This article is about the non-player character. For the store, see Contraband Yak Produce.
Vanligga Gastfrihet
Vanligga Gastfrihet
Release date 6 February 2007 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC The Fremennik Isles
Location(s) Jatizso
Sells items Contraband Yak Produce
Gender Female
Examine A happy, friendly landlady.
Vanligga Gastfrihet location
Vanligga Gastfrihet chathead

Vanligga Gastfrihet owns a restaurant on Jatizso, north of King Gjuki Sorvott IV. There are two other characters in the restaurant: Grundt and Brendt (after Birthright of the Dwarves: Grendt and Brundt). They are two dwarven traders from Keldagrim who have overstayed their welcome at Vanligga’s restaurant.

Vanligga has to pay taxes in The Fremennik Isles quest, although the player has the option to pay them for her. By doing this she will open her store, Contraband Yak Produce, which sells various illegal yak goods. A player may also pay 5000 coins to her after the quest, if they did tax her.


  • "Vanligga Gastfrihet" may be a pun of the Swedish proverb "Vänlig Gästfrihet", which can be translated to "kind hospitality". It could also be "Vanlig Gästfrihet", which can be translated to "Common hospitality".