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Villager clothing can be bought from Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Cooperative with trading sticks, which are earned by taking part in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup. The sets come in four colors: blue, brown, yellow, and pink.


Item Price
Villager hat (blue) Villager hat (blue) 2,493
Villager hat (brown) Villager hat (brown) 2,115
Villager hat (yellow) Villager hat (yellow) 2,305
Villager hat (pink) Villager hat (pink) 2,109


Item Price
Tribal top (blue) Tribal top (blue) 4,031
Tribal top (brown) Tribal top (brown) 2,570
Tribal top (yellow) Tribal top (yellow) 2,307
Tribal top (pink) Tribal top (pink) 2,582


Item Price
Villager robe (blue) Villager robe (blue) 1,542
Villager robe (brown) Villager robe (brown) 1,195
Villager robe (yellow) Villager robe (yellow) 611
Villager robe (pink) Villager robe (pink) 359


Item Price
Villager armband (blue) Villager armband (blue) 636
Villager armband (brown) Villager armband (brown) 756
Villager armband (yellow) Villager armband (yellow) 921
Villager armband (pink) Villager armband (pink) 2,189


Item Price
Villager sandals (blue) Villager sandals (blue) 856
Villager sandals (brown) Villager sandals (brown) 2,859
Villager sandals (yellow) Villager sandals (yellow) 1,376
Villager sandals (pink) Villager sandals (pink) 3,149

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