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It is written by Mod Curse and is dated 7 June 2017.
Menaphos - Reputation dev blog

Menaphos dev blog

Hey all, Mod Curse here on behalf of the Titans.

This post is going to be dedicated to giving you some extra information about some specific XP rates, how best to gain reputation in Menaphos and some highlights of the changes we are making to improve your experience.


Shifting tombs

Due to the nature of the shifting tombs, the experience & reputation earned can fluctuate massively based on a number of contributing factors, these being:

  • Group size (1-5)
  • Sarcophagus spawns
  • Chest spawns
  • Rock spawns
  • Urn spawns
  • Tomb layout

The numbers that you're getting over an hour of playing through the tombs should come very close to the numbers stated in this image:

Menaphos - Reputation dev blog 1

Shifting tombs calculates the XP you will receive based on a level-banding system. These bands are:

  • Level 50
  • Level 70
  • Level 90

These consist of four core skills & four secondary skills. The core skills award experience when completing a tomb, and the secondary skills award experience when smashing an urn.


  • Agility
  • Construction
  • Dungeoneering
  • Thieving


  • Crafting
  • Divination
  • Prayer
  • Runecafting

To receive the full XP from a specific level-banding, all 8 skills must reach the level of the band, so to receive the full XP from the level 70 banding, you will need level 70 in all 8 skills.

Having level 90 in 7 and the last skill being below that will give you the XP of the tier highest available band.

How reputation is calculated in a shifting tomb:

Stage one:

The base amount of reputation is 100 reputation per minute spent in a tomb (up to 3 minutes). After 3 minutes, the base rate increases at half the speed.

As an example, let's assume a tomb takes us 4 minutes. This means we will earn 300 + 50 = 350 reputation.

Stage two:

The reputation is then scaled based on your current levels. If you have all the levels to participate in tombs at level 90 or above you are placed in the top band, all levels 70 or above you are placed in the mid band, otherwise you are in the low band.

Depending on the level band, determines how much youe reputation is multiplied by. Using our example of a 4 minute tomb the numbers are as follows:

Low: Base amount * 1.111 = Scaled amount (350 * 1.111 = 388)
Mid: Base amount * 1.333 = Scaled amount (350 * 1.333 = 466)
High: Base amount * 1.666 = Scaled amount (350 * 1.666 = 583)

Stage three:

This number is now scaled one more time based on the progress of objectives as a fraction. If an objective is 0/0, it is considered complete. Using our high rep value, let's see how different completion rates affect the final reputation:

100%: 583 * 1  = 583
75%: 583 * 0.75 = 437
50%: 583 * 0.5 = 291
25%: 583 * 0.25 = 145

Slayer dungeon

The slayer creatures were given reputation based on the amount of kills per hour, and difficulty to kill. Seen in the below images is how the reputation was calculated.

Slayer creature reputation:

Menaphos - Reputation dev blog 2

Slayer creature experience:

Menaphos - Reputation dev blog 3

We balanced the rates of reputation around how many kills we got per hour, and leaned more towards the hardcore style of gameplay instead of the more lean back style. However as stated later in this post, we will be tweaking the reputation from these creatures both on & off task.

More Reputation!

City Quests:

City quests occur naturally over time when skilling throughout Gielinor. You're able to check whether or not you have a city quest available by speaking with Urluk the camel, in the Merchant district, who will then point you in the direction of the quest-giver.

Once on a task, you will either need to collect items, or slay enemies depending on which quest you've received. Once a task has been completed, you will be awarded with experience relating to the task. A city quest has three steps, and once all three have been completed, the city quest is complete.

Completing a city quest will award reputation with your currently selected faction.

Soul obelisks:

Menaphos - Reputation dev blog 4

Every now & then, a soul obelisk will spawn in one of the districts in Menaphos, this can be siphoned for Runecrafting & Prayer experience (If you are not level 50 in Prayer, you will receive double Runecrafting experience instead), up to a cap of 20,000 reputation / day. Each obelisk that spawns will last for a total of 7 minutes & 30 seconds.

It is also worth remembering that whilst the soul obelisks are a nice reputation distraction, they aren't safe, and will deal damage if siphoning from them. Be careful!

Menaphite gift offerings:

Menaphite gift offerings are obtained through pickpocketing in the Merchant distrct, as a reward from completing a shifting tomb, and as a reward from a city quest. These can either be opened, giving the loot inside, or they can be handed in to a faction leader of any district for reputation. The reputation per each different offering is:

Menaphite gift offering (small) Small - 350 Menaphite gift offering (medium) Medium - 900 Menaphite gift offering (large) Large - 1350

Planned Changes

  • We are planning to buff the reputation gained from the Slayer creatures by 50%, both on & off task.
  • Gift offerings will be available from Sarcophagi in the shifting tombs.
  • Shifting tombs is going to be made more solo-friendly
  • Completing a random city quest in Menaphos will award 2000 reputation with your currently selected faction, up from 100.
  • City Quests will retroactively give players the extra reputation on any City Quests completed prior to the update.
  • Each Slayer Codex hand in will grant Reputation, including ones made before the update.

In the meantime we will keep reading your feedback, analysing the game data and looking to make other tweaks or improvements.


Mod Curse

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