These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 7 October 2009.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).

Game Engine

  • Stopped NPCs dancing with each other.
  • Prevented being able to add your previous display name to your Friends/Ignore Lists.
  • All interfaces in an older custom file format have been converted to the newer format.


  • Improved farmers’ animations with rakes and spades to be smoother.
  • Adjusted the black smoke on Ape Atoll.
  • Improved the smoke from the chimney of the house in Vinesweeper.
  • Fixed a render issue with a bench while NPCs are sat on it.
  • Fixed an issue with the prince tunic whilst resting.
  • Stopped the ringmaster top causing you to look odd when resting.
  • Fixed the lighting in the dungeon under the Karamja volcano.
  • Fixed some lighting issues in Morytania.
  • Adjusted some incorrectly coloured fog in various places.
  • Removed a wooden support that clipped with a chest.
  • Adjusted the priority of Firemaking animations.
  • Tweaked some scenery in the Brimhaven Agility Arena to work better with the fog.
  • Graphically fixed the sides of Varrock’s west bank.
  • Fixed some height mapping at the fishing shop in Catherby.
  • Fixed some height mapping issues around Varrock that were affecting the walls.
  • Fixed some height mapping in Port Sarim near the docks.
  • Updated the model for tree spirits.
  • Updated the skull of a skeleton to match the rest of its, er, body.
  • Fixed shadows on the Barbarian Agility Course log balance.
  • The fixed device now uses more recent human animations.
  • Put some moss back on Aggie's house in Draynor in High Detail.
  • Stopped lava looking grey near the entrance to Ourania Altar.
  • Black Knights' swords no longer look white.
  • Ensured a chest opens to the correct and matching version.
  • Added animations for lily pads.
  • Fish hats no longer disappear when playing the cowbells.
  • Improved the minimap for Al Kharid to actually show all of the walls.
  • Fixed the agility log between Seers' Village and the coal trucks.
  • Fixed the colours of the Corporeal Beast's animations in Standard Detail.
  • The Lumbridge cook has had his model updated.
  • Fixed the inventory icon for various magic staves.
  • Fixed some clipping issues with some of the newer male hairstyles.
  • Reduced clipping on the Ectofuntus.
  • Improved the lighting near the fire obelisk.
  • Modified the look of the gas mask on female characters.
  • Improved the graphics for trees that are on fire.
  • Slowed the animation speed of the flags in Falador.
  • Fixed a gap between some steps.
  • Improved falcon animations.
  • Re-textured the edge of the Clan Wars area.
  • Fixed a render issue in A Tail of Two Cats.
  • Stopped most wielded items appearing outside the crate used in Merlin's Crystal.
  • Prevent walls in the Digsite dungeon area from flashing when rotating your camera around.
  • Removed some curtains from the outside of a window.
  • Better matched King Roald's crown to his chathead.
  • Moved a tree to stop it growing into the roof of a house.
  • Cows and calves have a death animation once more.


  • Adjusted the sound effects for a couple of wooden doors.
  • Matched the timing of defend sounds with their animations.
  • The music system now randomly selects a song when entering an area from a list of similarly themed groups.
  • Added various sounds to the final cutscene in As a First Resort.
  • The Doomsayer has been given a few more sound effects.
  • Improved the sound effects in Another Slice of HAM and My Arm's Big Adventure.
  • Revised and updated the song "Rising Damp".
  • The “Attack 5” song has been slightly adjusted.


  • Restored various interface stones after the Mobilising Armies tutorial.
  • You can now store Mobilising Armies clothing in your POH.
  • Removed a door from the fencing in the Vinesweeper minigame.
  • Added a few messages from the Fishing Trawler to the spam filter.
  • Prevented emotes in all areas of the Duel Arena and Tournaments.


  • Items dropped near a spirit tree should no longer float.
  • Given a farmer in Draynor a combat level.
  • Increased the stock of monkey nut and bars.
  • Added some messages to the spam system.
  • Clarified the messages you can receive when a dragon breathes on you.
  • Fixed a typo in a book.
  • Stopped players being put in a blocked location after the gravedigger random event.
  • Removed the mine cart tickets as they're no longer needed.
  • Ensured all weapons and shields are removed before taking a carpet ride.
  • Improved the clickable area of kalphite soldiers.
  • Fred the farmer will no longer talk about Lumbridge jobs.
  • Swapped a door around so you don't have to close it to continue on your journey.
  • Patched various gaps of missing overlay and underlay around the world.
  • Falador wall posts can no longer be walked through.
  • Prevented menaphite thugs half disappearing in certain circumstances.
  • Removed members’ ops from the TzHaar cave entrance.
  • Put the correct map icon back for the tanner in Varrock.
  • Prevented standing on the pools in Oo'glog.
  • Corrected a typo in the Legacy of Seergaze quest.
  • Rewritten several pieces of code to conform to newer methods and standards.
  • Resolved a few grammatical issues with the sawmill chat.
  • Fixed the camera angles for certain carpet rides.
  • Stopped the Wilderness overlay disappearing in some circumstances.
  • Updated the code to give you a lantern in Lunar Diplomacy if your inventory was full.
  • Players can no longer stand on a tile of water in Burgh de Rott.
  • Ensure pets are still present and reappear after random events.
  • Modified the walls in Dorgesh-Kaan so a narrow corridor can now be traversed.
  • Fixed a bug with logging in to the mole hole and the lighting associated with it.
  • The Lumbridge windmill has an icon on the world map again.
  • The makeover mage no longer charges you if there hasn't been a swap.
  • Fixed a message from the lunar spell when curing others.
  • Rotated the Lumbridge weather vane to actually point north!
  • Improved the logic dealing with the value of items you can store in a familiar's inventory.
  • You should be able to mine creatures you kill in the living rock caverns even if you lose connection.
  • Increased the size of the orrery in your POH to its former glory.
  • Smoothed out some mapping in Mort Myre swamp.
  • Ensured various bridges appear on the minimap correctly.
  • Adjusted some dialogue to check your gender first.
  • Prevented an error from occurring in very rare circumstances while using Quick Chat.
  • Improved the code handling of the last name entered for the Clan Chat feature.
  • You'll get a more informative messages if trying to use Clan Chat while not in a Clan Chat channel.
  • Properly aligned unranked and ranked names on the Clan Chat interface.
  • Fixed a problem where the Clan Chat window would cut off three digit words instead of showing them.
  • Fixed a bug when casting the lunar spell Humidify.

Missed off the original list

  • Added a curtsey emote for females, right click on the bow emote for more info.
  • Added a 30 second cooldown on special attack restore potions.

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