Villager clothing can be bought from Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Cooperative with trading sticks, which are earned by taking part in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup. The sets come in four colours: blue, brown, yellow, and pink.


Item Price
Villager hat (blue) Villager hat (blue) 2,586
Villager hat (brown) Villager hat (brown) 2,177
Villager hat (yellow) Villager hat (yellow) 2,359
Villager hat (pink) Villager hat (pink) 2,175


Item Price
Tribal top (blue) Tribal top (blue) 4,258
Tribal top (brown) Tribal top (brown) 2,648
Tribal top (yellow) Tribal top (yellow) 2,418
Tribal top (pink) Tribal top (pink) 2,737


Item Price
Villager robe (blue) Villager robe (blue) 1,551
Villager robe (brown) Villager robe (brown) 1,204
Villager robe (yellow) Villager robe (yellow) 619
Villager robe (pink) Villager robe (pink) 363


Item Price
Villager armband (blue) Villager armband (blue) 636
Villager armband (brown) Villager armband (brown) 759
Villager armband (yellow) Villager armband (yellow) 947
Villager armband (pink) Villager armband (pink) 2,271


Item Price
Villager sandals (blue) Villager sandals (blue) 851
Villager sandals (brown) Villager sandals (brown) 3,014
Villager sandals (yellow) Villager sandals (yellow) 1,408
Villager sandals (pink) Villager sandals (pink) 3,239