This Developer Blog is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It is written by Mod Maz and is dated 12 February 2010.
A History of Non-violence

Shattered Heart is a new skill update that I’m working on to tie in with every non-combat skill. It’s designed to reward those players who take an even-handed approach to training skills (or to encourage training skills you normally wouldn’t). It’s not a D&D or minigame, but it does have repeatable elements similar to those categories of content.

Creating an update to support existing non-combat skills without adding any new mechanics to them is no easy feat; however, Mod Mark and I rose to the challenge, and after playing with some ideas came up with some prototype code that seemed to do the trick.

Balancing the project and getting the rewards right involved lots of numbers on a spreadsheet and pretty, curved graphs - hopefully, all that effort will pay off!

While doing my best not to spoil the update for you, the event supports players who have a well-rounded approach to training, and will be a bit of a break from the updates we’ve seen recently which have been fairly heavily combat-oriented.

I quite like this as my "choob" account (the character I play in RuneScape when I’m not on Mod Maz) is very heavily skill-based. Combat is my least favourite thing to do, unlike many other developers! It was refreshing to be able to create something that I would enjoy and, even better, actually be able to play. When I was first releasing my own content I couldn’t actually play any of it; things like the Warriors' Guild took me six months to finally gain access to on my choob!

There’s even a little here for players that like story, as Shattered Heart delves into a little of the history of RuneScape. Early in the 2nd Age, when the only runes were those created by Guthix, many battles were fought over them. This event involves a mage who was in one of those battles and what happened to him afterwards...

So, when Shattered Heart has been released and you’re out there running around your Agility course, Fletching your bows or maybe netting some fish, keep an eye out for interesting things appearing in your inventory.

Oh, and don’t worry, I am still working on the Elite Achievement Diaries too - I haven’t forgotten them!

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