The Verotark were a tribe of orks on Yu'biusk. They are mentioned only in The Book of Bandos.

They had a city, in which resided a simple stone statue of Bandos, similar to that found in every city of the realm. Another tribe, the Thrasghdak hobgoblins, had erected a gold-coated and bejewelled statue, which Bandos claimed displeased him.

Bandos ordered the Verotark to wipe out the Thrasghdak, telling the orks that the hobgoblins had torn down the statue out of heresy and that the hobgoblins were building weapons to rebel against him. His orders were to kill all living things in the city of the Thrasghdak, but to claim any weapons they found for themselves.

The Verotark carried out Bandos' orders faithfully, but were later wiped out by the ogres of the Azkragthog tribe, while still weak from their battles against the Thrasghdak.

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