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Uncharted island map detail

Uncharted island map is an item that can be randomly obtained when gaining experience outside the Arc. It allows a free passage to an Uncharted Isle. It has a read option which prompts a dialogue pointing the player to Quartermaster Gully. When the map is taken to him, he offers a voyage to an Uncharted Isle with no supplies cost.

Players will only be able to receive a new uncharted island map if they do not already have one in their inventory or bank.

When found, players will receive the game message: "While training, you find a map to an uncharted island in the eastern lands." Reading the map prompts the player to say "If I take this to my quartermaster in the Wushanko Isles, I can visit this island."

However, the following message is shown if the player tries to read the map without having started the Arc: "I'm not sure what this is for. There's a stamp on it for Stan's Trading Company - I wonder if that could be Trader Stan in Port Sarim."

Non-members can also receive this item whilst skilling.

When the travel option is selected on Quartermaster Gully whilst the map is within the player's inventory, he says "I see ye have a map to a remote uncharted island there, cap'n - would you like to sail there? It won't even cost us any supplies!"

The image on the map appears to resemble Dragontooth Island, which is not part of the Wushanko Isles.

The maps are a limited resource, and each player is supposed to only ever get less than ten maps.[1] However, much more can actually be obtained.


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