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It is written by Mod Manti and is dated 11 August 2015.
Dev Blog v2: QP master cape

The Quest Point cape has always been a difficult, time-consuming cape to attain and maintain. Those who do posses one can boast about having a great amount of dedication and commitment in skills across the board as well as being able to complete the many mind-twisting puzzles that we have with over 200 Quests in the game!

The quest point cape, even though it shows the amount of dedication beyond a single 99 in a skill, never had a "trimmed" version and rather than adding an extra colour to the cape's tassels we thought of going a step further and introduce a Quest Point Master cape.

After the first dev blog was released it became clear that the cape's guidelines and requirements were not strong enough and needed re-designing. With your help this has been achieved and the idea is now standing strong! If you wish to read through the previous Dev Blog it can be found HERE.

What is a Quest Point Master Cape?

A master cape shows even greater dedication than a skillcape but with the amount of quests that are available, a slightly different approach was chosen. It would also be included in the Completionist tab to help track the requirements.

We will ask you to complete all quests, miniquests, unabridged sagas and story-oriented content. Story-oriented content is defined as:
- Content that rewards the player with lore (memorium crystals in Elf City).
- Content that asks the player to participate in story-rich content (Court Cases, Player-Owned Ports).
- Content that asks the player to play expanded versions of content that featured in a quest (Temple Trekking) .
- We will not include content that has a light narrative theme, rather than deep story or connections to a quest. For example, Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and Livid Farm have some backstory, but are not integral to RuneScape’s storyline.

We will ask you to gain story-oriented unique items. These are defined as:
- Titles, as long as they show off a story accomplishment (Vyrelord/Annihilator).
- Items, cosmetic or otherwise, significant to the storyline (gilded cabbage, Crest of Seren).
- Journals and other books

The Quest Point master cape is not:
- A taskmaster cape.
- A music cape.
- A requirement for the Completionist/Trimmed Completionist cape (just like any other master cape, other than Dungeoneering).
- A completionist cape - the requirements may and will clash but that is unavoidable.
- An overly RNG-based cape. I.e. Anything similar to champion scrolls' drop rate.

DISCLAIMER: We have no intent to change the requirements/guidelines retroactively. With new requirements constantly being added it is possible that at some point an exception, similar to the last Dungeoneering journals or chompy birds, will have to be made.


All quests complete
100% completion of every Fremennik saga
Completed Stronghold of Player Safety
Completed Stronghold of Security
Gained max Varrock Musuem Kudos

Minigames, D&Ds, and Activities:
Completed all Court Cases
Claimed an Enhanced Fire Cape override
Fully completed Temple Trekking
Claim the inferno adze and inicerate log from a normal tree
Defeated the Phoenix once after In Pyre Need
Completed all Player-Owned Ports story voyages
Unlocked the Firemaker's Outfit from the circus

Unlocked the Abyss
Thieves' Guild fully unlocked
Completed Doric & Boric's tasks
Put Clarence to rest
Hopespear's Will complete
Koschei's Troubles completed & all Kharshai's Memories unlocked
Found the Hidden Ga'al
Rag and Bone Man & Fur'n'seek wishlists done and killed the Skeletal Horror once
Completed Sheep Shearer & Witch's Potion
Completed Mahjarrat memories
Completed the God Emissaries miniquest

Unlock the Vyrelord title
Unlock the Annihilator title

Lore books/Journals/Similar:
Completed the Azdaran document
Completed the Voice of the Elders in Prifddinas
Cleansed the murals in adamant dragon dungeon and Mount Firewake & updated the Dragonkin Primer
Purchased Mad Ramblings (1) and (2) from BA's reward shop.
Completed Scarabite notes
Found Sakirth, Strisath, and Kalibath's Journals and Phalaks' Experiment Log from Adamant Dragons
Found all of the Bandos Memories
Seen Vorago's introduction dialogue
Unlocked all non-easter egg Prifddinas Memoriam Crystals
Used The Measure to find the four Elder Chronicles
Unlocked all ten elder chronicle entries
Adamant/Rune dragon journals (Forcae's journal)
Last riders book (KBD)
Dragonkin journals (QBD)
Found the following DG journals:
Chronicles of Bilrach
Kal'Gerion Notes
Stalker Notes
Behemoth Notes
Marmaros and Thok letters
Misc. journals 1 through 15
Found all 5 GWD books
History of the Order (Asc. Dungeon)
Mazcab stone fragments
Dominion tower journal pages
Ancient Cavern pages
Kaigi's journal pages
Explorer's notes
Malleus daemoniorum

Misc. journals 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 are not included due to drop rate ranging from 1/10000 to 1/50000. This is the exception we are going to be sticking with because such highly luck based factors is not one of our intentions.

Post-Quest XP Rewards:
Claimed the experience reward and watched the epilogue following While Guthix Sleeps
Claimed the XP reward after Blood Runs Deep
Claimed the XP from Daero following Monkey Madness

Post-Quest Rewards: (Xp lamp claims, items, and abilities)
Unlock Char's training cave and make a Zaros symbol
Digsite pendant ability unlocked
Helm of Trials claimed
Claimed Ancient Bones from Father Aereck after The Restless Ghost
All rewards unlocked from Dimension of Disaster, including the tasks
Unlocked all Death of Chivalry post-quest rewards (Xp lamps, Gilded Cabbage XP, Templar outfit, Crate)
Fairy Tale III post quest rewards (incl. all experience and items claimed and excl. tooth creature)
Obtained the Holy Cithara
Claimed the goblin cower shield
Opened all chests after Dishonour among Thieves (only post-quest ones)
Claimed 10k gold from Bill Teach after Cabin Fever
Claim a Kipple Nano pet after Heart of Stone
Obtained a medium XP lamp post-Heart of Stone
Unlocked the ability to chip teleport tablets to Trollheim
Unlocked all rewards from Missing, Presumed Death
Claimed the Zaros and Seren head overrides after Fate of the Gods
Claimed the post-quest XP lamps after Fate of the Gods
Unlocked Sliske's gift and that sixth-age circuit upgrade
Gained access to the secret treasure room post-Diamond in the Rough
Gained access to the secret treasure room post-Do No Evil
Claim your free Elite Clue using Ava’s Alerter after the Do No Evil quest
Received a medium clue from a monkey in your backpack
Get all experience from the cave paintings in the Land of Snow and return the Yeti Dung to Explorer Jack
Spoken to Azacorax after Rune Memories and gained Prayer or Magic XP
Claimed all One of a Kind post-quest rewards
Gained the extra constitution XP after Song from the Depths
Plague’s End post-quest rewards (Ability to grow 3 spirit trees and XP lamps)
Unlock the ability to trade noted artefacts to Simon Templeton
Create the Big Bowl for Tears of Guthix
Read and unlocked the Tune Bane Ore spell
Claimed and read the Codex Ultimatus
Claim the gems hidden in the demon throne after Shadow of the Storm
Claim the 2k thieving xp after Buyers and Cellers
Claimed all XP lamps from Philipe Carnillean
Claimed Smithing XP from Ramarno after Defender of Varrock
Bought an ancient staff post-Desert Treasure
Claimed reward lamp from natural historian post-Tales of the Muspah
Claimed cash from Yelps's cash bag

Post-Quest Tasks:
Unlocked all routes in the Balloon Transport System
Given Xenia all of Blood Pact’s demon statuettes
Completed Broken Home post-quest challenges and opened all chests
Completed 5 supply runs after Death Plateau
Given the Apothecary Herbi Flax's diary
Found all Enchanted Key treasures
Fully enchanted your broomstick after Swept Away
Cured Razmire Keelgan and Ulsquire Shauncy after Shades of Mort'ton
Unlock the full power of the Ivandis Flail
Caught Thalassus 10 times
Delivered 25 chimp ices
Unlocked the Ogre bowman hat (killed 30 Chompies)
- This is the second exception. Due to the nature of the task and minimal reward at the end we are not including the highest-tier chompy hat.
Engraved all of Dororan's jewelery
Kill the Cave Wolf Matriarch again for Claus the chef after Carnillean Rising.
Unlocked the ability to purchase full white armour
Put Arrav to rest after ROTM
Unlocked all Rogue Trader merchandise
Open the Dragon Forge
Killed Tarn Razorlor
Fully upgraded Pig Creation machine
Killed all post-Smoking Kills bosses
Gained access to Contraband Yak Produce
All Wilderness spirit realm portals unlocked
Rogue trader freed
Unlocked all the Eagle Transport routes
Returned Mabel's Ring after Love Story, and chop down the Guard’s tree
Fully looted Movario's base
Opened Uglug's Stuffies store
Paid respects and lit the torches in Guthix's shrine
Unlocked the Dorgesh-Kaan food trading minigame
Unlocked the crystal teleport seed's teleport to Temple of Light after Within the Light
Unlocked the shops of Tamayu, Tinsay and Tiadeche
Return the wedding ring after The Light Within
Claim a mining helmet from Mistag after The Lost Tribe
Unlocked the Ourania Teleport spell
Free Droalak after Making History
Unlocked the fairy ring in the Ancient Cavern

What's next?

At this point in time no release date can be given but the cape should be starting development soon. Some of the requirements might change very slightly during development (due to the way they are tracked, e.g. 'All Fired Up' beacons) but they will not be replaced. The guidelines have been finalised and all requirements considered for them do fit the current guidelines but there is always a possibility that something might have been missed. If that is the case - please consider whether it would fit the guidelines and then it can be added to requirements list.

Once again, thank you to those that have contributed and I should hopefully be posting updates whenever I have the time! :)

Mod Manti & The Ninja Team

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