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This article is about the normal version of the Vesta's longsword. For the corrupt version of this item, see Corrupt vesta's longsword.
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Vesta's longsword detail

Vesta's longsword is the fourth strongest longsword in the game, beaten only by the chaotic longsword, drygore longsword, and the tetsu katana. It is obtained by killing Revenants in the Forinthry Dungeon or the Chaos Elemental in very deep Wilderness.

The normal version requires 78 Attack and lasts for an hour of combat. After the time is up, the longsword will vanish. The time restrictions are the same in Wilderness PvP and other combat situations.

A corrupt version also exists, which requires only 20 Attack and lasts only for 15 minutes of wielding (degrades even while not in combat).

Vesta's longsword is a one-handed weapon, and thus a shield can be used with it. After the sword has been used in combat it will become untradeable. However, this weapon is extremely expensive considering its short time-limit.

As an hour contains 6000 ticks and the sword hits once per 5 ticks, you are able to hit 1200 hits with this sword before it degrades. Thus, each hit costs approximately 8,716 coins when using this sword.

Combat StatsVesta's longsword equipped

A player wielding Vesta's longsword

Skill requirementsDegrades
78 Attack-iconYes
Attack MeleeWeapon slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.0 seconds
Attack speed fast

Special attackEdit

Vesta's longsword has a special attack, Feint, which requires 25% adrenaline, has increased accuracy, and deals 100-250% damage.

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Revenant vampyre471Very rare
Revenant goblin24; 28; 32; 401Very rare
Revenant imp141Very rare
Revenant cyclops601Very rare
Revenant demon841Very rare
Revenant hellhound701Very rare
Revenant hobgoblin481Very rare
Revenant icefiend371Very rare
Revenant pyrefiend401Very rare
Revenant werewolf531Very rare
Revenant dragon1261Rare
Revenant knight1191Rare
Revenant dark beast1121Very rare
Revenant ork981Very rare
Chaos Elemental3051Very rare


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