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It is written by Mod Timbo and is dated 21 March 2010.
Clan Submissions Page

Editor's Note

Welcome to March 2011's Clan Submission Blog! The blog has been taking a bit of a break while we do a bit of work to it and revamp it ready for April and the year of clans. What we want to do with the blog is to make it a blog from the clans, with a bit of help of Jagex, to the rest of the community full of content from the clans themselves. This blog is a little bit different though, we're focusing on what makes a clan tick, the Clan Celebration Month and to give you a chance to send in your submissions ready for April's changeover.

What we'd like to see is anything that you think would be perfect for the new blog; what do you think shows the clan community in the best light or what would excite the players to come and ready the blog? Interesting articles, event or war reports from fights on our official forums or elsewhere or high detail screenshots of your events or fights. Just send them to with 'Clan' somewhere in the title.

Mod Timbo

Mod Crow's Clan Experience

99 summoning

Playing is always much more fun with friends

Mod Crow enjoys clanning and playing RuneScape with friends but that wasn't always the case. Read on to find out more about his experience with clans and how he went from a solo player in RuneScape to joining a clan and creating a whole new playing experience...

I know what some of you are thinking at the moment. You see all the events and competitions going on for clans and you’re saying to yourself, "I’m not in a Clan, what do I care?". As a regular gamer I used to have the same thought, feeling irritated when someone tries to get you to join a clan or spams you to join their clan. However, I all that changed when I decided to actually give being in a Clan a go.

I’d be wandering around aimlessly for a while trying to complete some task which was ultimately eluding me. I was about to move on out of frustration but as luck would have it two other players were also trying to tackle the same task. A swift alliance was formed when we all realised we had similar goals and within a short space of time we had all finished the task and I had two new allies on my friends list. I continued to keep in contact with these players for the next few days and pretty soon I was invited to join the clan they had recently set up. Being a traditionally solo player I wasn’t overly keen on the idea but they quickly encouraged me in with promises of cake and adventure. Sadly the cake was indeed a lie but I soon learned that the adventure part was very real.

One of the things I was really struggling with before joining the clan was how I could get involved with the various in game activities. Without the bonds of clanship or friendship you end up working in a chaotic manner with little direction. When I joined my clan though I suddenly had a list of eager allies who were more than happy to form regular groups. With an established hierarchy we could work together and what was previously a bit of a chore became a regular highlight of my gaming schedule.

As a member of a new clan I had a list of people who I could call on for help or in turn offer my help to them. Within a week or so of being in the clan I had completed more of my personal goals then I ever had when playing alone. I got involved in massive wars, the likes of which I’d never even considered before, and suddenly I found myself wanting to spend more and more time in game with my clan as there was so much more to do.

So why am I telling you all this? Simple, I want to help open some of your eyes to the benefits of being in a good and active clan. A clan can literally give you a reason for playing and they’re a really easy way to help you progress through the game!

Celebration Month Events

Throughout the month of March, we've been running the Clan Celebration Month to celebrate the clan community and kick off the year of clans with a bang. It has been a fantastic month so far packed full of events and challenges for anyone to get involved with. Check out the the thread for our Combat and Activities events as well as preparing for our closing party on 3rd April.

We've been helping new players, issuing clan challenges over the Bonus XP Weekend and questing as a group and we've had over 9,000 players (that isn't a joke!) take part so far with two weeks left to go. So whether you're a part of a clan, looking to join or even consider yourself a solo player - get involved.

Check out our "Clan Personality Quiz"! Answer a few questions about the way you play and find out your perfect clan. Get started here!

Clan Article: Helen

Rsd jagex cup

If clans are a family, this would be Christmas Day...

Clan is a Scottish concept and as a Scot I often think what the term means. According to the dictionary:

"clan" 1. A word to refer to a closely-knit group usually quite large and fiercely defensive of each other. Comes from the clans of Scotland- who were blood relatives. | | Now used more as a term for groups of video-games.

So what makes a good clan and what makes a great one? Traditionally the Scottish clan’s were a family, and the idea was of course the families stuck together (often in wars against other families - we Scots are pretty ferocious!). Families worked and played and socialised together.

A good clan skills, kills and spends time together. RuneScape is full of good clans, literally thousands of them. A great clan however, is a little more than this. A great clan go out of their way to support one person. They share things, maybe lending equipment or maybe sharing resources for the benefit of the whole group. A great clan will forgo their own gain for the sake of others.

How do we make a good clan a great clan? Well firstly we celebrate new members, welcome them as one of the family, take the time to say hello and get to know them a little. Secondly we invite them to family events, so that no one ever feels left out. No one likes to be on the edge of the family watching all the fun.

Next we celebrate together. If someone is getting a 99, we should make all effort to get there and celebrate as a group. They worked hard to earn that cape and this is never time wasted as it builds family stronger.

Family do sometimes argue, I know that, but they get over it, because it is worth getting over. They stick together when things are going well, and cling together when they are not.

Written by:

Community Clan Experiences

The sabres

Epic battles forging epic friendships!

We've had a J-Mod's account about being in a clan, but why not hear from those who are a bit more active in the clan community. Here are some testimonials from your fellow players and their experiences in the world of clans.

King Girith6 - The Last Brotherhood
"I founded The Last Brotherhood on December 16, 2009. Having always been a player where being 'just another member' was never enough, I have always been a Boss Hunter, and understood the immense benefits that could be achieved through being involved in a clan which specialized in such activity.

Great One - Family Unity Network
"Family Unity Network (FUN) is a large community clan that does a variety of events ranging from player created events to activities to PvM.

Sure, if you're not in a clan you can find a team to do Dungeoneering, trawl the seabed or pwn Zilyana, but you won't be able to mess around, you won't joke with people you know so well."

o Hai its Mj - W22 Farming Guild
"The W22 Farming Guild was founded in 2008 . The idea was to form a guild for everyone who loved Farming, for people who wanted to learn from each other about the skill. My best experiences in the guild have been with the people I've met through it. I've shared a lot of good times with the friends I've made."

His Lordship - Wilderness Guardians
"It’s really easy to make friends in PKing clans. Don’t believe any stereotype that says PKers are shallow-minded and only care about loot. If you’re in the wilderness, and your clan is the only thing between you and death, you learn to trust them and they will trust you back."

We want your submissions!

We'd love to see your submissions for the next Clan Submissions Blog. So if you have:

  • Event reports
  • War reports
  • Articles about the clan community
  • Any cool, clan relatedhigh[sic] detail screenshots

Then please send us your submissions as an attachment or in the e-mail to with 'Clan' in the subject header and we'll see what we can do.

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