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This page is a list of upcoming RuneScape updates.


Invention batch 2Edit

Invention is planned to receive an update in September 2017.[1] The update will aim to address several quality of life issues and the removal of the inspiration mechanic, among other things.

Skilling petsEdit

In 2017, skilling pets will be added for combat skills (including Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Summoning, Strength, Ranged and Prayer).[2] Players have been able to submit concepts for the combat skilling pets as part of a competition. The ninja team selected their top concepts for each skilling pet and players have voted on all new pets, as well as the details for the associated titles.

Mining and Smithing reworkEdit

Mining and Smithing was expected to get an update in the second half of 2017.[3] However Jagex are finding it difficult to produce a concept that will satisfy all players' expectations. They are instead considering doing an update to introduce new content at the higher levels of the skills, with reworking being left to another future update.[4]


Boss Collection LogEdit

Jagex are developing a system to track the number of unique boss drops gained by the player. The log will be an interface with tabs for each boss in the system. It may also be viewed via a book in Death's office.[4] All Raids drops will share a tab. TzHaar Fight Cave and Fight Kiln will also be combined. Currently there is an option to favourite a tab, so that it is opened by default when accessing the interface, however this may be replaced through integration of the boss collection log into the Beasts interface. The update will also add the ability to quick chat if/how many times an item from the collection log has been obtained. There will be new titles, awarded for obtaining of the unique drops from a boss..[5]

New Slayer MonstersEdit

Mod Ramen is working on three new high-level Slayer monsters.[6] These are not the monsters that were previously being worked on by Mod Shogun.[4]

Penguins in space: musical raidsEdit

Mods Deg and Raven are working on a fun practice-mode like Raids encounter. To enter the encounter players must board a space ship and then co-operate as a team to maintain their ship's wellbeing by following instructions which are given to them. If the team is able to successfully maintain ship wellbeing then they will arrive at the boss fight.

During the fight the players will fight in combat against Beatsmaster Zurgdag (Beastmaster Durzag) while music is played. Yamaharu (Yakamaru) will spectate the fight. Additional mechanics will involve maintaining the players' volume meter while decreasing the volume meter of the bosses. [7]

Combat fixesEdit

  • Specific numbers will be added for certain buffs/debuffs.[8]
  • Gizmos will be visible on augmented items when examining another player.[8]
  • An update to Shattered Worlds will make its gameplay more interesting and will be worked on after Invention batch 2.[9]
  • Wyverns' freeze effect will increase at half the current speed and fires will warm up the player four times faster.[10]
  • Degradeable items degrade percentage will highlight in different colours on the tooltip, depending on the level of degradation.[11]
  • Clan Wars' rule selection and wars in progress interfaces will be updated.[12]

Quests and eventsEdit

Double XP WeekendEdit

A Double XP Weekend will run from 12:00 UTC on 15 September to 12:00 UTC on 18 September.[13]

Seasonal HiScoresEdit

Jagex will be re-introducing Seasonal HiScores in a new format. They are looking to make a system where players are rewarded for the quality of their contribution, rather than just the amount of time/effort made by the player. Initially high scores will be run for best times in killing bosses and completing dungeons in Dungeoneering. A poll will be run from 26 July to determine what the high scores' rewards should be. Notifications will be added to the Dungeoneering floor settings and boss instance interfaces to let players know when a seasonal highscore is active. These are the currently planned competitions:


  • Fastest kill time for Nex (Solo)
  • Fastest kill time for Araxxor (Solo, any enrage)
  • Fastest kill time for Telos (200% enrage)
  • Fastest kill time for Queen Black Dragon


  • Fastest group large, complexity 6 floor in Dungeoneering (Whole team will be credited)
  • Fastest solo medium, complexity 6 floor in Dungeoneering

Evil Dave QuestEdit

A quest involving Evil Dave is intended for release in 2017.[2]

Replayable Sliske's EndgameEdit

Mod Raven is working on making Sliske's Endgame replayable in a future update. This is currently in QA.[14] The following fixes and changes will be added with the update:[15]

  • Ability to play through a second time.
  • Adjust past choices on non-canon playthroughs.
  • Add a "lore maze" for non-canon playthroughs where players can go straight to the maze, skip solving it and just do the interaction parts. Players will be able to choose what interactions they will have in what order.
  • Fix clickout bug for interactions so players will be able to see if they missed interactions.
  • Change dialogue in final scene so that the player can pledge the stone to a god of their choice.
  • Adjust dialogue for Zaros, if you are loyal to him.
  • Added Akrisae to the final scene.
  • Updated model for Sliske to have the staff at the stone scene.
  • Other potential fixes are making shards augmentable; letting the player get Armadyl's feather if they are loyal to him throughout the quest; and making the maze interface show which rooms the player has already been through.

There may also be an alteration to the ending of the quest so that Armadyl reclaims the Empyrean Citadel during a short miniquest; with the area potentially becoming a social or skilling area.[14]

In-game events calendarEdit

Mods Erator and Chaplain have been working on an in-game calendar as part of a GameJam project. The calendar will record events such as Treasure Hunter promotions, official livestreams and Jagex moderator events. There may also be support for showing when an account's membership expires and for "super events" which would take over the square for an entire day to notify the player of important updates.[16] The calendar has been developed and is awaiting QA testing.[17]

Burthorpe Games Room updateEdit

Mod Tomb is working on an update to make it possible for players to play games from the Burthorpe Games Room while skilling across RuneScape is planned. Initially it may only be possible for players on the same world to challenge each other.[16] [18]


Achievements systemEdit

The Achievements system will receive a second update in August 2017.[19]

God Wars Dungeon bossesEdit

Graphical and animation updates for the God Wars Dungeon bosses are planned for August 2017.[4][20]


Bank rework concept

Concept for the bank rework

Main article: Bank § Bank rework

The ninja team is working on an update for banks that is aimed for release during the second half of 2017.[21]

Clan avatarsEdit

Mod Moltare is planning changes to clan avatars:

  • Removing the anagogic orts system. Instead clan members will be able to attune to their clan's avatar habitat while visiting the citadel once a week.
  • Attuned clan members will be able to summon the clan avatar as a cosmetic companion pet.
  • Attuned clan members will receive an experience buff, regardless of whether or not the avatar pet is summoned.
    • Potential experience buffs may be: a flat 3% experience buff; a 3% buff plus 2% for having maximum clan fealty (total 5%); or 1% per tier of avatar habitat plus 2% for max fealty.
  • While in the citadel with the avatar pet summoned it will gather resources up to a cap shared across all clan avatars.
  • Clan members with admin+ rank may be given permissions to customise the avatars' appearance and set what they will gather at the citadel.[22]

Mod Moltare is currently working with Mod Asherz to make changes to the game engine to allow clan avatars to work with familiar overrides.[23]

Seers' VillageEdit

The next in-game area to be graphically reworked will be Seers' Village and Camelot. Mod AoB is working on the update in between other projects.[24] Currently the rework is at the stage of moving buildings around and blocking them out. Jagex are planning to make Camelot castle larger and built into the mountainside. Some unnecessary things, such as the estate agent, will be removed from the village.[25] The Seers' Village Courthouse will be moved into Camelot castle and the coal truck mining site will be moved closer to Seers' Village furnace.[26]

Witch's HouseEdit

The area used in the Witch's House quest will be graphically updated. The quest will receive quality of life fixes and may be made a free-to-play quest.[17]

Treasure TrailsEdit

A rework for clue scrolls is being worked on by the ninja team.[27] This is intended to make completing clue scrolls more rewarding and may allow the player to work on more than one clue of the same difficulty at the same time. Improved rewards may include new god birds, third-age armour, unique clue scroll gear, and footprint trails left as the player moves around the world. Pets may be added for completion of clue scrolls.[2]

The rework will look at addressing players' most requested changes to clues:

  • Making emote clues less annoying.
  • Allowing players to have multiple clues of the same tier, with only one being active.
  • Adding a new dye.
  • Improving guthix and saradomin wizards (making them left-clickable in the Wilderness, graphically updating them and making them weak to all combat styles).
  • Adding a new reward that will allow ranger boots to be boosted from tier 40 to tier 85.
  • Make hints more helpful/less misleading.
  • Allow skillers to get more clue scrolls.
  • Add a new clue tier: master clues.
  • Look at drop tables.
  • Add a collection log (similar to the Boss Collection Log)
  • Add a better way to retrieve items needed for clues.

Part of the rework will be the introduction of STASH (store-things-and-stuff-here) units to store the items required for emote clues. Players will be able to build STASH units near to locations required by emote clues with the appropriate Construction level. An interface will be added to show all possible STASH unit locations, and display whether a player has built and filled the unit at each.[28]


The number of daily repeatable events will be addressed; several design options are being discussed.[17]


RuneScape MobileEdit

Main article: RuneScape Mobile

RuneScape Mobile is an upcoming version of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape announced on 17 July 2017. The main version of RuneScape will not be available to play on mobile until 2018. Old School RuneScape will be available to play from Winter 2017.

Customer SupportEdit

The following changes to customer support will be made in future updates:

  • Reinstatement of a system to allow permanently banned players to appeal their bans[29]
  • Live text-based conversations about a limited range of issues with Jagex Moderators in the customer support team[29]

Miscellaneous fixesEdit

The following fixes are planned for future updates:

  • An aura bag will be added to store auras. This was expected to be released in July 2017, but has since been delayed.[17]
  • Mod Timbo's current long-term projects include increasing the value of seeds; increasing ghostly essence drops; and removing resources from PvM.[30][31]
  • In Search of the Myreque and In Aid of the Myreque will give their experience rewards as lamps rather than direct experience.[32]
  • Mod Stu is working on adding a quest accept interfaces to all quests: currently he has done this for 75 quests and has 50 left to go.[33]
  • The rewards from Motherlode Maw will be improved. Enhancers from the maw could become consumable to grant their effects to the player.[34]
  • The currency pouch interface will be improved. Icons will be made bigger, the interface will be made smaller and favourited currencies will be numbered.[35]
  • The Varrock Grand Exchange's 4 booths will be combined to one central booth.[17]
  • Mod Stu is working on adding an explanation of the nature of the Sixth Age to the quest accept interface of sixth age quests.[36]
  • Mod Stu is adding an "Age" filter to the Quest List. It will filter into fifth age, sixth age or agnostic (could be either).[37]
  • A fix by Mod Shogun will add counters to some Menaphos achievements.[38]


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