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VIP skilling area

The VIP area

The VIP skilling area is a small section of the Imperial district within Menaphos. It is unlocked and accessible at Tier 7 overall reputation.

Attempting to go through the VIP archway before reaching the required reputation makes a VIP area guard stop the player and say: "Where do you think you're going? You're not allowed in here!"

The area contains four acadia trees, three mineral deposits, three fishing spots (for desert sole, catfish, beltfish), and a bank chest. The resources in this area deplete at half the rate of outside resources.[1]

Anukat can be found standing north-west of the bank chest.

Phenakite can exclusively be obtained by mining a mineral deposit within the skilling area. The crondite, umesco arpos jewels as well as the Menaphite honey bee in amber and Pygmy giant scarab in amber insects can also be obtained from these as well as the mineral deposits in the Worker district.

While fishing here or in the Port district, the wavecrest opal, maw coral jewels as well as the Clicker kalphite in amber and Desert locust in amber can be obtained.

While woodcutting Acadia trees here, the Hornless unicornfly can be found here exclusively. The Desert locust and Kalphite wanderer can also be found here as well as the acadia trees in the Imperial district.


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