This Developer Blog is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It is written by Mod Mark and is dated 17 March 2011.
Capes of Distinction

For a while now we have planned to expand the range of capes in RuneScape, particularly the capes we use to show off our in-game accomplishments. Items like the ‘max cape’, a cape that can only be worn by players who have achieved level 99 in all skills, have been a hot topic on the forums for as long as I have worked here, but with new skills and features added all the time, and even changes to what players see as being ‘max’, there has never been an ideal time to start working on it. That is until now!

We’re planning to start work on the design and aesthetics of an entire range of new ‘Capes of Distinction’ including, but not limited to...

Veteran cape - a cape that any player can wear if their account is more than 5 years old

Next year, we will be able to offer an expanded version of the Veteran cape to those players who have been with us for 10 years. Currently, that’s not possible, although we know that some of you are already 10-year veterans. See below for how YOU can help design this awesome cape!

Classic cape - a cape any player can wear if they have visited RuneScape Classic

Initial concepts feature some rather amusing pixelated 2D graphics and an emote of a player thinking, which is how we used to represent player animations back in Classic. (Ah, the memories.)

‘Max’ skill cape - a cape that a player can wear if they have reached level 99 in all skills

Traditionally, we have always considered level 99 to be max despite the Dungeoneering skill going to 120. We don’t plan to raise any other skills from 99 to 120, and still feel the max cape should be worn by players with all skills at level 99.

The cape of 10s - a range of nine different capes that a players can wear when they have reached a multiple of ten or above in all skills (for example, a player who wants to wear the ‘40 cape’ would have to have a minimum of level 40 in all current skills)

There are all sorts of milestones we often set ourselves when training skills, such as ‘min stat’. We would like to encourage players to train all of their skills and I see this as a good way of doing so. We plan for these to change graphically up to the level 90 cape.

Uber cape - a cape that can only be worn if you can wear the max cape, have 120 Dungeoneering, have gained all possible Quest Points, have completed all Tasks, and have unlocked all music tracks!

This cape is for the completionists out there who feel they really have done everything. Of course, a cape like this has to be earned and maintained, because a player who wants to continue wearing this cape will have to keep completing ALL content, which will continue to grow and grow!

A selection of these capes will have glorious new emotes in addition to a new graphical feel. We may even be able to offer the max and uber capes in a selection of colours, but this is yet to be decided.

Guaranteed Content Poll

To accompany the design of these capes, we have decided to give YOU the final decision on what one of these capes should look like, and the cape we have chosen is the Veteran cape! If you’re interested in helping us choose the best hood, collar, collar symbol, back symbol and cape pattern of the Veteran cape, keep an eye out for the Guaranteed Content Poll we’re launching tomorrow. There will be a newspost tomorrow when the poll is released.

Of course, if you have thoughts on any of the other capes we mention here, or if there are any you feel we have missed, please let us know on the forums, or perhaps discuss it in a Clan Chat near you. It’s something that everyone has an opinion on and we really want to know what those opinions are.

Please remember, these are just our initial thoughts on the new capes. The main bulk of design work has not yet begun. We wanted to give you all the chance to tell us your thoughts before the real work begins.

Thanks for reading, and do vote in the poll once it's out!

To discuss this blog on the forums, visit this forum thread.

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