Valaine's Shop of Champions

Valaine's Shop of Champions

Champions' Guild exterior
Release date 13 February 2001 (Update)
Members No
Location First floor of
Champions' Guild
Owner Valaine
Specialty Melee armour
Valaine location

Valaine's Shop of Champions is a shop that sells melee armour. It is run by Valaine. It is located on the first floor of the Champions' Guild. Players will need to acquire 33 quest points before they can access his shop. The way the shop works is unusual. Though the shop stocks some armour, it functions similarly to a general store as any tradeable item can be sold to the shop.

Stock Edit

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Cape (blue) Cape (blue) 10 20 coins 6 58 380
Black full helm Black full helm 10 1,372 coins 411 1,308 -640
Black platelegs Black platelegs 10 1,920 coins 576 3,414 14,940
Adamant platebody Adamant platebody 10 16,000 coins 4,992 9,106 -68,940

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