Release date 5 December 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Wherever an emote clue is completed
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Uri Molotov - shaken, not stirred.
Uri chathead

Uri Molotov is the man who delivers the next part of a treasure trail when the player has completed an emote clue. To summon him the player needs to perform a specified emote in the proper location while wearing (or sometimes not wearing) a specified attire. The player must talk to him while still wearing the required attire upon which he will reward them with a Scroll Box or Casket and utter a seemingly nonsensical phrase. This phrase has no bearing on the treasure trail.

On hard trails, a double agent who looks identical to Uri will appear first and must be killed before Uri will appear.


If the player does not follow Uri's directions or is not doing a Treasure Trail, Uri will only say "I do not believe we have any business, Comrade.". Note that if Uri is spoken to outside the clue area, he will not give players the next part of the trail. If he spawns outside and cannot be talked to inside the clue area, wait for him to despawn and complete his directions again in the middle of the clue area.

However, he will say one of these various phrases when giving out the next part of the trail:

  • "Once, I was a poor man, but then I found a party hat."
  • "There were three goblins in a bar, which one left first?"
  • "Would you like to buy a pewter spoon?"
  • "In the end, only the three-legged survive."
  • "I heard that the tall man fears only strong winds."
  • "In Canifis the men are known for eating much spam."
  • "I am the egg man, are you one of the egg men?"
  • "The sudden appearance of a deaf squirrel is most puzzling, comrade."
  • "I believe that it is very rainy in Varrock."
  • "The slowest of fishermen catch the swiftest of fish."
  • "It is quite easy being green."
  • "Don't forget to find the jade monkey."


  • His demeanour parodies the archetypal KGB agents, who would have been Russian, and, like other Soviets, would have referred to each other as "comrade".
  • Before an update made it so that Uri spawned immediately after the double agent died, it was possible to have him spawn immediately if the player wore the required equipment before killing the agent. This method worked on all but two locations; the Jokul's tent and Shilo Village bank.
  • His examine, "shaken, not stirred," is a James Bond reference.
  • His phrase concerning being green is a reference to Kermit the Frog: "It's not easy being green".
  • His phrase about the jade monkey may be a reference to Mr. Burns' quote from The Simpsons.
  • The quote "I am the egg man, are you one of the egg men?" is an allusion to The Beatles' song "I Am the Walrus".