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It is written by the Ninja Team and is dated 8 January 2015.
Ninja Dev Blog: The Wildywyrm
Ninja Dev Blog Wildywyrm 1

The wildywyrms have been impatiently waiting for more victims since their last release and, after a bit of a scrub up and a few lessons on what on earth this EoC thing is, they are back!

This update focuses on giving some more wealth to the Slayer skill as well as the Wilderness and, more importantly, bringing back the wildywyrm!

The wildywyrm

After digging out Mod Chris L's old code and updating it for our new combat system, I couldn't resist adding the wyrm in to the game and going toe to toe with an old friend.

Half an inventory of soups and a few minutes later it was immediately obvious that you did not want to be assigned 100+ of these as a slayer task! For this reason I made a smaller, toned down version of the original wildywyrm with a focus on single target attacks. I still wanted you to be able to kill the "Wildwyrm" though so I decided to make 2 wyrms.

The slayer wildywyrm - Aka Lava Strykewyrm

The slayer version of the wildywyrm is the same size as other strykewyrms and is simply called "Wildywyrm". They have 30k health, tier 90 stats but 80 defence and single target attacks. These will provide the best slayer xp rates in the game to date and gp/hr to rival frost dragons. They are assigned by Kuradel and Morvran, require lvl 94 slayer and have the same frequency as Ice Strykewyrms. Unlike most strykewyrms you can kill these when you are not on a slayer task but they will not give their best drops (more on rewards later) unless you are on task!

They can be found sitting south of the east lava maze between the hobgoblins and the green dragons:

Ninja Dev Blog Wildywyrm 2

The boss wildywyrm

The boss version of the wildywyrm is much bigger and is called "The Wildywyrm". It has 1M health, tier 95 stats and multiple target attacks. Like his smaller counterpart, the wyrm will have a rather tasty drop table and will give drops to all who participated in the kill. It can be killed for your slayer task as well, and will give a lovely chunk of slayer xp to boot!

The larger wyrms can be spawned and controlled by jmods. There is also a rare chance that one will spawn near the slayer versions of the wildywyrm (these have the ability to roam the whole of the Wilderness).


Tier 85 weapons

The wildywyrm's rarest drops are weapon attachments which, when combined with some of our older slayer rewards, will make tier 85 degradable weapons which have awesome special attacks to boot!

The idea of dropping an attachment and charging it with old slayer items is one that we have borrowed from our good friends in the Old School development team with their kraken whip. It has worked as a good item sink for them and we believe it can work well for us too. This should hopefully bring up the prices of some of our older rewards and make Slayer a bit more profitable over time.

The name of the weapons we are leaving up to you, so keep an eye on the ninja forums in the coming weeks for your chance to name them! The weapons are:

Lava Whip

The aim of this weapon is to provide a high level whip (woot!) but to offer a new strategy in PvP in the form of dragging your opponent to you.

Ninja Dev Blog Wildywyrm 3

Attachment name - Wildywyrm Spike

Items used to charge it - Abyssal whip(provides 20% charge)/Whip Vine(provides 20% charge)/Vine Whip(provides 40% charge)

Special attack - 75% spec/adrenaline

Attack range of 10

When this is used on an NPC it will stun and bind the NPC for 6 seconds.

When this is used on a player it will drag the player to an adjacent tile next to you. This attack will work over blocked terrain but will not work where there is not line of sight. In short, if you can shoot a bow over it, you can drag a player over it. If a player is pulled from single way zone into a multiway zone in the wilderness then the multiway effect will be delayed by 10 seconds.

Original video

Staff of Darkness

The aim of this staff is to offer a much needed upgrade to the staff of light.

Ninja Dev Blog Wildywyrm 4

Attachment name - Wildywyrm heart

Items used to charge it - Staff of light (provides 50% charge)

Passive effect - Shares all of the staff of lights passives

Special attack - 100% spec/adrenaline

You will be surrounded with a shroud that will negate 25% of incoming damage and reflect 25% of incoming damage back at your opponent. This effect lasts for 20 seconds and works against all styles (as opposed to SoL only working vs melee). This special effect has a 1.5 minute cooldown to prevent you from have this up all the time.


The aim of this weapon is to offer good damage with some sustainability. The passive/spec will need to be managed by you for you to use this effectively and will require a high degree of skill to get the most out of it. If used correctly you will have a lvl 85 weapon that offers high sustainability and damage capable of punching over its weight when things get a bit tough!

Strykebow concept art

Attachment name - Wildywyrm scalp

Items used to charge it - Dark bow (provides 20% charge)

Passive effect - All damage taken while you have the bow equipped is used to charge the bow up. This will charge up quickly initially but will slow down as the stored damage hits certain thresholds, these thresholds are lower in PvP.

After 5 auto attacks or 15 abilities the bow will unleash 10% of the stored damage at your opponent and reset the stored damage.

Special attack - 25% spec/adrenaline
This will bind your opponent in place for 1.8 seconds and will deal 12.5% of the stored damage over the course of 4.8 seconds and reset the stored damage.

Smouldering Ashes

These are the wildywyrms guaranteed drop and offer an ash equivalent to frost dragon bones and should give the wildywyrms a good degree of sustainable gp income. They offer 160xp when scattered and will charge up your infernal urns quicker than you can say holy Prayer xp batman!

The fury shark

The fury shark is coming back as an uncommon drop from the wildywyrm. This will offer the best healing per bite in game offering a heal of 2475 in combat and a heal of 2800 out of combat.

Fishing experts need not worry however as the fury shark will not be tradable.

The fury shark also provides a passive effect that will allow you to save one more item when you die. The hard cap of 5 saved items will still be in place however.

The information above is subject to change during development.

Mods Pi, Ana, Ryan, Hunter, Stu O and AoB

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