These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 8 July 2009.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Updated the animations for a leprechaun in My Arm's Big Adventure.
  • Stopped players’ skin appearing to change when wearing Statius's platebody.
  • Fixed an appearance issue with the male and female Armadyl chestplate.
  • Added some missing walls to the Mage Arena.
  • Recoloured some rune armour in POH to better match similar items.
  • The fever spider inventory icon now better matches the actual model.
  • Swapped the images for the Saradomin sets as they were the wrong way around.
  • Improved the colours for the bar crawl card and added a bit of info for each drink.
  • Removed some random wall sections near the Dorgesh-Kaan entrance.
  • Fixed running with the Guthix cloak and book on female characters.
  • Realigned the Falador wall crawl shortcut.
  • Pointed the wily purple cat to use the correct chat head.
  • Sorted out some animation loop issues in the Rogues' Den.
  • Fixed a ground issue in Low Detail.
  • Corrected the chat heads for the Dorgeshuun council members.
  • Resolved an issue when wearing wide-brimmed hats and wielding the fixed device.
  • Adding ingredients when brewing ale should now show colour changes to the contents of the vat.
  • Altered the render order of the gnome log balance.
  • Mining rocks in Piscatoris now sit flush to the ground.
  • Updated the inventory icons for broad bolts as they didn't fit properly.
  • Fixed some render issues in the Burthorpe Games Room.
  • Added a missing vambrace map icon to the map legend.
  • Fixed leprechauns' beards.
  • The sphinx in Sophanem has been reworked. This was one of the oldest models left in the game!


  • Added sound effects for travelling to and from Crash Island.
  • Added sound effects when Morgan Le Faye is teleported to jail.
  • A map square didn't have a music track associated with it.
  • Added sound effects to the scenery in the Gnome Village quest.
  • Changed the sounds when worshipping at the Ectofunctus.
  • Added various lock-picking sounds to the King's Ransom quest.
  • Flies can be heard from further away.
  • Made the sounds associated with leather armour a bit more realistic.
  • Sheep and rams are more vocal when attacked.
  • Music on Bounty Worlds will now correctly unlock the Air Guitar emote if you're eligible.
  • Sir Tristram now has sound effects.
  • Added more sounds to the King's Ransom quest and areas.
  • Added sound effects for players being hit in the head in Monkey Madness.
  • Improved the sound effects of the reinitialisation puzzle in Monkey Madness.
  • Added magic and death sounds to the final battle in Monkey Madness.
  • Added pincer sounds to flesh crawlers.
  • Added sounds for watering plants in pots and filling plant pots with compost/supercompost.
  • Grannies in Varrock are less noisy!


  • Added a bit more information to the Waterfall quest journal.
  • Players are given a bit more info during the Grim Tales quest.
  • Corrected typos in the following: Hunt for Red Raktuber, Soul Wars Tutorial, the ex-ex-parrot, Mosol Rei's chat, Ana from the Tourist Trap quest, evil tree examines, Mourning's Ends 1 and 2 text, and a few Agility courses.
  • Updated the code for a cut scene in the Ratcatchers quest.
  • Fixed a size issue with the Rocking Out quest complete scroll.
  • Stopped the player chat head appearing instead of the NPC's in Waking the Muspah.
  • Resolved issues with the top of the walls in part of the While Guthix Sleeps quest.
  • Fixed a consistency issue with the soulless in the Underground Pass quest.
  • Made Merlin a little easier to find after the King's Ransom quest.
  • Fixed the Fremennik Trials combo lock puzzle interface.
  • Underground Pass no longer forces the player to walk in certain areas.
  • The staff of Armadyl in the Temple of Ikov will only be present when appropriate during While Guthix Sleeps.
  • Updated part of the Quest Journal core code.
  • Fixed a small error in logic in the Fight Arena events.
  • Updated the trap code in the Lost Tribe quest.


  • Removed a gap involving trees in the Soul Wars minigame.
  • Changed the examine messages in parts of Stealing Creation to make more sense.
  • Great Orb Project: free players who can't take part in the members-only altars are no longer penalised for their lack of contribution.
  • Fixed an issue in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame so you can pick up coins before they disappear.
  • Resting with the Castle Wars flag no longer causes it to become invisible.


  • No more resting on Tutorial Island – you should be learning!
  • Orcs in the God Wars Dungeon are now orks.
  • Renamed the 'Zaros statuette' to the 'Ancient statuette'.
  • You can no longer walk on a wall in Ape Atoll due to height mapping.
  • Fixed some height mapping in the Spirit Realm.
  • Fixed problems with remove roofs in Tree Gnome Village.
  • Removed some blocking from a few tiles in the Wilderness.
  • Fixed a spam issue with the catching of red salamanders.
  • Made Fridleif's name more consistent throughout the game.
  • Removed some blocking near the Troll Stronghold farming patch.
  • Prevented a few issues with the emote from the Easter 2008 holiday event.
  • You should be able to interact with the game more while heading over to Cairn Isle.
  • Fixed various bank booth issues and path-finding problems.
  • Disabled certain switches on free worlds.
  • A handful of lighting fire messages have been added to the spam system.
  • Added an empty option to jugs of bad wine.
  • Zamorak robes now list the correct Prayer requirement on the Grand Exchange.
  • Doubled the restorative effects of the sq'irk juices.
  • Fixed an issue with the Summoning tab when leaving a POH and having a pet cat out.
  • Run mode is no longer turned off when climbing the battlement at Gu'Tanoth.
  • The arrow in the Brimhaven Agility Arena will always update its location.
  • Added a few more messages to the spam filter.
  • Reworked code dealing with swapping various stone tabs along with the other top level changes.
  • Removed duplicate player names from the board games challenge interface.
  • Fixed the hint for the Wilderness Volcano music track.
  • Corrected some pre-purchase advice for Slayer items.
  • Resolved a timing issue with the ledge climb in the Rogues' Den.
  • Reworked the code that deals with items that reduce a player's weight and with putting them in the bank.
  • Stopped code from preventing players with lower than required Agility from exiting the Penguin Agility Course.
  • Removed a few more ops for members-only content on free worlds.
  • Updated the Bandos icon examine info.
  • Suqah's now drop charms more consistently.
  • Dagon'Hai robes are now in the Defence skill guide.
  • Updated code dealing with players who die at the hands of the Balance Elemental.
  • Goraks no longer get a bit confused when in combat with several players.
  • Mayor Hobb no longer glides, and walks like the rest of us!
  • Added another NPC to the Contact spell in the lunar spellbook (random choice).
  • Corrected the grammar of the examine text on various kiteshields.
  • You can no longer attempt the shot-put while resting.
  • Green dragonhide body now mentions its Dragonslayer requirement in the skill guide.
  • Removed an invisible wall from Crandor beach.
  • You should no longer be flagged as a penguin when you're not.
  • Stopped random events taking you from certain parts of the Advanced Barbarian Agility Course.
  • Overhauled various code dealing with the different message types (e.g. friends/spam).
  • Shuffled the checks for the ring of life.
  • Corrected the run mode option text after resting.
  • Changed some mapping in the Brimhaven Dungeon so monster drops don't appear under the floor in Low Detail.
  • Changed the checks for the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon to cater for the Seers’ Village Achievement Diary reward.
  • Fixed a bug where wily cats weren't becoming lazy.
  • Slightly modified the Temple Trekking route interface to prevent text overlapping.
  • Stopped your hair stretching when mining while wearing certain items.
  • Removed a few safe spots around the Wilderness Volcano in Bounty Worlds.


  • With the changes to the interface we've reassigned the hotkeys to: F1 - Inventory, F2 - Equipped, F3 - Prayers, F4 - Magic Spellbook and F5 - Combat.
  • We've changed some in-game fonts.

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