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For other uses, see Village (disambiguation).
Village (#196)
Audio options icon (link)
Release date 29 June 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Canifis
Quest No
Unlock hint This track unlocks at Canifis in Morytania.
Instruments Shanai, Acoustic Guitar, Tango Accordion, Taiko Drums, Piccolo, Harmonica, Reed Organ, Woodblock, Harp, Bassoon, Violin, Xylophone, Tubular Bells
Duration 03:38
Composer Ian Taylor, Adam Bond (2015 Rework)
Canifis map
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Village is a music track that is unlocked in Canifis. It was reworked on September 14, 2015 with the release of The Lord of Vampyrium quest.


This song has a tempo of 120.

The reworked version puts more emphasis on the bass melody, or the lower guitar notes. It has an apparent pattern in which the notes have changed from just being a plain D & G note being played as the bass melody throughout most of the song. The song instead starts out with a pattern consisting of the first notes being D & G, then it shifts to A & D, goes up to A# & D# (A# & D# plays twice), then after doing C & F notes, it goes back to the start of the pattern with D & G.


  • It used to be unlocked in a Portal Chamber via the scrying orb, however, this has been removed.
  • The song is similar to Miscellania in some ways, except that it is not in minor key.
  • This song apparently uses elements from a soundtrack called Fiddler on the Roof (Although help may be needed narrowing it down to the specific song).

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