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September 2, 2010
  • I live in Cataluña, España
  • I was born on October 14
  • I am Male

Heya, <insert name here>!


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Duellist&#039;s cap (tier 4) About MeEdit

Heya, my username is Habblet, I love doing quests and raiding the Dungeons of Daemonheim. I made this account the 1st of July of 2008.

Stats Overall icon highscores StatsEdit

You can find detailed information about my stats here.

Scrying pool The Scrying PoolEdit

I am currently an Events Organiser of The Scrying Pool clan, a clan specialised on trolling future updates and lore. It is currently owned by Robo Hobo, a maxed loren00b dungeon-raider.

Demonic tome StoriesEdit

You can find the list of stories here.

I'm currently writing my first (first, first...) RuneScape story, called From Me, To Me; I might also make a RuneScape Movie about it, but the resources are very limited. I also have some ideas on sequels to it.

Void knight book From Me, To MeEdit

You can find the chapters here.

This story is about a young wizard, Seth Taylor and his best friend Connor Dickey. It takes place on the year 169 of the Fifth Age. It all begins on their graduation trip; the students of the famous Wizards' Tower are sent around the continent to research magic phenomena, and Seth and Connor are sent to the gloomy Draynor to investigate the fog which did not disappear after Count Draynor was slain by a mighty adventurer. What seems to be a boring mission will change their lives when they find a mysterious broken crystal...

Crate (Perils of Ice Mountain) UserboxesEdit

You can find a list of my userboxes here.

Total level: 2194
Attack-icon 91 Constitution-icon 93 Mining-icon 83
Strength-icon 92 Agility-icon 84 Smithing-icon 81
Defence-icon 92 Herblore-icon 82 Fishing-icon 88
Ranged-icon 87 Thieving-icon 83 Cooking-icon 99
Prayer-icon 90 Crafting-icon 91 Firemaking-icon 97
Magic-icon 90 Fletching-icon 84 Woodcutting-icon 87
Runecrafting-icon 87 Slayer-icon 83 Farming-icon 80
Construction-icon 80 Hunter-icon 84 Summoning-icon 80
Dungeoneering-icon 102 Divination-icon B Invention-icon B
Attack style icon fixed 127 Quest icon fixed 333 Task icon fixed 513
Music icon fixed 873
As of 8 February 2016

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