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It is written by Mod Timbo and is dated 26 March 2010.
Clan Submissions Page

Editor's note

Hello there! Welcome to the fourth edition of the Clan Submissions Page where we look to showcase some of our amazing talent, and people, from the clan community. With the ending of the Clan Celebration Month, we've been busily planning our next major competition - The Jagex Cup 2010. It's certainly going to be a spectacle that you won't want to miss! None of this would be possible without submissions from the community so send them in. Ping me an e-mail at with 'Clan' in the title and it could be in next months edition.

Mod Timbo

Clan artwork

Artwork from Oblivion, MaSoRS, Avon and Nova

Clan interview: The Titans, part 1

The Titans, not to be mixed up with Clash of the Titans, are a clan long known throughout the RuneScape clan community. This month, I managed to catch up with Bishinmo, leader of The Titans. and Brad Xavier, Sagameister, Kezzab Reds, Benthereaper and Hommel, senior members of The Titans and have a word with the winners of the Combat section of the Jagex Cup 2009. Before they PK me for babbling on, here is the interview between Mod Timbo and The Titans!

Mod Timbo: How did you happen to hear about the Titans and then subsequently join?

Sagameister: In my case I had friend outside of RuneScape who used to be in this clan by the nickname of Gokussy8 who introduced me to The Titans, this was in my senior year of high school back in 2004. I was 58 combat at the time and joined in the winter time months later at 88 combat.

Brad Xavier: I was in Exercitum with D0nts R4ng3r. After he left, I decided to leave as he had already been accepted to trial with The Titans, so i decided to as well.

Benthereaper: I heard about Titans from fighting them in my old clan. I joined because the clan I was in was leaning towards community and Titans was one of the few clans I had known at the time.

Hommel: A good friend of mine was a member in The Titans, he told me about the events Titans did so I asked if I could join when I left the clan I was in at that time.

Mod Timbo: Do you remember the excitement and experience of your first war with The Titans? How was it and did you win?

Sagameister: The first war I was in was vs The Outlaws who, ironically, was the clan that later formed into our allies, Collision. Back then, I was only 88 combat and wasn't able to do much, but I managed to survive that war since back then half of RuneScape was a low level! It was pretty exciting, but messy; we didn't have the communication compared to later wars.

Benthereaper: First fight was against EoS, it was exciting because it was something new and something that I had never experienced before, and we did win.

Kezzab Reds: My first excitement and experience in one of my first few wars was probably the fights we had with TRWF. Being outnumbered almost every time, but with dedication, organisation and amazing callers we managed to pull off some great wins. Our rivalry with Rune Raiders/EoS back then was also just as exciting.

Bishinmo: Yeah I do, I think it was against a clan called AOH. I had no clue what was going on. All the wars started with a "death march", it was like 60 people running towards one pile of players. It was serious business...except that we lost.

Hommel: One of my earliest fights I remember was a war versus 'THE' Clan and their junior clan. We were teaming up with three other clans, Collision, Deathrow and Mori. We did pretty well but it was very chaotic.

Mod Timbo: The Titans have always had a reputation for being respectful and tough to beat. Is there any particular philosophy within the clan that helps you to achieve this?

Benthereaper: Just give a strong effort and have fun.

Sagameister: I guess one thing I can say is that we have always had a core group of Titans that have stuck together since the early days of 2004 and we somehow manage to get better from each other. We then taught what we learned to new members and it progressed from there.

Brad Xavier: Organisation, Our callers and members do a great job of being aware and looking for people in robes to KO. Also, we have tank practices, so people learn to tank better.

Bishinmo: Rely on organisation rather than numbers. Respect the rules our clan sets up and try to make the events fun.

Kezzab Reds: We know when to have fun and we know when to be serious. We don't get caught up in silly drama and crashing, etc, as we're all here for fun. We have a solid member base which helps a lot. I don't think a member has quit in the past 2-3 months apart from a few future applicants (trialists).

Continued further down...

Clan Articles

Isn't that a lot of rune?

Every so often, we receive a number of articles about clans through Postie Pete's electronic mailbox and it's about high time that we got to share them with you all! As always, if you have something that you'd like to write about and share with the community about clans, send it to us via with 'Clan' in the title so we can pick it out. Without any further ado, here are two articles written by Zarifff and CheyneyC.

Why RuneScape needs clans
Written by Zarifff

‘Clans’, what’s the first thing that would come to your mind if someone talked about ‘clans’ in real life? Most people would assume it to be some sort of cult with strange rituals and what not since its sounds so medieval!

But in RuneScape, clans have a different meaning. Clans are to RuneScape as family is to individuals in real life. People, who are the players, feel special to be a part of what they can call home, where many friends are made and many battles are won and lost together. Yes, RuneScape is a fun game with a lot of fun activities, but it might get a bit boring to do it all on your own. You can of course make friends, but sometimes, they may not all be online or might be busy doing something else. Who do you turn to? Well your clan of course! As an individual player, things would have been very different if I had never joined my first and hopefully last clan, The 3 Gods Empire. I have made lots of very close friends there and we have been through the thick and thin united, just like a clan should!

Just imagine a week without the clan you’re in, no friends online either. How would you feel like? I’m sure the feeling won’t be pleasant. The leader of Jedi of a New Era, Newplyr, told me that he would have had different goals and would have probably quit by then if he hadn’t been rescued by his clan! "I love my clan, I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them" he said.

The major clans of RuneScape contribute a lot of things to the community where friendship and the sense of being a part of something are the most important. We organize duels, wars, ladders, etc. Activities such as Pest Control and Soul Wars would not be as much lucrative if it weren’t for clans. Because of our need to buy runes/armour/food, etc, we help keep the prices stable. (Disregard merch clans here pl0x!) We also help to supply important equipments to the community like Godsword hilts, Dragonfire shields, etc.

Another important thing clans do is, they provide an *organized* environment to the players to enjoy for themselves. There are certain rules which must be followed and individual players are penalized for inappropriate conduct. It’s just like a sort of ‘mini-government’! Numerous open to all events are organized by clans throughout RuneScape which are all fun in their own ways!

There are countless other issues that clans contribute to, but I won’t mention it here, since the merits of RuneScape clans far stretches my space limitations! I hope you enjoyed my article. If you’re not in a clan yet, please go to the Forums and join a clan that YOU would feel comfortable with.

And remember, the most important thing is to go out there and have fun; not how much experience points you gain per hour!

Clan Warring - An Insider's Guide
Written by CheyneyC

Hi there! I’m CheyneyC and I’m gonna tell you all about warring with a clan. Now, a lot of you out there may think that clans fighting other clans in PvP areas is just one big waste of money, and all that happens is you kill a few people for a little bit of money, before then getting killed yourself! Well, that may once have been the case, but not anymore! In the clan world, there are a group called ‘top 10 clans’. These consist of the larger, well-known clans such as Divine Forces, Violent Resolution, RuneScape Dinasty, Corruption, Echo Of Silence etc. These clans fight each other almost every night in deep level wilderness, and if you are fighting along side them it is without doubt the best feeling you can have on RuneScape, besides of course killing the Corp Beast for a sigil solo I’m sure. ;)

Think of clans as countries of the world we live in. Each one has it’s own leadership and laws. Now, like in the world, these countries often disagree over laws and regimes. In the clan world, as there is no real sense of ‘loss of life’ on a game, the clans are able to thrash out their disagreements in the form of large scale battles.

Now during the fights themselves there are countless tactics employed by the leaders of each clan for the fight. These people are called ‘Warlords’. Often at the beginning of the fight there is a ‘main group’ and a ‘sniper group’. The main group all stick together and hit a certain enemy at the same time to try and kill him quickly without him eating his food. While this is happening, a smaller group, known as the snipers, spread out and focus on attacking the enemy’s mages. This is to reduce the amount of binds they can throw which hold a target in place for 5 seconds so that a main pile can focus on them. It really is like a giant chess game, or real-time-strategy game, where the warlords give their orders to the members of the clan on how to make their attack in order to try and win. You can never get bored, as the warlords always try and mix and match the tactics to be unpredictable for the enemy!

You can find many videos on the internet of clans having wars, my personal favourite is one made by Divine Forces showing a collection of kills and fights in one concise video made by CorLjCor.

I hope I’ve given you a bit of an insight into the way clans carry out their fights! See you on the battlefield!

Clan Facts

As a regular feature, we’ll be spotlighting a few of our clans from the community in different categories. Don’t worry if you’re clan doesn’t appear here and you think that it should; let us know via email at with ‘Clan’ in the subject and we’ll see what we can do.

Some of our highest levelled clans:
Nova, 2Mighty4You and The Titans

Some of our oldest clans:
Forgottengodz, Miners & Smithers of RuneScape and Crimson Raiders

Some of our more unusual clans:
99 Runecrafting Club, 1 Elite SC and Organization XIII

Some of our newest and upcoming clans:
Knights Reflection, Empire of Ruins and Supremacy

We want your submissions!

Don't wait around, let us know!

That’s right, YOU! If there is anything that you would like to share with Jagex and the clan community here on the Clan Submissions page, then do let us know! The way in which you can do this is by sending us what you have, preferably as an attachment if it’s any artwork, to, putting ‘Clan’ in the subject somewhere. We’ll take a look at what you’ve sent us - be that clan facts, interviews, articles, artwork and much more - and then pick out what people would like to see and put it on the page. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Clan Submissions page!

To read the previous Clan Submissions page, click here. To find out more about clans, check out our knowledge base article about them. To see what’s happening in the clan community, check out the clan forums.

Clan Interview: The Titans, part 2

Mod Timbo: What does a typical week in the life of The Titans look like? Is it all player-killing, few events, hanging out outside of the game?

Sagameister: Usually we have a set of events planned out ahead of time such as matched options fights, a player-killing session on a weekend or fun events during the weekdays. Sometimes we go out PKing randomly and even I don't know until that very day we'd be going out, LOL.

Brad Xavier: We normally have about 2-4 events a week, from PKing to planned PvP to Clan Wars arena fights. We also have groups of people who like to do Corporeal Beast and all of the God Wars Dungeon.

Bishinmo: Usually one large fight, a couple of smalls ones, unplanned PKs or mini wars. Event coordinators make events for making gold or we have an event with our allies. We try to balance it out.

Mod Timbo: If you had to pick one particular moment from your time with The Titans, what would it be and why?

Benthereaper: Capturing #1. There were a lot of ups and downs, but it served as a learning experience and there's always a nice rush when you've reached the proverbial top of the game.

Brad Xavier: TT (The Titans) vs DF (Divine Forces) in Clan Wars arena in summer of 2008. It was a 4-hour Turrets PKRI. Starting people was 60 TT vs 88 DF; we ended up pulling off the win by 1 or 2 kills.

Kezzab Reds: Beating DF in a 4-hour cap CWA PKRI, we started with 62 to there 80+. We started behind on kills, but slowly got our way back into the fight through great calls and transitions. We ended up winning by around 10 kills after the 4 hours was up - this fight sticks out.

Benthereaper: Shame you type slow, Kezzab!

Bishinmo: Any of our legendary fights against our top rivals at the time. Winning the Jagex Cup was probably the best moment.

Sagameister: One moment would be when we won the Jagex Cup not too long ago. I knew when we signed us up that we'd be a top contender. Having done matched fights during the Clan Wars era, and wars such as against DF, we knew we could take it.

Hommel: The summer of 2007. We had a good rivalry with both Echo of Silence and RuneRaiders. We weren't the best clan in that rivalry, but the fights were great and everybody remained respectful.

Mod Timbo: The Titans were the winners of the first ever Jagex Cup for combat clans. What did you think of the competition?

Sagameister: I think it was a pretty tough tournament, especially for us during the beginning. We had opponents such as Corruption and I believe TRWF early on, which proved to be an obstacle. Nevertheless, we pushed on through till the end.

Benthereaper: It was interesting because it was the first tournament that was ran by a third party and not by the clan world itself.

Hommel: It was a good competition and well organised. It was great to see that Jagex finally made an effort to involve clans more actively in their game. The fights were, except for one, clean and enjoyable. The reward at the end was pretty fun too :P

Bishinmo: It was about time Jagex had recognised clans, clans meaning organised clans with private forums and voice communication. We had the toughest opponents, but it was fine with us cause we wouldn't want the easy route. Kicking VR out of the competition was the smartest thing J-Mods did. Overall, it was well organised.

Mod Timbo: How did it feel to the win the competition? Were you nervous running up to the final?

Sagameister: It definitely felt well deserved after what we went through. We were nervous from the start seeing as how some of us even thought we could have lost from the first round, LOL.

Kezzab Reds: Nervous, yes. DI wasn't going to be easy, they beat us in a CWA PKRI before and did well to reach the final. Winning the competition was great, especially with it being the first. :D

Hommel: We got to fight Damage Incorporated, who have always been very respectful to us. So we knew it would be a great fight, no matter how it would end.

Bishinmo: We were in pretty rough shape during the competition. We were short on officials, but we still had over 100 members we could rely on to give their maximum effort. When we beat DF and DI, every Titan knew that we were the best clan out there no matter what.

Mod Timbo: Are you looking forward to the 2010 Jagex Cup?

Hommel: There's going to be another one? Awesome.

Sagameister: I would say so. A 2010 one would be harder than before seeing as how much the RS clan world has grown in terms of levels and organisation despite a few big clans closing.

Kezzab Reds: Of course, not many clans do full out wars anymore, so it would be nice to get some again.

Brad Xavier: I'm looking forward to winning it twice in a row.

Mod Timbo: If you had to describe what it feels like to be a part of The Titans in one sentence, what would that be?

Benthereaper: A fun, well-spent three years.

Bishinmo: A clan that is responsible for giving me 52 heart attacks and grey hair, but a great experience overall, and fun times too.

Brad Xavier: Where I got all my big clan experience, were it not for TT I wouldn't be where I am now.

Sagameister: I would say that it's been a fun six years so far; some up and downs, but that's how things go.

Kezzab Reds: I see Titans as a family. I simply couldn't see myself in another clan. Some days it's tough, but most of the time it's fun and you get to chill out with your friends.

Hommel: It's being part of a community that adds a whole new dimension of fun to RuneScape, and never gets boring.

Mod Timbo: One last question for you: can I join The Titans?

Bishinmo: Three-month trial time - go for it. :D

Kezzab Reds: Do we get free rune?

Brad Xavier: You gotta go through the trial process like everyone else.

Hommel: On a more serious note, everybody is welcome,

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