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This page is a list of upcoming RuneScape updates.


Elite dungeonsEdit

Main article: Elite dungeons

Elite dungeons 2 and 3 are planned for release on 30 July 2018 and in December 2018, respectively. The first dungeon was Temple of Aminishi, released on 25 June. They are being developed by Mod Orion, Mod Sova, and Mod Chaose.[1] The second dungeon Dragonkin Laboratory will be released in July 2018.[2] Dragonkin Laboratory will award a full elite tectonic armour set. The ability to create the gorajan trailblazer outfits will be released alongside Dragonkin Laboratory. Fragments for the outfit will be gained from completing Dungeoneering floors and elite dungeons.[3]

Player-owned farmEdit

Main article: Player-owned farm

The player-owned farm will be released in September 2018 and will feature players raising livestock. It will require level 17 Farming and level 20 Construction in return for Farming experience and special items that aid with Farming. Players will also be able to obtain items that grant benefits across RuneScape, such a boost when fighting spiders (including Araxxor/Araxxi).[1][4]

Skillcape perksEdit

Mod Daze and Mod Erator are planning an update to existing skillcape perks and an expansion of perks to master capes of accomplishment. Master capes for Slayer, Dungeoneering, and Invention will be given perks; virtual 120 capes will not have perks.[5] This is intended to be released in Summer 2018.[1]

Proposed master cape perks are:

Skill cape perks that will be adapted are:

  • Agility - no failure on obstacles.
  • Construction - chance to save planks when building in a player-owned house.
  • Crafting - chance to cut all gems in an inventory at once.
  • Divination - all wisps last a fixed amount of time.
  • Firemaking - fire spirits give better rewards and cape acts as a light source.
  • Fletching - chance to make extra bolts and arrows.
  • Hunter - increased range for traps.
  • Thieving - all pickpocketed drops are noted.[6]

Mining and Smithing reworkEdit

A major rework to the Mining and Smithing skills is in development, originally slated for release in the second half of 2017.[7] The rework will completely change the way that both skills work, introducing stamina, new tiers of ore, and a heat mechanic.


Farming quality of life preview

Mod Easty is working on a rewrite of Farming code in RuneScape, including reworking how ticks work within the skill. This may allow for new quality of life features such as left-click planting (bypassing interfaces) and the previously scrapped Farming timer concept to be implemented.[8]

Farming timers preview

Off-hand skilling itemsEdit

Magical relics concept art

Concept art for the magical relics.

Off-hand skilling items called magical relics will be added. The relics will have "themes" that grant benefits for skilling. Possible themes may be:

  • Sacrifice: damages or kills the player while giving more buffs
  • Restoration: buffs for skilling potions, regrowing locations
  • Time: makes complex training methods less intense
  • Elemental
  • Destruction: destroys resources for alternative rewards

Magical relics will give set effects when used with the associated regular experience-boosting set. Relics and the catalyst fragments will be made augmentable, allowing the player to use skilling perks with the items. A further off-hand skilling item may be a heroic, elven related item.[9] This would be a rare crystal item with lore relating to Lady Trahaearn.[10] This is currently not in development and may only be released in the latter half of 2018.



Mod Pi, in his TAPP time, is working on creating a new demon boss called Hostilius that players will have to kill "from the inside out". The fight will scale to the number of players in a group (or solo). It will have 3 difficulty levels: casual, regular, and hardcore.[11]

Combat fixesEdit

  • An update to Shattered Worlds will make its gameplay more interesting and other improvements. [12] There will be new objectives and maybe hiscores of different types.[11] Mod Erator has finished his TAPP work and it has been on the QA backlog since March.[13]
  • Gizmos will be visible on augmented items when examining another player.[14]
  • Clan Wars' rule selection and wars in progress interfaces will be updated.[15]
  • Raids will receive improvements, such as reasons to do Raids more often; a better grouping system; reducing the amount of players required; improving the jellyfish (e.g. by giving buffs from killing it); and a gold version of the Daredevil title. The title would require the player to complete all Raids feats in one run without dying.[11]
  • Bounty Hunter rewards will be redistributed to other wilderness content by Mod Pi.[16]
  • Mod Daze is working on making Telos more accessible for players who are colourblind.[17] Telos' "so much power" queue will correctly clear on phase transition.[18] Telos' anima bar will reset if using Immortality in phase 5.[19] When siphoning from fonts in a Telos fight, Telos will be untargeted so that golems take priority in the render order.[19]
  • Mod Shauny is working on improving the Monster Examine spell to include detailed information about the player's chance to damage their target, and their chance of being damaged by their opponent.[20]
  • An issue with Nex: Angel of Death becoming aggressive to different players will be fixed.[21]
  • In his TAPP Mod Shauny is working on improving boss practice mode by allowing players to select different phases of a boss to start at.[22]

Abyssal Slayer creaturesEdit

Abyssal creatures concept art

Concept art of the Abyssal creatures by Mod NicePants.

Three new Slayer monsters, originally created by Mod Shogun for Game Jam 2017, are being worked on in TAPP time. They will be Chthonian demons from the Abyss:

  • Abyssal savage (requiring level 95 Slayer to kill)
  • Abyssal beast (requiring level 105 Slayer to kill)
  • Abyssal lord (requiring level 115 Slayer to kill)

All of these will be options that players will be able to choose in place of an abyssal demons task. The new monsters will each have the same teleporting mechanic as abyssal demons, with the abyssal lord also dealing damage to the player while doing so. As with regular abyssal demons, the effects of darklight and abyssalbane ammunition will work against the new monsters.

The abyssal savage will be a harder hitting version of an abyssal demon; though it will attack using magic. The abyssal savage will have a laser attack which the player must avoid by moving at least one step away from the savage. The abyssal lord will feature the most complex mechanics. Mod Shogun is aiming for them to have 2 special effects. One of these will be that, after the player has dealt a certain amount of damage to the abyssal lord, it can summon high-hitting minions which attack the player. Some of the minions' damage will be negated by Protect from Magic.[23]

Quests and eventsEdit

Summer WeekendsEdit

Summer Weekends, with similar benefits as Winter Weekends, will take place from 20 July.[24]

Summer Beach PartyEdit

Summer Beach Party will return on 30 July and will be in game for four weeks. It will include previous events, as well as a new "face in the hole" area where players will be able to take forum avatar pictures. New rewards will include a goebie backpack and beach goebie pet, as well as new rest and walk animation overrides and cosmetic overrides. Previous rewards and titles will also be obtainable.[2][3]

Needle SkipsEdit

Mod Osborne and Mod Krista are working on a murder mystery style quest called Needle Skips. It is aimed for release some time in 2018.[25]

Quest point shopEdit

Mod Kylar is gathering player suggestions for a quest point shop.[26] There will be a quest points shop hub in the north-west corner of the Grand Exchange[27], this location is not final though.[28] The hub will feature an NPC which has not been revealed yet. The shop will have 3 different reward tracks. Players will be able to allocate quest points to those reward tracks. Players with a quest point cape will be able to unlock around 2.5 reward tracks upon release of the shop. Players can change the allocation to another track to gain access to the rewards of that track, but they will lose access to the rewards of the track the quest points were previously allocated to. Rewards will include a tribrid weapon, a hybrid quest armour set which references the helmet of trials, and a lorehound pet (for which the player can also unlock the quest armour). The armour set will also aid players who struggle with quest bosses, making the fights easier with each attempt. The armour will only work on quest bosses, excluding the Dominion Tower quest bosses as the Dominion Tower already provides weapons that can be used within the tower against those bosses. The shop will also include fixed rewards (not part of the reward tracks) which are obtained/unlocked at certain quest point milestones, e.g. helmet of trials, Rover the red dragon, Spot the black dragon, and including some new rewards. The shop will not be a master quest cape requirement nor will it be a completionist cape requirement.



Bank rework concept

Concept for the bank rework

Main article: Bank § Bank rework

The ninja team have been working on an update for banks that was aimed for release during the second half of 2017.[29] However, due to the larger than anticipated amount of work on the game engine, this update is currently on hold while the engine team finishes work on RuneScape Mobile.[30]


Jagex have plans to update clans in 2018, however development will not begin until RuneScape Mobile is released. Potential updates include making clans easier to manage, introducing new players to clans earlier in the game, and having more competition between clans.[31]

Along with reworking clan avatars the following changes will be made to clans:

  • Clan, guest clan and ban lists will have player counts.
  • Players will be warned when banning a player from a clan if the ban list is full.
  • The message for recruiting a new player to a clan will show who invited them.
  • Add a clan log that will reset weekly with the build tick.
  • Add a toggle-able clan login message to be displayed to clan members upon log-in. Deputy owners+ can set the message.
  • Add the ability to mute members. All ranks admin+ will be notified of a mute to prevent abuse.
  • Will be able to customise the rank required for a rank to be able to kick other members.
  • Clan time zone will have GMT +13 and +14 options.
  • Clan settings interface will no longer interrupt in-game activity.
  • Greater customisation of clan motif colours.
  • Added a second confirmation message for leaving a clan.
  • A welcome back message for inactive clan members will be added with the clan broadcast system.
  • More options will be added for clan event broadcasts.
  • There will be a confirmation message for selecting a clan name.

Clan avatarsEdit

Mod Moltare was working on changes to clan avatars, however he has since left Jagex.[32] The project has since been finished by Mod Shauny and is now going through code review and QA:[33]

  • The anagogic orts system will be removed: clan members will not need to pay orts to receive avatar buffs. Instead, clan members will be able to activate their weekly buff using the avatar control stone which will be located next to the avatar habitat.
  • Clan members can choose between a buff of having 10% increased resource gain from clan skill plots (increased up to 50% with fealty) or base XP boost of 3% (increased up to an additional 3% with rank 1, 2, or 3 clan fealty).
  • The buff will work in places where familiars are disallowed, e.g. Runespan and Agility courses.
  • The avatar warden clan job will no longer be required to summon an avatar.
  • The heal over time, familiar faces, auto ort, random resurrection, and protector avatar buffs will be removed.
  • Each clan member can summon a clan avatar via the follower pets section of the pets interface, if they are in a clan with an active avatar habitat and have activated their weekly buff.
  • Ironmen will be able to take out the clan avatar but will not receive bonuses from it.[34]
  • Avatars' gather resources while in citadel action will be accessible via the avatar control stone. Avatars will gather resources while summoned as pets up to a weekly maximum that is shared by the clan, scaling based on habitat tier.
  • Avatar customisation will be accessible via the avatar control stone for clan admins.
  • The clan XP buff icon will only show one icon which will display the total % of additional experience being gained by the player.
  • A buff icon will be added for the skill plot bonus buff.
  • The Clan Noticeboard will no longer show statuses of avatars.
  • The clan avatar will have a special appearance when stored in a menagerie.
  • The Woodcutting, Mining, and Firemaking skill plots will grant more clan resources when used.
  • The Crafting, Mining, Smithing, Firemaking, and Woodcutting skill plots experience will be increased by 20% between level 80 and 99.
  • Urns will be filled by skilling at skill plots.
  • The active obelisk at the Summoning skill plot will change every 30 seconds, instead of every 17.
  • The chance to break a root while training at the Woodcutting skill plot will be reduced.[33][35]

Mod Moltare had been working with Mod Asherz to make changes to the game engine to allow clan avatars to work with familiar overrides,[36] before he left his job.[37]

With this update Mod Shauny is also adding changes to citadel skilling. The rate of gaining resources while skilling will be increased; it is intended that capping at a citadel will take around 30-40 minutes. Experience from the Crafting, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, and Firemaking skill plots will be increased by 20% from level 80-99. Skilling will be made more afkable and it will be possible to use urns at the citadel. Experience drops from skill plots will show the amount of resources being gained. Additional fixes will include the clan broadcast system being made non-optional rather than opt-in; adding the ability to mute clan members; and making the permission for kicking players fully customisable.[5] The clan fealty requirement will be reduced to 900 resources gathered. Clan citadel boosters will be given out to clan members when the update is released, dependent on the number of orts that they player had. 1 booster will be received with 1,000-10,000 orts; 2 boosters will be received with 10,000-50,000 orts; 3 boosters will be received with 50,000-100,000 orts; and 4 boosters will be received with 100,000-200,000 orts.[38]

Clan broadcastsEdit

Clan broadcasts will be released in July 2018.[39]

Seers' VillageEdit

Seers rework map

Concept map of the Seers Village graphical rework.

The next in-game area to be graphically reworked will be Seers' Village and Camelot. Mod AoB is working on the update in between other projects.[40] Currently the rework is at the stage of moving buildings around and blocking them out. Jagex are planning to make Camelot castle larger and built into the mountainside. Some unnecessary things, such as the estate agent, will be removed from the village.[41] The Seers' Village Courthouse will be moved into Camelot castle and the coal truck mining site will be moved closer to Seers' Village furnace.[42]


RuneScape MobileEdit

Main article: RuneScape Mobile

RuneScape Mobile is an upcoming version of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape announced on 17 July 2017. The tentative release date is around Q3 2018[source needed]. OSRS Mobile was originally planned for release in Winter 2017, but has been delayed until sometime in late 2018.[43]

Interface scalingEdit

The interface will be made scalable as part of the upcoming Mobile client, and it will work also on the PC client.[44]

Group IronmanEdit

An update for Ironman Mode players by Mod Ramen, which will allow linked Ironman players to interact freely with each other and participate in group bosses and Dungeoneering, was announced at RuneFest 2017.[9] Features this may include are a group banking system, leaderboards, and a guild including Mr Ex and other ironman related content.[45] Group ironman is currently on hold since engine work is needed (group banking, other features) and the engine team is completely dedicated to RS Mobile.[46]

The 1st Developer Blog for the update was posted on 15 June and revealed the following plans for the mode:

  • Players will be able to form groups of 2-5 ironman players. Groups will be classified according to size, with each size having a different chat badge and Ironman Armour icon, and potentially different hiscores.
  • Leaving a group will result in a group ironman account being downgraded to a regular account.
  • If a player leaves a group then the group will be able to recruit a freshly created group ironman account only.[47]


The Live Events team are currently working on updating Treasure Hunter with the following changes:

  • Oddments system becoming a permanent feature.
  • Re-balancing base reward table to provide more valuable items.
  • Rework hearts of ice to make them more beneficial.
  • Add lifecycle system for new and existing Treasure Hunter items to be repeatedly available, and eventually freely available. The current plan is for Treasure Hunter exclusive items to become available through Solomon's General Store or time-limited events after 1 year; available through Thaler/a fragment system similar to elite skilling outfits another year later; and become freely available some time after that.[48][49]


The following fixes are planned for future updates:


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