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It is written by the Ninja Team and is dated 20 October 2014.
Ninja Dev Blog: Boss Pets

Yep, you read it right, the next project we'll be working on is Boss pets! This long awaited update is on the horizon and we want you to work with us throughout the development process to bring this update to life.

This update focuses on turning that scary and dangerous boss into a much nicer and more friendly fiend that can accompany you on your adventures as a beloved pet.

We want to know what you think of this update and what you want from this update before we get stuck in on the content side of things. Mod AoB has already started scaling down those from the Godwars dungeon and Mod Stu O is in the process of reanimating them. There's still two big questions that need to be answered...

How should these pets be obtained?

  • RNG based - 1/X chance of receiving the pet as a drop.
  • Meta achievements - Unique challenges tailored to each boss (similar to Araxxi).
  • A mixture of both - Possible to obtain it via either method
  • Something entirely different...

What bosses should be included in this update?
I know the most common answer will be 'ALL OF THEM!', however there are reasons as to why not all bosses may be done. As an example, the Dagannoth kings are very graphically outdated which would mean that the pets would look outdated as well.

We've had a few laughs when it came to discussing how to make the Queen Black Dragon work as a pet but we'll let your imagination run wild with that one!

To get the hype going, here are some images from the editor!

Ninja Dev Blog Boss Pets 1

Ninja Dev Blog Boss Pets 2

Let us know how you think they should be obtained and if you have any other interesting ideas for the project then now is the time to speak up!

- Update 23/10/2014

After reading through the pages of feedback and talking to players in-game and on social media we are currently thinking of implementing the following:

You have a chance of obtaining the pet as a rare drop from the relevant boss.
It looks like a large amount of people like RNG and they would like to see the pets introduced at a rare rate. This will allow the pets to stay prestigious and rare as they will not easily be obtained.

You can obtain the pet after reaching a specific amount of kills on the relevant boss assuming you have not already obtained it.
On the flip side of this there are a large amount of players who dislike RNG as they feel it's unfair that they may have killed a boss numerous times already and not received a rare drop; Vitalis from Vorago is a good example. This will allow players who have dedicated a lot of time to killing the boss to still be rewarded at the end of it. Something to bare in mind is that even though this will be a 100% guaranteed drop, the target kills required will be extremely high.

You can purchase any of the pets from Deaths store for a large amount of reaper points.
There are some bosses in RuneScape that require a group to kill and there are a large amount of players who dislike group bossing. Adding the ability to purchase these will allow these players to still obtain the pets from the bosses that require a group. These will of course be very expensive as the aim would be that players do not use the store to purchase pets unless they really need to. As a rough guideline, we're talking at least 2x or maybe even 3x the price of a Hydrix.


We've also had to make some tough decisions on which bosses we can or cannot do. Below is a list of bosses that we would like create pets for but this is of course still a work in progress so these lists can change so please let us know what you think!

We would like to introduce the following as pets:

  • Kree'arra
  • Commander Zilyana
  • General Graardor
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth
  • Nex
  • Kalphite Queen (Both forms)
  • Kalphite King
  • Araxxor
  • Araxxi
  • Corporeal beast
  • Giant Mole
  • Har-aken
  • King Black Dragon
  • Legiones
  • Chaos Elemental

Currently we have chosen not to include the following:

  • Queen Black Dragon - Not easily possible to create a pet version
  • Dagannoth Kings - These have very outdated models
  • Barrows Brothers - You can obtain barrows bobbleheads from 'The Rise of the Six'
  • Vorago - It already has a rare drop (Vitalis) and the Vorago Shard can be purchased from the Solomons store.


Finally, there were a few questions in the feedback we wanted to answer:

"Can the pets be actual items rather than being in the Pet Interface?"
Nope, sorry! All new pets that we create will always be placed in the interface as this is the central point for pets now. Eventually it would be nice to convert all object pets into the interface but this isn't something we're looking into at the moment.

"Can we can put them in the house menagerie?"
Yep! You will be able to store all pets inside of the menagerie.

"Will they be completionist requirements?"
Nope! We have no intention of making these pets a requirement for the Completionist capes.

- Update 03/11/2014

Please excuse the formatting this week - for some reason bullet points aren't appearing across the forums, so I've done my best ;).

This week we've been refining the design of the boss pets project, based on both your feedback and internal feedback from other j-mods!

Here are some of the key changes since our last dev blog:

- We will be including pet versions of dagannoth kings and QBD after all! Both of these seem overwhelmingly popular so we couldn't ignore you! The dagannoths will not be getting a graphical rework at this point, so they will be using their slightly retro graphics. As for the QBD, the reason we weren't originally doing this was because the model is so huge it will look really weird scaled down (more so than any of the other bosses). However, we'll do our best with it!

- We have chosen to change the design so rather than getting the pets as guaranteed drops after reaching a certain amount of kills on the relevant boss, you will now just have a higher chance of getting the pet than before. So once you hit a certain number of kills, you'll be much more likely to get the pet - but it won't be guaranteed. A few of you raised a very good point about multiple players getting together to kill bosses very quickly to get a lot of kills and guarantee the pet drops, and this is something we want to avoid. However, we don't mind large groups getting together to give people a better chance of getting the pets :).

- Players must have killed the boss at least once to be eligible to receive it as a random pet from reaper points.

- The Araxxor pet will only drop if the player has all the Araxyte pet achievements, to keep it suitably prestigious. Following on from this, the Araxxi pet will only drop if the player has the Araxxor pet. When purchasing a random pet with reaper points these restrictions will still apply.

A big thank you for all your feedback this week. As you can hopefully see, it really has driven positive changes in the design!

We don't want to reveal too many pictures yet, since we're still in the early stages of the project, but we thought we'd include this just to show you what happens when the graphics haven't quite been erm... refined... yet!

Ninja Dev Blog Boss Pets 3

Click on the picture to see a larger version!

And finally, as usual we've picked out a few questions from your feedback:

Will the chances be higher for hard mode?
Yes! The chances for pet drops will also vary based on how long it takes to kill the boss, etc.

Will current kill count be taken into consideration?
Mod Ryan answered this in the thread, but putting it here for visibility :) - we will take into account previous kill counts, tracked since our Soul Reaper pre-release earlier this year.

Will these require Summoning?

- Update 27/11/2014

Hey all!

First of all, sorry for the large delay on this blog update!

As it stands the project is now dev complete and the QA testing is underway. We're looking at an early January release so that'll be a nice New Years present for you all!

Here's a bunch of things we've changed or add that you may not yet be aware of:

- The King and Queen Black Dragon will now both require 99 Summoning to unlock. You will still be able to obtain the unlock item from the boss but you will not be able to use it until you're 99 Summoning.

- Both Kalphite Queen forms will be unlocked at the same time, as opposed to unlocking one at a time.

- When obtaining the pet unlock item from the boss it will broadcast to all friends as well as all the players on your current world.

Here's a sneak peak at all the bosses with their respective pet names as well as the name of the unlock item that you'll need to obtain from the boss! Talk about being generous right?

Boss Pet name Unlock item
Araxxor Barry Araxyte Egg
Araxxi Mallory Araxyte Egg
Kree'arra Chick'arra Giant feather
Commander Zilyana Commander Miniana Auburn lock
General Graardor General Awwdor Decaying tooth
K'ril Tsutsaroth K'ril Tinyroth Severed hoof
Nex Nexterminator Blood-soaked feather
Kalphite Queen Kalphite Grublet Kalphite egg
Kalphite King Kalphite Grubling Kalphite claw
Corporeal beast Corporeal puppy Corporeal bone
Giant Mole Molly Rotten fang
Har-aken Shrimpy Volcanic shard
King Black Dragon King Black Dragonling King black dragon scale
Legio Primus Legio Primulus Corrupted Ascension signet I
Legio Secundus Legio Secundulus Corrupted Ascension signet II
Legio Tertius Legio Tertiolus Corrupted Ascension signet III
Legio Quartus Legio Quartulus Corrupted Ascension signet IV
Legio Quintus Legio Quintulus Corrupted Ascension signet V
Legio Sextus Legio Sextulus Corrupted Ascension signet VI
Chaos Elemental Ellie Ribs of chaos
Dagannoth Prime Prime hatchling Dagannoth egg
Dagannoth Rex Rex hatchling Shrivelled Dagannoth claw
Dagannoth Supreme Supreme hatchling Dagannoth scale
Queen Black Dragon Queen Black Dragonling Queen Black Dragon scale
???  ???  ???

As it stands, 374 players active in the last 14 days are eligible to attempt to obtain an Araxyte egg as they have unlocked all of the spider pets (thanks to Mod Porky for the statistics).

Ninja Dev Blog Boss Pets 4

Click on the picture to see a larger version!

Ninja Dev Blog Boss Pets 5

That's one good looking menagerie...

Ninja Dev Blog Boss Pets 6

Gotta catch 'em all!

And finally, as usual we've picked out a few questions from your feedback:

No buyable pets! Why can they be bought, that ruins the ability to earn them?
There have been a lot of mixed opinions on being able to purchase pets from Death's store so let me explain a few things:

The option is to purchase a 'Random' pet which means you could receive anything from the Giant Mole to the Kalphite King. On top of this the cost of the pet is purposely very expensive. It's currently set at 1,000 reaper points, which if you were to do some quick maths...

Completing Vorago Hardmode, with the 'Group' and 'Extended' features turned on results in you receiving 37 reaper points; resulting in 27~ days to purchase a pet; totaling 648 days to purchase all 24 pets which is roughly 1 year and 9 months! This isn't realistically possible either as it's unlikely that you'll be given Vorago on your first or second roll everyday.

Can we override familiars with boss pets?
Unfortunately no. As much as we'd love for this to be the case, it's currently out of scope. The reason for this is that each pet requires a couple of different animations such as attack, defend, so that when the familiar performs these attacks the pet works smoothly. This is not a quick process and would take a very long time for Stu to do, considering there are roughly ~25 pets!

- Update 02/12/2014

This is a rather short update to inform you of a few changes we've made based on player feedback.

You'll be pleased to know that we have stripped out all the code that allowed you to purchase a random pet from Death's store. After reading through the feedback we understand that it would devalue the achievement for those that have spent a long time killing the boss as another player may have only killed it once and then bought it from the store.

We also believe that if you want a specific pet enough you'll be more than happy to spend the time killing the boss to obtain it - I assure you, it's definitely worth it!

This should allow the pets to stay prestigious and it'll mean if you see another player with a pet you'll know they spent a long time earning it. This should also give those that aren't into bossing something to work towards whilst they're learning and improving on their PvM skills. :)

We've also added a handy little feature that allows you to see how many kills another player has on a specific boss by interacting with their pet!

Ninja Dev Blog Boss Pets 7

Interacting with another players Kalphite King!

This is the last addition to the dev blog so thank you for helping us through the development process and we hope you're looking forward to the release as much as we are!

P.S - I honestly have no idea what the ???'s are at the bottom of the pet table... ;)


The information above is subject to change during development.

Mods Ana, Ryan, Hunter, Pi, Stu O and AoB

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