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Clan Submissions Page

Editor's Note

Welcome to July’s edition of the Clan Submissions Page! This month, we return to more traditional Submissions Page with an interview from Fast Free Double Natures, an article from The Questing Clan of RuneScape and some more fantastic artwork. The Jagex Cup is still running and is closing in on the final stages and we can find out, until 2011 at least, who the number one clan in Combat, Skilling and a Combination are. It's been a good competition so far and now we're going to have even fiercer battles and fighting talk. To catch up on all of the latest matches, head over to our Jagex Cup forum .As[sic] always, if you have something that you’d like to see on the Clan Submissions Blog, send it to me at with ‘clan’ somewhere in the subject and I’ll see what I can do!

If you'd like to help improve the Clan Submissions Page, we have a thread up in the Clan forums where we'd love to hear what you like, what you don't like and what more you'd like to see. Head over to our feedback thread to let us know what you think. Mod Timbo

Clan Artwork

Clan art comp

Artwork from Fast Free Double Natures, Blacknights and Corrupt Pures.

Interview with Fast Free Double Natures, part 1

Fast Free Double Natures sent us an interview conducted by Empowered1 with some of the leading members of FFDN. While FFDN may have started out as a Nature Rune running 'company', they have certainly evolved into something much more and now have a vibrant community and are well worthy of also being called a clan. Without any further a-do, here is the interview!

Empowered1: What is FFDN and what makes it stand out from other businesses/clans?

Sword Kill11: Fast Free Double Natures (FFDN) is the nature running company located in the nature altar on World 36. It allows runners to bring pure essence to the nature altar, and by lining up and using the assist system with one of our over 1,500 FFDN company crafters in gold robes, freely craft their own double natures. In return, the company crafters gain a significant amount of fast runecraft experience, making FFDN the ideal venue for both runners to make quick cash and company crafters to more quickly achieve level 99 Runecrafting.

Beyond the surface of the company's efficient nature running operation, however, there exists a unique and active community of dedicated individuals who promote FFDN's fun and organized environment. A primary factor that clearly emphasizes FFDN's prominent presence in the RuneScape community is our sheer level of organization and public involvement as the largest cohesive rune running service in RuneScape.

To list just a few of the components which illustrate FFDN's success at multidimensional involvement: FFDN's presence on World 36 led to the world being officially designated by Jagex as a themed world for nature rune running, we maintain a popular public chat channel (channel account:"FFDN") which allows for easy communication between our vast number of crafters and runners.

Empowered1: How/when was the company FFDN formed?

Masterdez: Myself and a friend, achieved 91 Runecrafting perhaps around early March 2007. Sword was close to follow, being 90 RC whilst we achieved our goal, so it wasn't long before Sword caught up with us. I think it was late one evening for me when I remember being in Edgeville after a few hours of crafting Nature Runes through the abyss when myself and Sword had a conversation about starting a small group to enable us to gain fast experience, and enable runners to obtain a high rate of cash.

It all started by us creating a draft forum post, nowhere near as refined as the one we have today, advertising our services. The first few days were pretty tough, and in my opinion, make or break for FFDN. We had to attract and maintain a steady runner base in order to attract other crafters to join us, as myself and Sword trying to maintain, a near to, 24/7 hour presence at the altar was not going to last long!

Empowered1: What is the requirement to join FFDN?

Sword Kill11: The requirement to join FFDN is that a player must have at least level 91 Runecrafting. This requirement is essential, as only those with at least level 91 Runecrafting can provide the ability to craft double natures to runners who request assistance from them.

To read more from Fast Free Double Nature's interview, scroll to the end of the page.

Clan Mentions

In a slight tweak to the Clan Mentions this month in the Submissions Blog, I thought that it would only be fair to mention all of the clans that managed to make it to the Quarter Finals of the Jagex Cup. The Jagex Cup is now into it's final week with the Semi Finals of the Combat and Combined Cup's with all of the Sub-Divisions entering the closing stages.

Combat Cup - Quarter Finalists
The Titans, Divine Forces, Scared Phoenix Warriors, Australian Army, Corruption, Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste, Violent Resolution and RuneScape Dinasty.

Combined Cup - Quarter Finalists
Divination, Night Slayers Clan, Basedin2minutes, Templar Knights of Europe, Kirstunael and The Imperial Legion.

Sub-Division Notable Mentions
New Age Assassins vs RuneScape Dinasty - Over 115 Combat Sub-Division Final

The Mayhem Makers vs Final Ownage Elite - Pure Sub-Division Final

India Inc vs Titans Revolution - Community Clan Sub-Division Final

The Shadow Dragons vs Reign of Terror = P2P Unlimited Sub-Division Final

The Knights of Order, Northern Gods, Future of Old Style, Downfall and The Rising - 20v20 Sub-Division Semi Finalists

Clan Articles

Questing clan

Skillers of the Round Table showing off their skills!

Each month we receive a number of articles from the clan community and there is always something interesting to read and pick out. This month, we have an article from The Questing Clan of RuneScape talking about the use of quests and their clan! If you didn't make this month's article section, do not fret - we do not delete your entries and may use them at a later date!

Clan Quest

Written by: The Draziw The Questing Clan of RuneScape ("QC", a.k.a. "Clan Quest") is a clan that organizes all serious adventurers under one banner. The membership of Clan Quest aims to create a community of players who have completed, or strive to complete, every quest and Achievement Diary in RuneScape. We are a resource to any RuneScape player, existing to help players solve quests and complete Diaries, and to provide assistance to anyone who has not yet obtained their Quest Point Cape. Our members are avid followers of RuneScape lore, and all are experienced RuneScape players.

We are not your skillers, your PVP-ers, or your merchers. We are a more elite band of RuneScape players. We are the adventurers. We are the people who write the guides that others read.

As a mature group, Clan Quest focuses on bettering ourselves in RuneScape, and in the real world. Our goals, and the way we play the game, give us a viewpoint on RuneScape many others may not see.

Clan Quest is a community, like many similar groups in the realm of Gielinor. Yet, we do not blindly seek level 99 skills or infinite cash; we are motivated by our love for the game, the stories that unravel, and the lessons that are learned by playing. We try to ask ourselves: What is the reason for playing? What does the Runescape player look for? What are the goals or the purpose?

This is our answer: The fundamental game play in RuneScape is adventuring! We search out our purpose, discover the lore, defeat monsters in the name of good (be it Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak, Bandos, Armadyl, Zaros, or any other god). This, the main idea and objective of the game, finds its primary outlet in completing quests and Achievement Diaries. All the ways we spend our game time - whether skilling, such as slayer tasks, agility courses, pot making, fire starting, bone burying, or even money gathering and other activities - are there only for us adventurers to train ourselves. We practice and practice, until we are finally able to survive the challenges laid before us in our adventures. All the skilling is school: for us, questing is the real RuneScape life.

Questing gives players access to areas of RuneScape that many non-questers don’t even know exist. If you want something as simple as to wear a Rune Platebody, or to wield a Dragon Scimitar; if you want a chance at a rare drop such as a Dark Bow, Abyssal Whip, Dragon Pickaxe, Bandos Armor, Dragon Claws, Arcane Spirit Shield or a God Sword Hilt - you will need to finish or least start one of the 150+ quests available to RuneScape members.

Recharging an Amulet of Glory, using a Skills Necklace or Combat Bracelet, casting Lunar or Ancient Magicks spells, crafting death or blood runes, gaining access to the gem mines, catching monkfish, riding an eagle, travelling via Fairy Rings, going deep sea diving or even ruling your very own kingdom whose subjects adore and work for you - what do these require? You can do all these things - but only after the successful completion of a quest.

Clan Quest's pinnacle achievement is the Quest Point Cape. We as members strive to obtain it...and work hard to keep it.

Earning the Quest Cape once was considered easy. But as more and more quests are released, this is no longer true. Minimum skill levels keep increasing, the boss battles keep getting tougher. The Quest Cape is becoming a sign of the best players in RuneScape who have great skills, great minds, and the guts, drive and ambition to battle the best of the best. We in Clan Quest are the adventurers. We will always strive to own the cape, work to keep it, and provide the guides others need to earn it too.

We want your submissions!

Fez event

The Remnantz with their, hats.

If you have anything from this year's Jagex Cup that you'd like to share with us, such as screenshots or videos, then get in touch with us. Send your pictures, or video links, to with "Jagex Cup" in the subject line.

If there is anything else that you would like to share with Jagex and the clan community here on the Clan Submissions page, then do let us know! The way in which you can do this is by sending us what you have, preferably as an attachment if it’s any artwork, to, with ‘Clan’ in the subject line. We’ll take a look at what you’ve sent us - be that clan facts, interviews, articles, artwork and much more - and then pick out what people would like to see and put it on the page. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Clan Submissions page!

To read the previous Clan Submissions page, click here.

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Interview with Fast Free Double Natures, part 2

Empowered1: What is the benefit to join FFDN?

Sword Kill11: Crafters enjoy arguably the fastest Runecrafting experience available in RuneScape with absolutely no cost to them - all without even leaving the Nature altar. Runners gain the ability to craft their pure essence into double nature runes without having to train to level 91 Runecrafting, providing them with a consistent venue of making quick cash. Beyond that though, joining FFDN allows crafters and runners to be a part of a friendly environment which encourages them to complete their goals whilst having fun in the process.

Empowered1: What unique positions are available at FFDN?

Sword Kill11: As a Founder of FFDN, my area of focus has shifted around quite a bit over the years. During FFDN's first few months, my time was mainly spent helping devise FFDN policies, running the company thread in the RuneScape forums and crafting at the Nature altar for long hours, almost every day, to keep us operating 24/7.

Duckfins: As a FFDN Company Operator, I work in all facets of the FFDN Company which includes the altar, clan chat channel, and the forums. Over the past two years, I have created many types of artwork by capturing creative in-game screenshots and using many imaging techniques.

Masterdez: Whilst also being a Founder, my role in the company is significantly different to Swords, due to a few reasons, one being my inactivity due to University. When starting the company, my role was to promote and develop the company whilst making it a nice place to be, and still making it worth everyone's while being there. Now, whilst my responsibilities still lie with the normal responsibilities of a Company Operator, I find myself more often than not in the clan chat, sorting problems out in-game.

Plain Steel: I have the fun job of organizing events for FFDN!

BellaDawne: What is your primary goal in running FFDN Events and can anyone participate?

Plain Steel: The primary goal in holding bi-monthly 'FFDN Fun Community Events' is to gather the RuneScape community together in a fun, positive group activity. We welcome and encourage all members of the RuneScape community to participate, whether a player is affiliated with FFDN or not.

On the day of the event, I ensure that all aspects of our event run smoothly. To keep the focus of the main FFDN chat channel on the nature alter status, we use a different chat channel for events. To encourage others to join in, we first gather for a parade or snowball fight prior to our event, during which time, I ensure everyone knows where they are going and supply teleports and other last minute supplies as needed.

BellaDawne: What do you think would happen if FFDN stopped crafting Nature Runes?

Sword Kill11: I think FFDN has developed an important and trusted presence in the RuneScape community, and if we did not exist in our current state, a number of benefits we provide would be lost. As a company, FFDN provides that extra boost to high level Runecrafters which can keep them focused on the road to achieving their goal of attaining a Runecrafting skill cape and continuing their experience even further. Runners have a dependable source of income that they can always count on.

Equally important, as a community, FFDN provides Runecrafters with an atmosphere of positive encouragement and a fun clan to be a part of.

Masterdez: Firstly the recognition of our company by JaGeX, by naming the world FFDN is hosted on as the official nature running world has placed some responsibility on us. I think we would be letting down our community, both the crafters and the runners, if we did not attempt to keep a 24/7 presence at the altar.

Secondly I think the fact that a lot of crafters don't just go there to get their experience, instead they go there to help people. I think this shows a lot of respect and without this we wouldn't have a successful company still operating.

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