This Developer Blog is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It is written by Mod Pi and is dated 13 April 2015.
Dev Blog: D&D Improvements

Work is well underway on a few tweaks here and there to improve some of our less used distractions and diversions and to bring some life back into some underplayed content! We have taken suggestions far and wide and cast our beady eyes on some stats on how and what D&Ds you play. Using this information we've come up with some changes coming to a few D&Ds near you!

Universal changes

'The Distracted' title

For players that have tried every D&D currently on the D&D tracker, a new title will be unlocked, "The distracted". The purpose of this is to get you to try every D&D at least once, or re-evaluate it after we've finished improving it.

D&D specific changes

Here is a provisional list of changes we'd like to make to some of our less loved D&Ds.

Champions' Challenge

  • Make all fights repeatable once a week for slayer/constitution XP (including the leprechaun).
  • Getting a challenge scroll will unlock that fight in your weekly reset.
  • Improve the reward XP such that if you have unlocked all champions you stand to gain around 60k slayer xp a week.
  • Add the reset to the D&D tracker.
  • Convert the deposit box into a bank chest.
  • Allow you to feed scrolls to a baby troll.

Skeletal Horror

  • Improve the XP reward to be 100* (slayer level +1) XP.
  • Move the reset to the global weekly reset.
  • Add a 100% chance for the skeletal horror to drop an elite clue scroll.
  • Add a chance for a skeletal champion scroll.
  • Add this to the D&D tracker.


  • Make Familiarisation start a fixed time in its 2 hour window.
  • Convert the reward buff into a ticket usable after the D&D. note: you'll need to use up this ticket before you can perform this D&D again.

Court Cases

  • Change the mystery box reward contents to contain a decent amount of useful skilling rewards.
  • Always offer a mystery box as a reward.
  • Change the reward XP to be a generic combat lamp (that includes summoning and prayer).
  • Remove the tutorial requirement on getting a court case scroll drop.
  • Add a title for those that have completed all cases - The Detective

Phoenix Lair

  • Add a passive firemaking level boost to the phoenix familiar.
  • Add a high level version of the phoenix familiar, requires 2 feathers to make, this will offer a better firemaking level boost and have a chance to burn an extra log for you when using bonfires.
  • Improve usage of the phoenix familiar's special attack.
  • Add the phoenix lair to the D&D tracker.
  • Stop the reborn from blocking walk.
  • Allow surge/escape/barge inside the lair
  • Pay 10 feathers to skip to the boss fight

Goblin Flash Mobs

  • Make available to free to play.
  • Rescale the rewards for mid-tier leveled players.

Fish Flingers

  • move the fisherman from outside of barbarian assault to just south of the barbarian fishing area.
  • Add the following rewards to the reward shop:
  • > Tackle box reset
  • > Fish flingers tickets
  • > Chance of fishing 2 fish for 20 minutes.


  • Move the bork reward buffs from varrock armour 4 to varrock armour 3.
  • Add a daily right click teleport to bork onto varrock armour 4.
  • Add bork to the D&D tracker

Evil Tree

  • Turn the evil tree to a bonfire after the event, kindling can be burnt on this with XP rates equal to yew logs.
  • Chopping an evil tree will reward more XP (at least tree type XP/2)
  • If there are 4 roots up, the first root will chop down faster and take longer to respawn.
  • Post event rewards will now be scaled based on your current farming/woodcutting level.
  • Spirit trees will be more specific when telling you when and where the next evil tree will appear> (think shooting stars).
  • The auto banking woodcutting buff will work with all trees that work with signs of the porter.
  • Allow auto log banking to work without having to have a full inventory.

The information above is subject to change during development.

Mods Pi, Hunter, Stu O, Shogun and AoB

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