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December 1, 2009
  • My occupation is "emperor of a fucking video game website"
Cook Me Plox
Release date I don't know (Update)
Combat level -1
Race Robot
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? Cook's Assistant
Location Special:Chat
Sells items? No
Gender All
Examine He makes teh editz.

Praise be to weird gloop! \sum_{n=0}^{\left \lfloor x \right \rfloor} \frac{e^x}{n!} \frac{n-x}{e}^n \approx 2x + \frac{2}{3}


  • Cook Me Plox's real name is James Evans
Item Lvl XP # required XP/hr GP/XP Time Total profit More
Magic shieldbow Magic shieldbow 85P2P icon 91.5 5,280 237,900 -0.64 2.031 -311,520 More


  • Add combat numbers to monster pages (23:00?)
    • Make User:Cook_Me_Plox/Sandwich3 equivalent in data to this, or as close as possible.
    • Fix: combat level, lifepoints, experience, skills
    • Some annoying cases like monsters with multiple levels/representations
    • May partially split monster pages here also where useful
    • Need to find a good way to represent multi-monsters in general
      • Options are (a) page splitting, (a) switch infobox (or equivalent), (c) listing all levels/stats CSV, (d) pointing to a table in the article
      • (c) is how we currently do it and it sucks
    • Fixing monster levels on assorted pages
      • More difficult to notice obsolete stuff -- can it be improved by looking at page links with the relevant levels as substrings?
    • Fix monster drop tables
      • Should be automatic if done after everything else. Only concern is having to look at two sets of old levels since we never really updated 2 years ago
  • Project Let's Improve Our Navboxes (30:00?)
    • Navboxes for every "categorical" page like quests, minigames, updates
      • Anything that can be considered a separate piece of content with a significant number of unique items/characters/pages
    • Can we do anything visually to improve them? The content is visually appealing but the wrapper is pretty old-fashioned
    • Is there a specific order for putting navboxes on pages?
    • Is there a specific order for putting things in navboxes, and what kinds of things do and don't count (locations)? Both in subgroups and also just the order of one group.
    • Can we make making them faster?
      • What is the creational pattern? Easier to answer if we can answer the italicized part
      • Conceivably I could make a JavaScript thing that does API calls to get a list/ordering of pages that could be put on the navbox, with an easy way to add/remove things from that list. Also could rudimentarily group by page type (item, NPC...) and make it easy to group further. Then generate the code for the navbox, checking if files exist.
      • Would help if I moved all the bad shithead file names soon, so less worry about wanted shitheads that are just under a different name
  • Make skill calculators (25:00?)
    • Work with TehKittyCat on some type of JavaScript skill calculator with hiscores support.
      • Not expecting quick action from Wikia on the RSHiscores extension
    • See User:Cqm/efficiency.js for how that might work
    • Need a design that makes making a new calculator (almost) as simple as just providing data in some format. Needs to be easy to extend for future game updates
    • Provide cost/efficiency calculations in addition to regular skill calculator functionality
      • Only really possible for buyable skills -- others don't have such an easily calculated number per hour
      • Should this be a separate (advanced) skill calculator or just be there by default? Is it daunting to show ~10 columns in the calculator output?
    • Could expand beyond just skill calculators, but that is the main usage
  • Check new updates (4:00?)
    • Make sure all pages are updated due to stuff from the past few months (level-up tables are way out of date, skill pages are missing Prifddinas stuff, et cetera)
  • Fix food values (2:00?)
    • Never really updated them with legacy. Need to figure out if there's still a nice formula, and update pages and {{Food calculator}} accordingly (all food will be easy to get)
  • Standardize template spacing and page spacing (3:00?)
    • Make a program to make all the pages consistently spaced, fill in missing parameters ({{Infobox Bonuses}}) as needed. Might use mwparserfromhell.
  • Get feedback (3:00?)
    • Pore over stuff from Forum:Article feedback
    • Do another Reddit thread
    • Main page survey? Could be used to gauge interest at least.
  • Project Rivers (1:00?)
    • Improve article with sections
    • Add pictures for all unnamed rivers

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