Blood reaver

A Blood reaver, a Virius in the service of the Zarosian general Nex.

The Virii (singular Virius) are a type of quadrupedal Chthonian demon[1] that Zaros describes as pack animals, akin to Avernic Hellhounds or dogs[2]. Like all demons, they come from the world of Infernus, and like many other Chtonians, they were bound to the Demon Pact after Zaros tricked Hostilius the Autocrat into signing over twelve of his legions[3]. A pack of Virii called the Blood reavers are imprisoned and frozen within the Ancient Prison near Trollheim, where they serve the Zarosian general Nex[4]. With the exception of Ocellus, they are the only known example of their race.

Unlike other known Virii, Ocellus, a Guardian of Guthix, is bipedal, and seems to be much larger. He is seemingly far more intelligent than the rest of his kind, although he is incapable of making full sentences in the common tongue, and as such speaks in short words or word groups.


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