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July 11, 2010

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The poll was created at 06:00 on June 9, 2010, and so far 37 people voted.
Would you pay 400m to acheive 99 herblaw?

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Stats/Goals Edit

RSC Bell
Release date Unknown edit
Race Feline
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? cat speak ammy
Location Gielinor
Sells items? no
Gender Unknown edit
Examine meow
Notable features A skiller/combat player

Hi, and Welcome to my user page.

  • My goals:

Level 50 in all skills

Legends Quest

Monkey Madness


Quest Cape (current co-goal)

99 Herblaw Goal is set for the day I get it.

Temple at Sen


  • ATM: Collecting Frog Spawn
  • Spawn needed: 133k
  • have:8300
  • %:6.2

5 newest quests

  • current
Total level: 1853
Attack-icon 79
Constitution-icon 81
Mining-icon 73
Strength-icon 74
Agility-icon 71
Smithing-icon 71
Defence-icon 80
Herblore-icon 66
Fishing-icon 80
Ranged-icon 79
Thieving-icon 64
Cooking-icon 77
Prayer-icon 72
Crafting-icon 76
Firemaking-icon 81
Magic-icon 82
Fletching-icon 83
Woodcutting-icon 92
Runecrafting-icon 73
Slayer-icon 67
Farming-icon 68
Construction-icon 71
Hunter-icon 66
Summoning-icon 64
Dungeoneering-icon 63
Divination-icon B
Music icon fixed 614
Attack style icon fixed 106
Quest icon fixed 302
Task icon fixed ----

Bell Loves
Total level: 1966
Attack-icon 90
Constitution-icon 90-95
Mining-icon 85+
Strength-icon 78
Agility-icon 90+
Smithing-icon 95
Defence-icon 90+
Herblore-icon 99
Fishing-icon 80
Ranged-icon 90+
Thieving-icon 70
Cooking-icon 80
Prayer-icon 75
Crafting-icon 80
Firemaking-icon 95
Magic-icon 94
Fletching-icon 95
Woodcutting-icon 92
Runecrafting-icon 80
Slayer-icon 70
Farming-icon 65
Construction-icon 75
Hunter-icon 70
Summoning-icon 68
Dungeoneering-icon 65
Divination-icon B
Music icon fixed 600+
Attack style icon fixed 110+
Quest icon fixed 315
Task icon fixed ----
As of now, not yet acheived

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