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The following is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex content:

Official Jagex Sources

Skills and CombatEdit

Seren associated spells and prayersEdit

An upcoming elf update will include new non-combat spells and prayers. An April poll determined these spells and prayers will be released through the Curses prayerbook and the Ancient Magicks spellbook. The podcast titled "The Road to Elf City"[1] mentions these will be released after Prifddinas is released.

Invention skillEdit

In the fourth live Q&A session Mod Mark confirmed that two new skills would be released. One would be a gathering skill like Mining and Woodcutting (Divination) and the other would be a production skill like Crafting (Invention). In a November 2012 Behind the Scenes the new skills were described as "designed to suit the old-school, yet complement the entire game" since it was modelled "on some of our oldest and dearest content." The August 2013 Behind the Scenes pushed the time for the second skill back to 2014.

During RuneFest 2013 the second skill was revealed to be the Invention skill.

In January, a Power to the Players Dragonstone poll included the Invention skill vs the elf city Prifddinas. The winner was the elf city (ETA July/August), resulting in the Invention skill to be developed at a later time.

At RuneFest 2014[2], it was mentioned that:

"When Inventor didn’t pass the vote it really made us question the things we wanted from the update and whether we had missed something.

Why don’t we add to and enrich existing skills, rather than just ignoring them in favour of a new skill? What do you think? The decision is up to you."

The invention skill will not be made into an actual skill, however it will be a way of creating some item sinks, one of which is the divine energies from divination which will run invention.[3]

Runecrafting (Soul Altar)Edit

In the 2014 March VIP Q&A, Mod Osborne mentioned that:

Question: Are you planning on releasing the Soul altar?

Answer: There is a chance that the Soul Altar will be out soon. It's dependent on player votes.

— Mod Osborne[4]

Elite Combat MobsEdit

It was announced in the June 2013 Behind the Scenes article that Jagex is working on an update to add "Elite Combat Mobs" for training in Combat for the toughest high-level players.


In a development blog, Mod Mark commented that Jagex was planning to release many more rooms and the Menagerie was only the start. What the new rooms could be is unknown.

Question: Will we see an update for construction anytime soon? It's gone quite a while without anything. Then there's all of the current known bugs with Player Owned Houses like chairs turning the wrong way etc. Are you working on fixing that?

Answer: Yes. We recently made an update to Construction in which we fixed many bugs, and we do plan to add more rooms (like the recent menagerie) in the future. It’s tough to add new features when we knew that aspects of the graphics were broken - we had to fix them rather than add more broken content.

— Mod Mark[5]
During the fourth live Q&A session, Mod Mark announced that two big updates would come to the Construction Skill during 2013. One such update would be a graphical rework of the house. There would also be an update to make parts of the house for only the owner to train with. Some possible ideas that were suggested were player owned streets, where players can live alongside their friends in an instanced world. At approximately thirty minutes into the session, Mod Mark said that he wanted to bring back an idea from 2002, where you could buy land and tweak it to your own desires.
Construction Rework

RuneFest 2013 slide picturing artwork for the Construction skill rework

During RuneFest 2013 Mod Jack said they were planning to revamp the skill in such a way that they are looking into the possibilities of having around 20 instanced plots for people to see their house, houses of friends or random players' houses around the world; for instance in the middle of Varrock. They also said they want to turn it onto a 'house-building' skill, rather than having it be the 'pointless furniture building' skill it is today. With NPCs requesting certain things, the player building it and handing it in for an experience reward (similar to how Dungeoneering experience is awarded).[6] They also plan to give players more option to style their whole house in to the theme of gods, also the amount of possible gods will be increased (i.e.: more than just Saradomin, Guthix or Zamorak).[7]

In the 2014 March Q&A, Mod Dean commented on development:

Question: When will Construction rework take place?

Answer: Currently no ETA sorry this work hasn't started and isn't likely to this year.

— Mod Dean[8]

In December 2014, Mod Osborne mentioned the following:

"Scrum 2 are looking into a Construction update (not wholesale rework) that would fix a number of smaller issues, but - more importantly - would add one or more rooms to the POH. This would be for launch in 2015.We have ideas for what those rooms could be, but we want your input too. Please suggest ideas for a new POH room, and what it might include or do.

Perhaps you have always wanted a vault for your cash, or a place to hang your holiday items. Perhaps you just want the first toilet in the game. No ideas are silly, just write them in this forum! Get suggesting, and we intend to include the best ones in a future Player Power poll!"[9]

Players then suggested ideas for new rooms via a dedicated thread on the RuneScape forums. These ideas were condensed into the main polling options.

In January 2015, a Player Power poll was run to choose a new room to be added to Construction. The new room has a tentative release in April 2015. The poll had options of Aquarium (Fishing), Resource Dungeon (Dungeoneering), Greenhouse (Farming), Hotel, or Treasure Vault. The Aquarium won at 25% of the votes beating out the Resource Dungeon with 21%.[10] Another Player Power poll was added shortly after allowing players to vote on the type of fish that can be caught in the Aquarium, this fish will require 80 Fishing. Several straw polls were also initiated on the RuneScape Twitch channel, for polls regarding minor points of the update.


On Runefest 2013 Mod Jack said that Jagex wants to rework the Summoning skill so that players do not only train Summoning by making pouches, but also receive summoning experience when they use familiars in combat or skilling activities, making people want to have their familiars out. They also make it possible for familiars to level up, making older/lower level familiars still useful for higher levels. To make this viable they also intend to differentiate between familiars a lot better e.g.: different abilities that can be used in different circumstances, depending on which pet is used.[11] Mod Chris L stated on the Araxxor teaser stream that he will be working on this project immediately after the release of Araxxor.


During RuneFest 2013 Mod Jack said Jagex wants to rework the Agility skill. They will be removing run energy entirely. This is because the intent to make skilling faster by training agility is currently only done so through Agility's effect on run energy. The idea is to make the impact of this effect more direct.

  • One specific idea of this rework is to make inventory skilling (when using the Make-X interface) faster. The time required to complete an action in another skill will be affected directly by making actions require less time; or by increasing the change to more than one at once (similar to the Varrock armour gives a player the chance of mining or smelting two ores).
  • Another idea is to provide the player with more and/or more useful teleports, the higher their level is. Yet another is to make more use for shortcuts.

Lastly, they also want to make the whole training experience less repetitive and more varied.[12]

In the 2014 March Q&A, Mod Dean commented on development:

Question: Is there still talk about the agility re-work?

Answer: There has been talk, though nothing has started development or is likely to in the coming months.

— Mod Dean[13]

Mining and SmithingEdit

During RuneFest 2013 Mod Jack said Jagex wants to rework both the Mining and Smithing skills. He mentioned how little sense the levels make (e.g.: top-levels in both skills to make level 50 Rune Armour). They are looking into making the mining and smithing requirements similar to the Attack and Defence requirements, as well as adding in more ores and metals for the levels above that (e.g.: a metal named Necronium for the level 70 tier, a resource used in the third age to make armour and weapons, which was lost after the Gielinorian God Wars). Since higher level equipment already exists (like Dragon and Barrows), they intend to buff these weapons a little (to help them retain their value), as well as give higher levelled smiths the ability to increase their use and power by fusing them with player-made equipment of the same tier.

Mod Jack described the smithing skill as followed: get a valuable ore, smelt it into a less valuable bar, and smith it into a worthless sword. He saw this as a broken mechanic, and wants players to be able to fuse identical swords into better swords (e.g.: two normal swords create one better sword with 'plus 1'; two 'plus one' swords produces a 'plus two' sword; all the way to a 'plus 5', which will be called Master works, these are to be used with the Dragon or Barrows equipment, boosting it even further to the highest possible for that level).

For Mining in particular, they intend to make Deposit Boxes near mining sites to eliminate the dropping of ores (an unintended feature of the skill that they wish to get rid of). They will further rebalance both mining and smithing with this in mind. Additionally, they want to add more pickaxes.

They also intend to give people something more than just access to making a tier of weapons or armour, although they haven't yet figured out what it may be.

If this goes well, they see this as a template for other skills as well, like Crafting and Fletching.[14]

On the official RuneScape Forums Mod Jack posted the following, see the table below.[15]

Level* Metal Ores
1 Bronze bar Copper + Tin
10 Iron bar Iron ore + Limestone
20 Steel bar Iron ore + Coal
30 Mithril bar Mithril ore + Coal
40 Adamant bar Adamantite ore + Imcandite
50 Rune bar Runite ore + Imcandite
60 Orichalkum Orichalcite + Dragonsblood (no, not actual dragon's blood)
70 Necronium Necrolith + Thanous
  • Denotes the basic level to mine, smith, wear, and wield.

Higher level ores and armour would be added eventually, but are currently "a long way off".[16]

Lore and QuestsEdit

Tuska (World Event 3) Edit

Tuska, the boar-like goddess, is currently ravaging dimensions[17] and will arrive in Gielinor shortly. In the 2014 March VIP Q&A[18], Mod Osborne says:

Question: When will Tuska arrive on Gelienor?

Answer: Her harbingers have arrived, so she can't be far behind. It may not be this year, but she approaches.

— Mod Osborne[19]

At RuneFest 2014[20], it was mentioned that:

"Remember when we said some of our world events would be RuneScape vs ‘something’? Well…

Meet Tuska, a giant beast that stampedes from world to world, breaking it apart and eating its life force. You’ve seen the destruction it can cause through Guthix’s memories, and now she’s going to turn her attention to RuneScape.

There’s a giant portal on her back, where her harbingers emerge, causing destruction to anything they touch. You’ll have to work together as she stampedes across the world, using skill and cunning, as well as brute force. There’s no guarantee that you’ll win, but either way there’s going to be some massive, long lasting ramifications to the world.

There will be plenty of content but the shape it takes will be up to you. We’ve got ideas for endgame battles, grouping with friends in massive multi stage conflicts, watching her chew the world up but nothing is certain... yet!"

Elemental Workshop quest seriesEdit

In the Game Update FAQ for Elemental Workshop IV, Mods Dylan and Mark have confirmed more quests being planned.

Question: How many more quests are planned for this series?

Answer: 3 or 5 depending on how the last parts turn out.

— Mod Mark [21]

This quest lost in the March Quest Poll to a Sixth-Age quest.

A September 2014 quest poll included Zamorak's Heist, Elemental Workshop V, Pirate Quest, and a Spellcrafting Quest. The description for the Elemental Workshop V quest was "Your adventure continues, deeper into the devilishly devious workshop where you unlock the secrets of the Astral and Nature rooms". This option lost in the poll to Zamorak's Heist.

Pirate quest series Edit

With at least two quests left, the next quest would involve Rabid Jack and ninja monkeys.[22]

This quest lost in the March Quest Poll to a Sixth-Age quest.

According to Mod Osborne in a Reddit Q&A, the next Pirate Quest will be the final. It is unknown whether this was a mistake or they decided to scrap one of the ideas and only make it one more quest.

A September 2014 quest poll included Zamorak's Heist, Elemental Workshop V, Pirate Quest, and a Spellcrafting Quest. The description for the Pirate quest was "What horrors lurk in the waters of the Cursed Archipelago? Find the source of Rabid Jack’s power as the pirates of Mos Le'Harmless prepare for war". This option lost in the poll to Zamorak's Heist.

Spellcrafting Quest Edit

A September 2014 quest poll included Zamorak's Heist, Elemental Workshop V, Pirate Quest, and a Spellcrafting Quest. The description for the Spellcrafting Quest was "Spellcrafting is a lost and dangerous art. Can you master it and create a new spell for the wizards of the world?". This option lost in the poll to Zamorak's Heist.

Rite of Passage (Signature Heroes quest series) Edit

A 6th Age quest in development by Mod Raven. This quest will be about travelling to the Aviansie homeworld, a harsh planet named Abbinah, and helping a young Aviansie with his 'rite of passage.' It will also feature Armadyl's backstory, but probably not Armadyl himself.[23] However, in the 2014 March VIP Q&A Mod Osborne mentioned Rite of Passage will be polled in an upcoming quest poll: "If you want to get answers to your questions, pick the Rite of Passage in the upcoming quest poll.".[24] In the Future Quests Pollcast, Mod Osborne confirmed that the Aviansie quest mentioned in the quest poll[25] was indeed Rite of Passage.[26]

In April, this quest was polled against the other Sixth-Age quests that won the March Quest Poll. However, it lost to the Elder Gods quest choice.[27]

Myreque quest seriesEdit

Mod Osborne mentioned in the 2014 March VIP Q&A[28] that the next Myreque quest won't be released in 2014. Safalaan will be the focus of the next quest.

Penguin quest seriesEdit

The next quest may involve Acheron, the Penguin Motherland.

This quest lost in the March Quest Poll to a Sixth-Age quest.

Gnome Finale (Gnome quest series)Edit

This finale would include Arposandra, Glouprie, and dark gnomes.[29]

This quest lost in the March Quest Poll to a Sixth-Age quest.

Desert Quest SeriesEdit

Mod Rowley mentioned that the remaining quests (up to three) would be likely set in the Fifth Age.[30] However, in the 2014 March VIP Q&A[31], Mod Osborne mentioned he wanted two more quests and that Amascut's involvement with Crondis and Het would be resolved. Ozan would play a role too. The desert quest series may include the strange machinery in the Pollnivneach Smoke Dungeon[32].

This quest lost in the March Quest Poll to a Sixth-Age quest.

Sir Owen 2nd questEdit

This quest would be a sequel to The Death of Chivalry.

In April, this quest was polled against the other Sixth-Age quests that won the March Quest Poll. However, it lost to the Elder Gods quest choice.[33]


In the 2014 March VIP Q&A[34], Mod Osborne mentions that there is a possibilty of Iban playing a role in future content based on player polls. He also mentions that he is looking into an explanation or a role for Iban's slaves.

God ContentEdit

During the RuneScape Live Lore session it was revealed that as part of next year's god central updates, an NPC already in game will attain godhood. This NPC will not have been interacted with by the player, but is a native of Gielinor and appears in a cutscene.[35] This has been confirmed to not be Sliske, who claims to not be a god.

Dragonkin questEdit

In April, this quest was polled against the other Sixth-Age quests that won the March Quest Poll. However, it lost to the Elder Gods quest choice.[36]

Church of YouEdit

The Church of You is an update concept announced at RuneFest 3 by Mod Mark. He expressed that he was interested in creating a piece of content where your character was worshipped by others.

Fossil IslandEdit

During the fifth live Q&A session on Runescape lore, it was revealed that the Island discovered by the Varrock Museum will feature many fossils as part of its structure and landscape. An unmentioned Dragonkin lives on this island. Due to this update needing a large graphical budget, the project has been put on hold until further notice. In the 2014 March VIP Q&A, Mod Osborne commented on Fossil Island:

Question: Are there any concrete plans for Fossil Island?

Answer: Not concrete. It's a Mod Mark passion project, so I can imagine it getting made at some point in the future. For now, nothing is being worked on.

— Mod Osborne[37]

Minigames and TasksEdit

Tasks set and more Equipment slotsEdit

Question: I Counted the areas of RuneScape that could be grouped into a achievement diary, there are too many areas to reward a item for each equip slot, Will you just release more shields and rings or get more creative with the reward items?

Answer: Not all areas need to have an Achievement Diary. Interestingly, we do plan to have an Achievement Diary set with a potential set bonus. Who’s to say that there won’t be more areas, or indeed more slots, in a few years’ time?

— Mod Mark [38]

Two of these new slots are the aura and the pocket slots. The Daemonheim Tasks awarded the Daemonheim aura.

2015 minigame spotlights Edit

At RuneFest 2014[39], it was mentioned that 2015 will include plans for minigame spotlights. Mod Moltare has started to discuss the potential spotlights on the official forums asking for community feedback. He stated the possible options are a universal store with a currency awarded from daily challenges, daily minigame boosts for increased rewards, minigames are have spotlights every weekend for increased rewards, or a mix between the three options.[40]

Dungeons and MonstersEdit

God Wars dungeon Edit

At RuneFest 2014[41], it was mentioned that 2015 will include another god wars dungeon.

Adamant Dragons and Rune DragonsEdit

Question: Few weeks ago I heard from players that there are going to be Adamant dragons. I would like to know, are you really planning those or is it just simply joke?

Answer: We are planning to add some adamant dragons in the future, but the screenshot that people "thought" were addy dragons weren't. Honest!

— Mod Mark

The addition of Adamant Dragons and Rune Dragons won the first RuneLabs poll. Mod Stu created a post on the RuneScape forums asking for suggestions on potential drops, monster locations, and possible Dragonkin lore to be added with the dragons.[42] The dragons are planned to be implemented in June 2015.

Pollnivneach Smoke DungeonEdit

Smoke dungeon machinery

Currently, the strange machinery in the bottom floor of the dungeon has no apparent use...

Question: Any plans with the weird machine in the Pollnivneach smoke dungeon?

Answer: Yes!

— Mod Mark
Question: Will the device under pollivneach in the dungeon ever be used, or has that been scrapped?

Answer: It's not been scrapped - it was a neat environmental inclusion that seemed to explain why the dungeon is like it is. I'm not sure what story I would tell about it...

— Mod Mark

In the 2014 March VIP Q&A, Mod Osborne mentions further information:

Question: Are there any plans with the strange machinary in the pollnivneach slayer dungeon? A while back Mod Mark said there was but so far nothing has been said.

Answer: He was likely referring to the graphical rework that was done to that dungeon. Otherwise, Mod Mark might have had plans for the future of the desert storyline, which will appear in a poll soon.

— Mod Osborne[43]

Audio and GraphicsEdit

Voice actingEdit

In the fourth live Q&A session at approximately 46:00, Mod Mark announced that Jagex was working on updating all previous quests to feature voice acting, background sounds, and more ambiance.

Cinematic trailerEdit

In the Cinematic trailer there are a few updated monsters and a possible new area.

Falador graphical updateEdit

Mod Pascal, a French member of the RuneScape graphics team, confirmed in a interview with Francoscape[44] that they were working on a graphical update of Falador. This was also confirmed by Mod Mark in the fourth live Q&A session.

Kandarin graphical update(s)Edit

In the fourth live Q&A session, Mod Mark confirmed that a graphical update to Kandarin, specifically Ardougne would be coming.

Port Sarim graphical updateEdit

A graphical rework for Port Sarim is already completed and waiting for implementation as confirmed in the GameBlast LiveStream[45].

Core and InterfaceEdit

Chat and FFA split improvementsEdit

Question: Can you allow us to quickly talk to a friend by using /Friend-x for example?

Answer:This is technically possible to implement, it just a question of getting the time to do it as it’s rather fiddly. I will try to implement it in the next few weeks.

— Mod Rathe
Question: Are you planning on doing anything about the FFA split? How will I know if someone is lying to me?

Answer: We shall be changing this, the proposal has been signed off, but it's currently a rather low priority for the team that manage the website.

— Mod Emilee

Multi-Core SupportEdit

On a thread made by a player concerning Frames Per Second (FPS) and Multi-Core support on the day of release of Z-Buffering, Mod Chris E confirmed it is implemented but disabled.



Mod MMG confirmed in a news postthat HTML5 support is coming to the game.

Java versus HTML5 full

Side by side comparison

Thank you for being RuneScape players, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy playing RuneScape over the years to come. We have some tremendous content - as well as technical innovations - lined up over the course of the next few months that we believe you will love. We already have RuneScape running in a new and improved client architecture built on HTML5 (a side by side screenshot of the early improvements over the current engine can be seen below - click for full size), and now I’m happy to report that we also have a dedicated Future Tech team working on bringing the game to your favourite tablets, platforms and even smart TVs in due course.
— Mod MMG

In December 2012, Mod Seven stated in a post on the RuneScape Forums that HTML5 support being released sometime in 2013.

I could sit here and wax lyrical about all of my favourite moments from the past year; all of the wonderful graphical re-works of old favourites, as well as amazing, imaginative new additions to RuneScape’s growing world. The fantastic quests and memorable characters such as Ariane and Ozan getting more screen time...

Or I could muse about the possibilities next year will bring, with HTML5 looking set to ensure RuneScape will be looking better and running smoother than ever in 2013!

— Mod Seven

On January 23rd, 2013, Mod MMG announced the following in a post on the RuneScape Forums.

I believe the HTML 5 beta will be rather soon, I don’t have the exact dates to hand but I think it’s in the next month or two from memory, I know the engine team are working super hard to get it live by April but I’m kinda working back a little from that date for the beta.
— Mod MMG

As of 17 April 2013, the HTML5 system was opened as a beta for Runescape. In the 2014 March Q&A, Mod Philip commented on future updates to the HTML5 client:

Question: Hello, I would love to know when HTML5 will be officially released ? Also, you mentioned a while ago that you were working on a stand alone client for the game, is it still planned ?

Answer: HTML5 is available to play now - we are unlikely to make any significant changes to it in the future, as the underlying technology is not really fast enough for our player base to have a good experience in it. It is still supported though, and is being used as a basis for some work on other client technology which should turn out a lot better (but we are not sure when it will be ready yet).

— Mod Philip[46]

At RuneFest 2014[47], it was mentioned that:

"So, whatever happened to our HTML5 client?

We had some very good reasons for wanting to write a new client, Java has become increasingly harder to run in a browser over the years, plus it’s written in a way that makes it difficult for us to squeeze out any more performance from it, or to add new features.

In any case, the HTML5 client was supposed to solve these problems and generally make it easier for you to play RuneScape. Unfortunately the client wasn’t fast enough, even on high-end computers. The performance problems we originally thought were just something we needed to work on, were rather more intractable than we had anticipated, for quite complicated technical reasons. So, we went back to the drawing board and decided that the only way we could sort things out properly was to write the client again.

Over the past year we have been quietly working to bring you something pretty awesome. Our next new client builds on the re-architecting we did for the HTML5 project to deliver what HTML5 could not – the performance you expect out of your computer when playing RuneScape, with all of the added benefits we had intended to give you before, and more.

That includes:

  • Map loading without the “Loading – Please Wait” dialogs
  • Getting into game without needing the initial loading screen
  • Great performance with the graphics settings turned right up
  • New graphical effects to help make the most out of our content
  • The ability to add new features to the engine more easily than we could before, due to the improved architecture and performance

We’ve written this new client to run on multiple platforms, including natively on Windows, OSX and Linux, and in the browser, using a more focused form of the HTML5 technology we used before, so it should be easy for you to switch when the time comes. We’ll make the change as seamless as possible.

We are not quite feature-complete yet, but we hope to be ready to let you have a beta of this in a few months or so."

Mobile RunescapeEdit

As part of Jagex's plans for the future of RuneScape, it was announced during the fourth live Q&A session that the team are looking to bring RuneScape to tablet computers.

RuneScape DutchEdit

In the fourth live Q&A session at 1:03:50, a question was asked about when RuneScape Spanish would be released. At 1:13:00, it was said that it would possibly be released in Q1 2013, though Mod Mark intervened and said it would be released very soon. It was also confirmed that RuneScape Dutch was in consideration. RuneScape Latin American Spanish was subsequently released on 24 April 2013, leaving only Dutch to be released.


Email LoginEdit

It was mentioned in the second live Q&A session that legacy accounts, that is, accounts created before e-mails could be linked to the account, will be able to log into the game via e-mail in the future.

Botany Bay and BotsEdit

In the second live Q&A session at approximately 18:52, it was mentioned that there might be a future update to Botany Bay, with a possible punishment being a human piñata.

Item recoveryEdit

I understand as a gamer myself that losing items or gold can put a damper on your RuneScape experience. This is why we are looking into a system to help get players back their lost items, when this becomes available for our player’s[sic], we will let you know on our homepage.
— Mod Katieann[48]

For some time, Jagex ran a trial program of returning lost items; however, this has been discontinued.


Holiday items for Loyalty PointsEdit

A February Power to the Players poll determined that untradeable holiday items would become available in Solomon's Store using Loyalty Points, with an ETA of March/April.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Edit

At RuneFest 2014[49], it was mentioned that:

"Heard about our brand new RuneScape inspired game? We’ve created a card game where you can build quests with your favourite RuneScape characters, items and enemies.

It’ll be available on tablets, mobile, and on the PC and the best part? You’ll get to earn cards to use in the game while you play RuneScape!"

See AlsoEdit


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