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July 16, 2011
  • I live in England
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is being ponie
  • I am male
Total level: 2595
Attack-icon 99
Constitution-icon 99
Mining-icon 99
Strength-icon 99
Agility-icon 99
Smithing-icon 99
Defence-icon 99
Herblore-icon 99
Fishing-icon 99
Ranged-icon 99
Thieving-icon 99
Cooking-icon 99
Prayer-icon 99
Crafting-icon 99
Firemaking-icon 99
Magic-icon 99
Fletching-icon 99
Woodcutting-icon 99
Runecrafting-icon 99
Slayer-icon 99
Farming-icon 99
Construction-icon 99
Hunter-icon 99
Summoning-icon 99
Dungeoneering-icon 120
Divination-icon 99
Music icon fixed ----
Attack style icon fixed 200
Quest icon fixed ----
Task icon fixed ----
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Adventurer's log
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I'm Ozuzanna, previously known as Ozank. I have semi-quit RuneScape for now. My main RS player is called Ponyville/IAmAnastasia and I play RS3 on occasion. More seldom I play Oldschool RuneScape and I am an admin on the Oldschool RS Wiki. My signature can be found here. My AWB account can be found here.

My boss PvM log can be found here.

ORANGE = In progress
GREEN = Completed

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