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Undead heroes are part of the army Lucien is raising. During While Guthix Sleeps, Lucien summons several undead through necromancy near the Chaos Temple. While the player is spying in Dagon'Hai robes (trying to disguise themselves as Surok Magis), Lucien realises that they are not Surok and fires a very powerful spell, which is evaded and instead hits two Elite Black Knights who instantly turn into dust and crumble. Then, a group of heroes arrive to the player's aid, of which Mazchna the Slayer Master and Harrallak Menarous the guildmaster attack the undead heroes, using their fearsome melee skills to easily dispatch them, while the others (including Cyrisus and Hazelmere) take on Lucien and sadly perish. After they have been defeated, Lucien teleports away, along with his army.


  • Previously, some of the heroes wore armour that resembled that worn Barrows Brothers.

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