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Ushabti detail

Ushabti are containers used to trap the souls of Slayer monsters used to fill the Slayer Codex. A small number (25-50) are initially handed out by Faiza depending on Slayer level. Additional ushabti can be purchased from Slayer Masters for 20 slayer points each and are a possible reward from the Rush of Blood D&D.

The formula for the initial number received appears to be 25 + 1 for each additional Slayer level over 99, or 50 at level 120 Slayer. If the free ushabti are claimed prior to having a max Slayer level, upon levelling, the player can still acquire more from Faiza.

The filled ushabti can be placed in the Chest of Souls in the Sunken Pyramid in exchange for Slayer experience. The first soul of a creature placed in the chest awards the full Slayer experience and 250 Menaphos reputation in the active district, with each additional soul awarding 25% of the experience only. Turning in all 149 souls at least once will give a total of 1,442,875 Slayer experience and 37,250 reputation. All souls for a particular monster are placed in the chest at once.

Alternately, any filled ushabti can be used in the Sunken Pyramid's dungeon to spawn a copy of the creature which will respawn until removed. Placing the ushabti in the dungeon awards the same experience as adding a second (and on) soul of the same type to the Chest of Souls (25% of the initial value). Creatures within the dungeon are the souls of creatures killed elsewhere, and thus cannot be trapped in an ushabti.

If players place a soul in the chest, they will be unable to place it to the dungeon unless the player gets a second soul.

The likelihood of capturing a soul has a few factors. Every kill has a chance of trapping a soul, which is affected by base Slayer level compared to the creature's required Slayer level to kill. Being on a Slayer assignment for the monster also doubles the chance of trapping the soul.[1] Using level-boosting items such as wilder pies does not affect the likelihood of capturing a soul.[2] If the player has 200 million experience in Slayer, the chance to catch a soul is the same as if the player were on task. This doesn't stack with the doubling effect when on assignment.[3]


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