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It is written by Mod Timbo and is dated 26 May 2011.
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Hello and welcome to May's Clan Submissions Blog! This month, we're reflecting back on possibly our largest update of the year, for the clan community at least: the Clan Camp, Support and Web Pages. With the update, it brought in-game Clan Support for the first time in RuneScape's history, with a whole host of cool features such as the clan vexillum, clan cape, mottoes, private clan forums and clan hiscores.

In this edition, we have two interviews with some of our most under-rated and upcoming clans with their thoughts on the update, articles from yours-truly about the recent community news and events, and a recent 24-hour war that defies all belief! As always, if you have anything that you'd like to share with the clan community, then let us know by e-mailing with "Clan" or "Clan Submissions" in the title so we can pick it up.

Mod Timbo

Clan Interview: Man vs. Wildy!

Man vs wildy

Man vs. Wildy!

This month, we wanted to interview clans that wouldn't typically be in the limelight within the clan community - the types of clans that are on their way up or do a fantastic job within the community 'under the hood'. Man vs. Wildy certainly fall within the 'up-and-coming' bracket, ever since their surge on the clan hiscores in the 'Total Level' category. Currently sitting in 4th on the clan total level hiscores, the only way is up for this growing clan. Here is our interview with leader and owner, Gameboylight.

Mod Timbo: Man vs Wildy have really been brought to the forefront of the community by being in the top 5 of the total levels hiscores since they were launched. How has this affected you, your clan and your recruitment?

Gameboylight: The clan’s taken the rise in the hiscores well, as it keeps them motivated to climb up the ladder and train harder and raise our stats. But it has also made us realise that stats are one thing and enjoying the clan is another. It’s been daunting to see other bigger clans in the top 5 who have origins from fansites. It gives us a common goal and serves as a great morale booster. The recognition has really touched the veterans of MvW, who have shown dedication with the clan for almost three years. Our clan has become international in so many ways; we’ve got players from across the world and our goal is to work in all of the time zones.

MT: What type of clan is "Man vs. Wildy"? If you have to describe your clan in a few sentences, what would you say?

G: We’re a bit of an everything clan really. A community clan then? ~Timbo. Aha, that’s it! At Man vs. Wildy, our main goal is to offer a genuine experience for clan members, strive for higher levels and our main goal is to find players individually, not en masse, with potential and, above all else, a mature, good attitude and dedication. Most ‘top’ players are experienced with the game already but there isn’t much room to grow. Mid-low level players, on the other hand, have a lot of potential to add more meaning to RuneScape.

RuneScape, being a game that removes, for the most part, judgement against real life attributes, allows clan mates to see a person for their personality and letting them know people whom they may not have met in the real world.

MT: What did you and your clan think of when you saw the Clan Update for the first time?

G: We were all extremely excited; the first thing I did when I logged on was to rush all online clan mates to the clan camp to sign the clan charter, hoping that our name wasn’t taken. When all was set, we started making the motifs and mottoes etc. It was a proud day for Man vs. Wildy; everyone was hyped - making trains, running around the camp, etc. Officially founded 5th October 2008 by Gameboylight and Olden Arrow, we always desired an in-game clan system, and when it came in April, it was a big day for us.

MT: What lies in the future of Man vs. Wildy? Are we going to see you top the total level hiscores?

G: Our main goal for the future is to become a very welcoming clan, even more than ever, and while we have been expanding, we hope to expand outside of RuneScape to create an even more welcoming atmosphere. We already have a Teamspeak and it has contributed greatly to our clan experience. As for the hiscores, ambitiously we want to take the number one spot and a first spot in Rated Clan Wars, but only the MvW way. By slowly building the community we’ve cultivated over the years, stats are only one aspect of the clan. That said, if we do become number one, we hope to represent a clan that is honest, clean and genuine.

Thank you very much to Man vs. Wildy and Gameboylight for the interview!

Warring for 24 hours?!

This war report was originally posted by Polska on a community fansite but I felt that it was something that should be shared across the whole RuneScape community. I've tried to expand on some of the terminology but left it as original as possible - enjoy!

The Titans vs. Divine Forces

Thinking we were going to have the weekend off, Divine Forces (DF) approached us for some sort of fight. It went back and forth between a Saturday/Sunday, uncapped/capped fight, etc. It was finally decided that an uncapped PKRI would occur even with only a 1 1/2 day preparation and with multiple declines from them already. Knowing the history of the rivalry and the 3 recent wins over DF, we knew it was going to be one for the record books.

Uncapped PKRI
TT yellow, DF purple - No cape switching
Dangerous fight world
15 snipers first hour, 20 the second, uncapped after
Spiders to New Gate
Corrupt allowed
Clear crashers

TT starting: 240
DF starting: 280 (confirmed)

I don't feel like getting into a long summary of the fight, so I'll throw down the basics. The fight began on Saturday the 2nd April, 4:30 EST / 9:30 GMT and ended 24 hours later on Sunday the 3rd. Everything you've experienced in any fight during your RuneScape career was witnessed and both clans battled it out for a day straight. We had sightings of the retired and legendary of The Titans past who showed up to fight and even call portions with the hate towards DF. Through having VR crash us in an attempt to get a main pile going again, mass logins, regroups at EoS Castle, we knew it wasn't over until we had cleared every last one of them. We never went above 30 snipers and never dropped below 70 active members taking part. That day, RuneScape was played and thank you and you're welcome to everyone that witnessed history. Both clans had their ups and downs and, with being such a heated fight, I had a lot of fun and was not ashamed of the time and effort put into this.

TT ending: 290 immediate, 306 final
DF ending: 0 (240 confirmed by CheyneyC^)

Thanks for all the clans that AC'd during the duration of the fight IE; RoT/Solace/Gladz/Exo/CoR/TR/PH/Coll/CL/CoR and anyone else that came along for the ride. Props to the most dedicated and hardcore members in the game, all those who stayed the entirety of the fight, all the new born babies that were brought into the world, all the energy drinks/snacks that were consumed and finally, Bishinmo for predicting and participating in the most memorable and important fight in TT history.

Community Round-Up


Our Rated Clan Wars tournament will heat up the competition!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working around the clock to bring the clan community, and the community as a whole, a number of different types of events and competitions to get you involved and excited about the clan updates. Here’s a quick roundup of what has been going on and how you can still get involved with them!

Clan Celebration Month - Throughout March, we celebrated the clan community through spotlighting some of the most famous, under-rated and hard-working clans: events like our Bonus XP Weekend challenges and our Clan Personality Test, that you can still take part in.

Skilling Ladder - A persistent league table of the finest skilling clans in RuneScape started as a Beta early in April. Using the same format as the Jagex Clan Cup 2010 to fight the skill wars, it’s currently progressing and still accepting new clans for Season 1 that doesn’t end until October!

Skilling Challenges - Announced earlier in the week, we’ve launched a full-scale assault on skills within RuneScape, challenging clans and individuals alike across a range of tasks. The best average XP, most levels gained, most 99s, or simply those who tried their hardest; there’s RuneScape goody bags on offer and the chance for your clan to have your own motif added to the game.

As always, this is just a taste of what we’ve done over the past couple of months and there is even more planned with our Rated Clan Wars Tournament coming in June and much more! Keep an eagle-eye kiteshield on the RuneScape homepage for our events!

Clan Interview: Wolfs Eye!

Following on from our earlier interview with Man vs. Wildy, we wanted to interview one of the under-rated and hardworking clans within the Clan Community. That clan is Wolfs Eye led by Daviddts who has also been reflecting on the latest clan update.

Mod Timbo: Few people may have heard of Wolfs Eye until now, how would you describe your clan and what you do?

Daviddts: Our clan tries to revolve around all activities RuneScape has to offer, PvM, PvP, Skilling etc. We also do many events, such as marches across RuneScape and other unique, home-grown events. The best description of us would be our clan motto which is "We are the wolves of RuneScape: Strong, united and vicious" which outlines the clan in 3 words.

MT: Being an established clan before the update, how has it helped or hindered you transitioning over?

D: Since the update, we’ve gained a lot of active members. With the older clan system, we had about 10-12 active members a day but, since then, it’s gone to 30+ overall. We do not run the clan much differently than before the updates, though, as our system revolves more around the clan members not the clan system itself, most of the abilities of the high ranking members are still the same.

MT: What did you and your clan think of when you saw the Clan Update for the first time?

D: When they first came out, we didn’t really know what to think as it all seemed very complex with so many new functions. A month away from the update, they are very useful and it helps the admins manage ranks of the clan a lot easier. Overall, the update was very beneficial to our clan and helps us to be more supportive towards our clan members’ needs.

MT: Finally, what's in the future of Wolfs Eye? Is it to get another eye?

D: First off, nice pun! The future we feel of Wolfs Eye is to expand and grow to branch out into more areas of the game. We’re always looking for new, active and respectful members and we hope to be around for a long time to leave an impact on the RuneScape community as a whole.

To add on - I’ve also helped form a group offering support to both new and old clan leaders. The thread can be found in the Clan Introduction forum, nice plug! ~Timbo, and is called Clan Leader Support. We offer a lot of helpful information to clan leaders so be sure to check it out!

Many thanks to Daviddts and Wolfs Eye for the interview!

We want your submissions!

We'd love to see your submissions for the next Clan Submissions Blog. So, if you have:

  • Event reports
  • War reports
  • Articles about the clan community
  • Any cool, clan-related high detail screenshots

Then please send us your submissions as an attachment or in the e-mail to with 'Clan' or 'Clan Submissions' in the subject header and we'll see what we can do.

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