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Replacement filing cabinet
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22 December 2012 God Statues Hint 1

God Statues Hint 2

God Statues Hint 3

God Statues Hint 4
God Statues Hint 5

God Statues Hint 6
BTS#33: God Statues coming to RuneScape God Statues: Construction D&D
(Released: 3 January 2013)
God Statues
(New D&D)
15 December 2012 A Stray in a Manger teaser 1

A Stray in a Manger teaser 2

A Stray in a Manger teaser 3

A Stray in a Manger teaser 4
A Stray in a Manger teaser 2


A Stray in a Manger teaser 5
BTS#31 - Christmas 2012 A Stray in a Manger
(Released: 19 December 2012)
A Stray in a Manger
(Holiday event)
5 December 2012 PoP teaser 1

PoP teaser 2

PoP teaser 3

PoP teaser 4

PoP teaser 5
PoP teaser 6

PoP teaser 7

PoP teaser 5

Pop teaser 8
BTS#30 - Own a shipping port in RuneScape! Player-Owned Ports
(Released: 11 December 2012)
the Player-owned port minigame
(New minigame)
30 November 2012 Brink of Extinction teaser 1

Brink of Extinction teaser 2

Brink of Extinction teaser 3

Brink of Extinction teaser 4
Brink Of Extinction1

Brink Of Extinction2

Brink Of Extinction3
BTS#29 - The Brink of Extinction The Brink of Extinction - Grandmaster Quest
(Released: 4 December 2012)
The Brink of Extinction
(Grandmaster quest)
25 November 2012 Wizard's Tower Rework

Wizard's Tower Rework 2

Wizard's Tower Rework 3
Wizard's Tower Rework 4 BTS#27 - Introducing Ariane

BTS#28 - The Art and Sound of Ariane
Ariane Quest Double Bill
(Released: 28 November 2012)
Rune Memories and Rune Mysteries
(Novice quests)
9 November 2012 Grave teaser 1

Grave teaser 2

Dungeoneering solo teaser 1

Dungeoneering solo teaser 2
BTS#26 - Solo Dungeoneering Dungeoneering XP & Gravestones
(Released: 13 November 2012)
Dungeoneering and Gravestone
(Mechanics updates)
2 November 2012 Goblin Mine

Swamp Cave

Tears of guthix

Tears Of Guthix
BTS#25 - Tears of Guthix Tears of Guthix: Go with the Flow
(Released: 6 November 2012)
Tears of Guthix
(D&D update and graphical updates)
19 October 2012 Halloween 2012 teaser Halloween 2012 Hint

Halloween 2012 teaser
BTS#23 - Halloween 2012 Haunted Houses
(Released: 24 October 2012)
2012 Halloween event
(Holiday event)
12 October 2012 Goblin Village teaser 1

Goblin Village teaser 2

Goblin Village teaser 3
Whats Mine is Yours teaser

Goblin Mob Hint
BTS#22 - Big Updates, Little People What's Mine is Yours
(Released: 17 October 2012)
What's Mine is Yours
(Novice quest rework and graphical updates)
5 October 2012 King black dragon teaser 1

King black dragon teaser 2

King black dragon teaser 3


BTS#21 - The new KBD, new dungeons & new drops!!! King Black Dragon & Dungeon Rework
(Released: 9 October 2012)
King Black Dragon
(Boss update & graphical updates)
28 September 2012 Festival of the Dead teaser Festival of the Dead teaser2

Solomon hairstyles
BTS 20 Festival of the Dead Festival of the Dead
(Released: 2 October 2012)
Festival of the Dead
(Holiday event)
25 September 2012 Wolf costume teaser

Panda costume teaser
Kalphite Hat
Solomon's General Store
(New customisations)
21 September 2012 Ozan Quest teaser 1

Ozan Quest teaser 2

Ozan Quest teaser 3

Ozan Quest teaser 4

Ozan Quest teaser 5

Ozan Quest teaser 6

Ozan Quest teaser 7

Ozan Quest teaser 8

Ozan Quest

Ozan Quest Teaser

Al Kharid Rework
Ozan Quest Double Bill
(Released: 26 September 2012)
Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough
(New novice quests)
21 September 2012 Botany Bay teaser 1
Botany Bay teaser 2
Botany Bay teaser 3
Botany Bay teaser 4
Botany Bay teaser 5
Botany Bay hand crush BTS#17: Bot Judgement Day Botany Bay
(Released: 26 September 2012)
Botany Bay
(New location)
1 September 2012


GWD update hint 1 September 2012 Armadyl boss

GWD update hint 1 September 2012Bandos boss

GWD update hint 1 September 2012 Saradomin boss
BTS#16: God Wars Dungeon Update:God Wars: Remastered
(Released: 5 September 2012)
God Wars Dungeon
(Graphical updates)

Other hintsEdit

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