Uzer mining site
Uzer mine
Release date Unknown edit
Location North of Uzer
Members Yes
Rocks 10 Clay rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit
KharidianClayMine locationClick to enlarge

The Uzer mining site is a mine that features 10 clay rocks. It is located in the Kharidian Desert north-west of Uzer. The mine is considered an inconvenient place to mine clay due to its location, the desert heat effect which requires waterskins or an enchanted water tiara and it's distance from a bank. The fastest way to access the mine is to use Fairy ring code D-L-Q to travel to the hunter desert area fairy ring and run directly north. Alternatively, it can be reached by taking a magic carpet to Uzer and running northwest along the coast.

The Uzer mining site is a possible landing place for Shooting Star Distractions and diversions.

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