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"Underground" redirects here. For the music track, see Underground (music track).
This article is about dungeons found around Gielinor. For Dungeon Maps, see World map#Dungeon maps.
For the rooms found in Daemonheim, see Dungeoneering.
For the room that members can build in their house, see Dungeon.

Dungeons are usually subterranean areas, typically filled with hostile monsters, traps, and other hazards. They are often part of a quest's storyline.


Feldip Hills (members)Edit

Fremennik Province (members)Edit

Kandarin (members)Edit


Kharidian Desert (members)Edit


Morytania (members)Edit


Ape Atoll (members)Edit

Other (members)Edit

Treasure room

A treasure room owned by a player.

Cave entrancesEdit

Cave entrances are interactive scenery that serve as entrances into certain dungeons or underground areas.


  • All dungeons are stored in one giant map, to the far north of the surface world in the middle of a void of unprogrammed area referred to as "Unknown". The map showing the dungeon is not actually the real distance, as shown in these images.

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