XP ores, gems, and Seren Stones in the district. Mining any type of ore has a chance of yielding corrupted ore (this occurs at any mining level, and will count towards the 100 needed to unlock the "of the Trahaearn" title.)
  • Ore rocks have a chance of changing into harmonised rocks temporarily, allowing the rocks to be mined without running out of ore (similar to the concentrated ore in the Living Rock Caverns).
    • Mining harmonised coal rocks will count towards "Concentrated Coal Deposits" tasks.
  • 20% more base Smithing XP from smelting or smithing any items in the furnaces or on the anvils, except for protean bars. Smelting corrupted ore has a 2-in-9 chance of producing swamp tar.
  • 20% more base Farming XP from planting and checking the tree patch, as well as a chance of the tree skipping growth stages.


  • An unlisted music track similar to Elven Voice plays throughout the active clans' districts of the city while the Voice is in effect there.
  • After the release of Prifddinas, the Voice of Seren gave 20% experience boost for all the clan-related skills performed under the Voice of Seren. This was reduced for some actions to 5% when the second half of the city was released and turned to the current state on 17 November 2014. On the official forums it was told that this wouldn't happen until the first week of December.[1] This was reverted early in January 2015.


  1. ^ Mod Osborne. "Voice of Seren - Quick Note." 10 November 2014. Recent Game Updates Forums.

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