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Unpowered orb detail

An unpowered orb is an item used to make enchanted orbs by casting an enchanting spell on the corresponding obelisk, then crafting the orb onto a battlestaff to make an air, earth, fire, or water battlestaff. An unpowered orb can be made out of molten glass by clicking on said glass at Crafting level 46, granting 52.5 Crafting experience.

Creating unpowered orbs can be a cost-effective way to train Crafting. Including banking time, a full inventory of molten glass takes about 58 seconds to craft. Using this method can therefore yield over 90,000 experience per hour with monetary gain of 0.29 coins per experience gained, assuming Grand Exchange market prices.

Unpowered orbs can sometimes be found inside barrels, and are also a common item received while pickpocketing Cadarn workers.


Unpowered orb Unpowered orb
Crafting-Make-X GE icon
52.5 XP-202
Crafting Crafting level46
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Molten glassMolten glass1187187

Craftable itemsEdit

This table assumes a staff is used to save the relevant elemental rune.

Image Item Level Value Cost Profit Exp Profit/XP
Water orb Water orb 56 2,574 -984 1,590 66 24.09
Earth orb Earth orb 60 2,889 -984 1,905 70 27.21
Fire orb Fire orb 63 2,764 -984 1,780 73 24.38
Air orb Air orb 66 3,062 -984 2,078 76 27.34

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Barrel (Viyeldi caves)N/A1Common
Cadarn workerN/A1Common
Greater reborn mage821Rare
Lesser reborn mage681Rare
Murderous bakamiN/A4–8Uncommon
Murderous bakami jarN/A4–8Common
Murderous orokamiN/A5–6Unknown
Murderous orokami jarN/A6Common


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  • On 6 May 2009 Jagex updated the appearance of unpowered orbs by making them a darker colour, becoming easier to differentiate from air orbs.