Vince Farquharson
Vince Farquharson
Jagex moderator crown Name Mod Vince
Role Head of RuneScape
Team Admin
Project RuneScape
Employed 2008 ─ 2009

Vince Farquharson (also known as Mod Vince) was the Head of RuneScape at Jagex from 2008 until 2009. His appointment to the post was announced on 21 October 2008.[1]

Before joining Jagex, Farquharson had been creative director and development director at THQ for three years,[2] where he oversaw titles including MotoGP 06 and 07, Worms: Open Warfare 1 and 2, Worms: A Space Oddity, Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command and Broken Sword: The Angel of Death.[3] He has been credited on video games from 1995 for other companies including Ocean Software, Electronic Arts, Bullfrog Productions, and Empire Interactive.[4]

Vince brings a wealth of industry experience, making him the ideal candidate for Head of RuneScape. We see him as a fantastic addition to RuneScape, at a time when the game is surging in popularity.
I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining the RuneScape team. I’ve watched for several years as RuneScape has evolved into a phenomenal success with millions of players. I'm very excited to be working with the team responsible for this, as we take the game forward into 2009 and beyond.
— Vince Farquharson[1]

Farquharson's first newspost was Behind the Scenes 2009 of the 2 January 2009, in which he was credited as "Mod Vince, Head of RuneScape".[5]

He was replaced by Christoph Vietzke (Mod Fetzki) a short while after being appointed the Head of RuneScape.

The Year of UpgradesEdit

Vince Farquharson was the first to announce in a newspost that 2009 would be the "Official Year of Upgrades" for RuneScape.

In the "Behind the Scenes 2009" newspost, he said:

"Well, this is the challenge that we’ve set ourselves: 2009 has become our official Upgrade Year! So, what does that mean? It means our New Year's resolution is to tweak and polish what we've already got in the game alongside creating new content. For example:

  • Doing the 'little' jobs that make a big difference (e.g. a 'You are here' arrow on the world map) and basically fixing all the annoying little quirks the game has. Things that may be the least glamorous to work on and talk about, but which really add up.
  • Updating some of the earliest content/quests to bring it up to date, and take advantage of all the features we have added to the game engine since it was originally created. Also, reworking old clues that no longer work now the game is bigger (e.g. 'Look west of the mountains' was fine when there was only one mountain, but not now).
  • Making the interfaces as intuitive, flexible and user-friendly as possible.
  • Then, after all that, we’ll start looking into abandoned and barely used areas/features of the game, and breathing new life into them."
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Role established Head of RuneScape Christoph Vietzke


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