These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 28 January 2013.


  • The click area on the shortcut in the Scorpion Mine near Al Kharid has been reduced to prevent players using the shortcut instead of mining ore.
  • Players can no longer walk on water in the desert.
  • The statues that King Awowogei awards the Desert Monkey Colony for bringing him chimp ices now all appear correctly.
  • A graphical glitch in the Grim Tales quest has now been fixed.
  • Ali the Hag's arms no longer dislocate from her body.
  • Emir Ali Mirza no longer clips into the platform that he's standing on.
  • Forgotten rangers now hold and fire their bows correctly.
  • The Ornate dragon full helm model has been adjusted.
  • Miss Schism no longer stretches wildly when animating.
  • Nardah's bankers no longer have missing polys around their necks.
  • Added some force camera to the east of the Agility Pyramid to prevent the camera clipping through the cliff face.
  • Players can no longer walk into a tree near West Ardougne.
  • Made some minor tweaks to the chocatrice cape emote to prevent the player's head from poking out of the top.
  • Angry bears have had their attack and defend animations restored.
  • A a labelling issue with the Sailor's head in Port Sarim has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to walk through the statue of a giant head in the desert.
  • Some labelling issues with Osman which were causing him to stretch and bend wildly have been fixed.
  • The baby and adolescent Skypouncer's eyes will now change colour to match the body.
  • Ozan's hairstyle no longer causes the neck of female characters to stretch.
  • Players feet no longer clip into the stairs found in Player Owned Ports.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements:

  • The Quiet Before the Storm quest journal has been updated to be a little more helpful.
  • A minor grammatical error in the Defender of Varrock quest journal has been corrected.
  • Ga'al Xox will now appear in the correct position in a cutscene when first entering the Elder Kiln tunnel during The Elder Kiln quest.
  • Multiple gems can no longer be repeatedly collected from the Kalphite Nursery during Diamond in the Rough.
  • During Rune Memories, when pinned at the top of the Wizard's Tower, Ariane will struggle a little less frequently.

Skills & Minigames:

  • A new "pocket" rule set has been added to Duel Arena.
  • Flowers can now be used as fun weapons in the Duel Arena again.
  • Simon should now correctly accept noted items for Pyramid Plunder.
  • The tribesman that attacks you during Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup now has the correct amount of life points.
  • The Dominion Tower Decaying Avatar will now spawn roots to heal with at the correct times.
  • Players no longer get stuck beneath 'The Inadequacy' when it re-spawns on top of them in Dominion Tower.
  • We've adjusted some text in clue scrolls from "longbows" to "shieldbows".


  • An issue with Kalphite King instancing and group sizes has been fixed.
  • Some changes to the Kalphite Kings behaviour have been made to prevent him being unable to reach a target.
  • Some changes to the Kalphite Kings behaviour have been made to prevent manipulation of his attack cycle in order to avoid more powerful attacks.
  • Some citizens of Varrock were still celebrating Christmas. This has been stopped.
  • Clan Admin+ ranks can now only kick a maximum of two clan members per day to prevent rogue admins from kicking an entire clan. The owner may still kick as many as they like.
  • Added further Clan keywords to account for the higher maximum combat level of 200.
  • Anti-fire potions now work on negating some fire breath damage.
  • Fire magic now does more damage against Glacors.
  • The Steel titan melee special attack power has been increased.
  • The Character Creation screen sounds have been updated.
  • Scroll interfaces have had a graphical overhaul.
  • The requirements to equip Glacor boots have been amended.
  • Players should find it easier to speak to Nanuq near the God Wars beacon.
  • A warning has been added about potentially losing items on entry to the Player Owned Ports.
  • Casting Tune Bane Ore on a mounted head in your POH no longer requires the heads in your inventory, and the spell now additionally works on KBD heads.
  • The 'Open Store' button has been replaced with something more appropriate for items in the customisation interface that cannot be bought in the store.
  • The Maple shieldbow (focused) is no longer incorrectly listed as a members item on the skill guide.
  • Bakriminel bolts should now list the correct crossbow to use them in the Ranged Skill Advance Guide.
  • An issue where certain options were transferred to other items when using them inside a bank, such as a pouch "fill" option appearing on the wrong item after closing the bank interface, has been fixed.
  • Objects with dynamic switching options (such as a pouch's Fill / Empty options) will now work correctly on an actionbar.
  • An outdated reference to Longbows in the Fletching Skill Advance Guide has been fixed.
  • Players can no longer heal to max health whilst Dungeoneering by logging out and back in again.
  • Cornelius has received a lesson in customer service and now stands behind his bank booth facing the customer.
  • Hand cannons have had their ammo type corrected in the Grand Exchange.
  • Vannaka should now correctly give hints on how to take down Otherworldly beings.
  • Mummies, once set on fire, will give xp.
  • An unreachable copper ore node north of Al Kharid can now be mined.
  • A Level 40 Defence requirement to the Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak Mitres, in line with the Armadyl, Bandos and Ancient Mitres, has been added.
  • You can no longer sell XP pendants and Keepsake Keys to the Dungeoneering Smuggler.
  • Solomon's Store customisations are no longer overridden when the Old Crone enchants the Ghostspeak amulet in Ghosts Ahoy.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting the Clan battlefield would teleport you to the exit portal.
  • Clan Avatar buff icons from recently dismissed avatars will no longer appear in the Choose Buff interface for the next summon.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent life point values on some versions of the Unholy cursebearer Dungeoneering boss.
  • The Law talisman staff can now be taken on to Entrana.
  • The Halloween 2012 quick chat options have been removed.
  • The description for Barbarian Teleport has been updated.
  • Killing Black demons whilst Dungeoneering will now count towards a Slayer assignment.
  • An issue where tooltips for inventory objects were displaying too far away from the object has been fixed.
  • A change to the Loyalty Shop which should allow players who've been unable to claim their Master Invigorate auras has been made.
  • Players will now continuously attack Chompy birds and will no longer be told that the bird they were attacking is not their target.
  • Combat with Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter now works as intended.
  • The Crescent Isle has been added to the Archipelago Map in Player Owned Ports.
  • The Crescent Island has been changed to the Crescent Isle for consistency in Player Owned Ports.
  • The Judge of Dice now appears in the correct interface with the correct island in Player Owned Ports.
  • A confirmation has been added when equipping tradable Player Owned Ports armour.
  • Players are no longer guaranteed a Player Owned Ports random event reward if they have the maximum amount of a certain type of reward.
  • Solomon Store overrides now work with bound Catalytic staffs.
  • The Auspicious katana stats have been updated.
  • The Enhanced ancient staves should now have the correct stats applied.
  • The stats of one kind of dark wizard whose life points were abnormally low has been adjusted.
  • The level of Iron dragons has been adjusted to make them weaker than Steel dragons again.

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