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October 28, 2005
Runecrafting-icon 81%
52  54 
2 levels
Total level: 1235
Attack-icon 70 Constitution-icon 69 Mining-icon 63
Strength-icon 68 Agility-icon 58 Smithing-icon 55
Defence-icon 68 Herblore-icon 42 Fishing-icon 64
Ranged-icon 60 Thieving-icon 53 Cooking-icon 64
Prayer-icon 52 Crafting-icon 53 Firemaking-icon 49
Magic-icon 61 Fletching-icon 56 Woodcutting-icon 67
Runecrafting-icon 52 Slayer-icon 53 Farming-icon 31
Construction-icon 27 Hunter-icon ---- Summoning-icon ----
Dungeoneering-icon ---- Divination-icon ---- Invention-icon ----
Attack style icon fixed 85 Quest icon fixed 167 Task icon fixed ----
Music icon fixed ----

I am no longer an active editor, but I'm always happy to help if I'm needed. Leave me a message on my talk page if it's not urgent, and I'll get back to you after I get my weekly digest by email. :P

I am a level 89 character in Runescape, who loves RuneCrafting and helping other players. I started playing RuneScape during the summer of 2003.

For those of you who asked... I'm not too fond of my username anymore, but I was a big fan of the TV show "Code: LYOKO" at the time. My favorite character was named Odd.

  • I was given sysop status at 3:24pm, October 8th, 2005. - I was the second sysop in Runescape Wiki!
  • I was given bureaucrat status at 5:15pm, May 21st, 2006. - I was the first b'crat in Runescape Wiki!

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