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This article is about the normal version of the Vesta's spear. For the corrupt version of this item, see Corrupt vesta's spear.
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Vesta's spear detail

Vesta's spear is part of Vesta's Equipment, and is obtained by killing revenants in the Forinthry Dungeon, or killing the Chaos Elemental.

The normal version requires 78 Attack and lasts for an hour of combat. After the time is up, the spear will vanish, although it can be alchemised before it turns to dust. If a player is made to lose a degrading vesta's spear in the Wilderness or inside the dangerous portal at clan wars, 780,000 coins will be dropped in its place.

A corrupt version also exists, which requires only 20 Attack and lasts only for 15 minutes of wielding (degrades even while not in combat).

As an hour contains 6000 ticks and the spear hits once per 5 ticks, you are able to hit 1200 hits with this spear before it degrades. Thus, each hit costs approximately 4815 coins when using this spear.

Combat StatsVesta's spear equipped

A player wielding Vesta's spear.

Skill requirementsDegrades
78 Attack-iconYes
Attack Melee2h slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Revenant vampyre681Rare
Revenant goblin24; 28; 32; 401Rare
Revenant imp201Rare
Revenant cyclops841Rare
Revenant demon1001Rare
Revenant hellhound941Rare
Revenant hobgoblin641Rare
Revenant icefiend541Rare
Revenant pyrefiend581Rare
Revenant werewolf751Rare
Revenant dragon931Rare
Revenant knight1401Rare
Revenant dark beast1301Rare
Revenant ork1101Rare
Chaos Elemental1381Rare
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Zamorakian spear Strongest spear in RuneScape Promethium spear


  • Before the Evolution of Combat, this weapon used to have a special attackSpear Wall which damaged any unit that was in a 3x3 grid of the player and provided immunity to melee attacks for 5 seconds. In terms of actual effect, this rather resembles the Hurricane ability.
  • On the release of the EoC, this weapon used to have fast speed but still the weapon damage of a average speed weapon of the same level. This meant that Vesta's spear was much more powerful than its level suggested, with its damage (ignoring accuracy) more comparable to a tier 95 weapon. The speed was however changed to average about 5 months after EoC's release.

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