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Release date 7 November 2011 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC One Piercing Note
Location Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine He's playing a mandolin.
Inside the Abbey: Valerio the troubadour.
Valerio location
Valerio chathead

Valerio is a musician who was released along with One Piercing Note quest. He also works as a regular musician. With him, the player may find two other unnamed musicians and two unnamed dancers.

He knew Sister Anna before she joined the order, and came to the abbey because Sister Elena, with whom he was having an affair, told him of Anna's death. The player discovers love letters between Sister Elena and Valerio shortly after Sister Elena herself was killed by The Killer. He witnessed the murder of Sister Catherina, which caused Abbess Benita to bring him into the investigation, as he was one of only two people she knew wasn't the Killer.

Valerio needs to be spoken with to solve the anagram clue "OR A VILE". He challenges the player with a scroll that says How many windows look out into the Citharede Abbey courtyard? that can be solved by answering 17. The option Listen-to is the only way to get him to talk about the clue, instead of Talk-to.

Audio options icon
Valerio speaking




  • He is voiced by the British actor Richard Laing.

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