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A rework of Mining and Smithing was planned for September 2016,[1] then postponed to 2017 due to player feedback on the initially presented concepts.[2] It has been slated for release in the second half of 2017.[3].

On 4 August 2016, Mod Jack made a post on the RuneScape Forums and Reddit to evaluate what players wanted to see in a potential rework to the Mining and Smithing skills.[4]

During RuneFest 2016, Jagex revealed some of the considerations for the rework. They were:[5]

  • Coal will no longer be needed as a secondary material for high level Smithing, but instead being a universal catalyst - speeding up the speed of smithing rather than being required to smith.
  • The crystal pickaxe will maintain its status as being better than other pickaxes due to the difficulty involved in getting it. It may be required to create higher level pickaxes.
  • Crystallise will not offer the best Mining training method, but will still be worth obtaining.

On 25 August 2017, Mod Jack posted a developer blog about the rework. The blog describes how a full rework of both skills will take some time and restrict the development of other updates, and therefore suggests that rather than a full rework, parts of it will be released gradually. Jagex estimate that "the update will bring 80% of the benefit of the rework at about 25% of the cost". A Player Power poll will be created, and the outcome of the poll will either be:[6]

  • YES - Jagex will begin work on a high level Mining and Smithing update, and the rest of the rework will be prioritised for future updates.
  • NO - Jagex will prioritise a full rework of Mining and Smithing, and it will be put back on their release schedule. According to Jagex, this would mean that there would be less updates.

The poll will require 75% of the votes to be 'yes' for that option to pass, and will start on 30 August 2017.[7]

Some of the content added by the rework will be available to free-to-play players.[8]



The basics of Mining will remain the same; with players using pickaxes to mine ore from rocks. Rocks will not be hard to find, but higher level rocks will be placed in less accessible locations. There will not be quest requirements to access any types of rock, though it is possible that more accessible locations may be unlocked as quest rewards. Rocks will no longer deplete: there will not be competition between players for obtaining ores.[9]

While mining from a rock the player will automatically strike it with their pickaxe every 4 ticks. Mining experience will be gained on every strike at the rock while ore will be obtained less frequently. Experience drops will therefore be lower amounts but occur more frequent than they do currently.[9] The mining animation and sound effect will be updated to make them correspond to ore being obtained.[8]

Each strike that a player deals to a rock will accumulate progress points; which will be like damage dealt to the rock. The amount of progress points earned will depend on the player's Mining level (each level adding an additional 1 progress per strike) and pickaxe (better pickaxes will give more progress per strike). Each rock will have a difficulty; this will determine how many progress points the player will need to get ore from the rock. Each time that the player builds up enough progress points they will get a piece of ore and their progress points will be reset to 0. Progress points are stored for a type of rock, rather than each exact rock, and players can resume mining at the same progress if they continue mining the same type of rock at a later time; however mining a different type of rock resets progress. Experience gained on each strike is equivalent to the amount of progress earned multiplied by a bonus for the rock type, with higher level rocks giving a greater bonus. Mining experience rates will remain around the same or slightly faster.[10] [9]

While mining the player will occasionally tire and need a break to recover. The number of strikes that the player will be able to make before needing a break will be approximately the same as their Mining level divided by 10. A break will last 20 ticks, after which the character will automatically resume mining. Players will be able to click on a rock to interrupt their breaks and resume mining early. This mechanic will encourage active gameplay: at the highest (90+) tier of rocks not interrupting breaks at all will give around 30% less experience and ores.[9]

Higher tier rocks will have an additional property called hardness, which will decrease the amount of progress gained per strike of the rock. For example, if your pick would normally strike for 11 progress and the rock has a hardness of 10, you actually only get 1 progress. Hardness will be counteracted by using better quality pickaxes, which have a greater penetration value. A pickaxe's penetration value will be the same as the hardness at that tier. For example, drakkurlith rocks will have a hardness of 60 and a drakkurlith or dragon pickaxe will have a penetration of 60. Pickaxe penetration will be subtracted from hardness before hardness is subtracted from progress. Players will need to use a pickaxe that is at least the same tier as the rock they are mining to remove the effect of hardness. The hardness mechanic will ensure that it remains difficult to mine higher tiers of ore with low level pickaxes.[9]

Players will be encouraged to bank their ores through the addition of imcando pyxides, which will act as deposit points. Each mining spot will have at least one imcando pydis located within easy reach of the rocks. Each pydis stores a certain amount of ore: the number will depend on the type of ore but will correspond to 20-30 minutes worth of mining. Once the pydis is full the player can click on it to teleport themselves to the nearest bank, automatically depositing all stored ore into their bank at the same time. The player will then have to return to the mining spot using their own means.[9] It is intended that Mining should be the best method of ores: to achieve this monsters' drops may be replaced with coins or protean-like items.[11]

Jagex are also considering giving Strength and Agility effects on the mining progress. One tenth of Strength skill may be added to progress per pickaxe strike: this would be equivalent to around 5% of overall mining performance. One tenth of the Agility skill may be subtracted from the number of cycles the character stops for while having a break from mining: this could potentially improve experience rates while afk mining by up to 15%, but would not affect active mining.[9]


The tiers of existing equipment will be lowered and new equipment will be added at higher levels.[11] Players will be able to smith gear up to tier 80, which will have slightly poorer stats than the equivalent tier gear obtained from monster drops. This gear will reuse models and concepts shown previously in the initial ideas for the rework.[12] The Smithing process will remain similar to how it is currently, though Jagex intend to change the process in a way that allows more modifying reward items to be used with the skill. Jagex are also looking into removing unnecessary realism in the skill with the requirement of extra materials, such as wood for crossbow stocks, being moved from the smithing process. The significance of coal will be reduced; it will no longer be required for higher level Smithing, instead it may act as a non-essential catalyst to speed up smithing.[13]

The basic mechanic of Smithing will be the same as the existing process of using anvil to make bars, though this process will typically take longer than it does currently. The length of time taken to smith items will scale with number of bars required: it will no longer be more rewarding to smith items that need more bars. The number of bars required to smith different types of items will be changed to be better reflect their value to players. A new mechanic called "The Forge" will encourage, but not require, active gameplay while smithing. Ore and bars may be used directly from the bank.[14]

The regular smithing process will create "base items". These may then be upgraded using as many bars as were originally required to create the item. At higher tiers items may be upgraded more than once: the number of times an item can be upgraded will be half its tier, rounded down. Each upgrade will require double the bars used in the previous upgrade, with the experience given being equal to the number of bars used.[14]

An item upgraded to its best upgrade level will be a "fine item". All upgraded items will be tradeable, but only base and fine items will be tradeable via the Grand Exchange. Fine items may be smithed into untradeable presentation items. These can be handed in to master smiths (Martin Steelweaver, Suak, or Lady Trahaearn) for extra experience, equivalent to that given by smithing half the total number of bars needed to make the fine item. Handing in presentation items will also award Artisans Workshop respect points, if there is not a rework of the activity as part of the Smithing update.[14]

Proposed new Smithing levels:

Metal Combat level required Smithing level required Number of upgrades Base item level Fine item level
Bronze 1 1 0 1 1
Iron 10 10 1 9 10
Steel 20 20 1 19 20
Mithril 30 30 2 28 30
Adamantite 40 40 2 38 40
Runite 50 50 3 47 50
Drakkurlith 60 60 3 57 60
Necronium 70 70 4 61 65
Invictum 80 80 4 71 75
Aetherium 90 90 5 80 85

With level 99 Smithing players will be able to create masterwork items out of aetherium items. Masterwork items will be level 90 tank items and will require level 90 Attack or Defence to use. They will be augmentable and will degrade into a broken state, requiring consumable smithing items to repair. Creating masterwork items will be a complex, time consuming and expensive process which awards only token experience. They will be created from a number of components, including glorious aetherium bars and aetherium filigree. The number of glorious bars needed will be the same as the number of bars needed to make that type of regular item, while 10 times as much filigree will be needed.[15]

Glorious bars will be made through a process of "folding" which takes place through cycles upgrading the bar from enriched to folded to glorious. Enriched and glorious bars will be tradeable but folded bars will not be. Only one bar can be folded at a time, though making them will be queued to repeat through the make-x process. Making the initial enriched aetherium bars will require 10 immaculate alloy bars, which will each made from 10 concentrated alloy bars and 1 barrows bar. Barrows bars will be made by melting down barrows equipment at the dragon forge. Each concentrated alloy bar will be made from a variety of smithed bars, including a dragon bar made from melting down dragon items at the dragon force, and a purifying flux, which will be purchasable from Artisans Workshop for 10,000. Aetherium filigree will use cheap materials in a very time consuming process of converting aetherium bars to aetherium wire, to twisted aetherium wire, to aetherium filigree. Aetherium wire and filigree will be tradeable.[15]

It will be possible to combine masterwork items with parts of level 80 and 90 drops from bosses to make even better level 92 power armour called energised armour. Energised armour will be augmentable and tradeable and will degrade to a broken state, repairable using repair kits which will also be created through smithing. The process of creating energised armour will require 99 Smithing and will be simpler and faster than creating masterwork items, though it be more costly. It will involve combining masterwork items with energised inlays. Each energised inlay will be made through combining an aetherium bar with 2 praesulic essence, from torva armour; 1 malevolent essence, from malevolent armour; and 2 kalphite essence, from drygore weapons. Creating energised armour will award only token experience.[16]

Jagex are also considering adding mastery, whereby the player would need to unlock the ability to make masterwork aetherium items. Unlocking the ability to work on mastery would require a special accomplishment such as earning a certain amount of experience by smithing a type of item at each tier. [17] It is likely that the concept of unlocking masterwork items will now be incorporated into the masterwork system; rather than being a separate mastery system as was initially presented.[18]


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