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Vengeance Other
Vengeance Other icon
Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Members? Yes
Level 93
Spellbook Lunar,
Type Combat
Experience 108
Runes 3Death rune3Astral rune10Earth rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Vengeance Other
Click animation for full size

Vengeance Other is a Lunar spell that allows another player to rebound 75% of the damage of their opponent's next hit, similar to a ring of recoil or deflect curses. The player this spell is cast on receives the message "You have the power of vengeance!" in their chat. The receiving player's accept aid must also be on.

As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell. Vengeance spells may only be cast every 30 seconds by the same caster.

Spell costEdit

10Earth rune3Death rune3Astral rune1,436
Combo runes
3Death rune3Astral rune10Dust rune8,826
3Death rune3Astral rune10Mud rune9,646
3Death rune3Astral rune10Lava rune8,776
3Death rune3Astral runeMud battlestaff1,296
3Death rune3Astral runeStaff of earth1,296
3Death rune3Astral runeLava battlestaff1,296


  • You are unable to cast vengeance other inside of a POH.
  • The animation of "Vengeance Other" is similar to that of the Vecna skull.
  • Cyrisus casts "Vengeance Other" on the player when fighting the Dream Mentor bosses.
  • The description of Vengeance spells says "75% of the damage received is instead dealt to the attacker", but this is misleading as damage is not actually reduced. The player takes 100% damage of that hit and their attacker takes 75%.

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