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Ukunduka is the manifestation of Amascut's corruption in the form of a crocodile spawn. It is literally thrown up by Crondis during the Crocodile Tears quest in response to the adventurer's refusal to further indulge her insatiable need to consume.

Ukunduka has 75,000 life points and attacks with a combination of melee and ranged attacks. These attacks are fairly accurate, and can occasionally hit over 1,000, so it is recommended to use a defensive prayer to the style which the player is weaker against.

As a special move, he will eat the player's food that is in their inventory and heal for that amount, however this does not apply to Saradomin brews or baron sharks.

It is recommended to use ranged or magic attacks if the player's melee levels are low. Ukunduka can be trapped behind the stairs which will limit him to only ranged attacks. This also prevents him from devouring the food in the player's inventory.

If melee is used, either use Soul Split to heal or bring a strong weapon of at least tier 80 that can deal higher damage than the player's food will heal for, though this will prolong the fight. The reach of a halberd allows the player to take advantage of the safe spot.

The fight with Ukunduka is instanced, and will not warn players if they drop items. When the fight ends, players will be sent back to the non-instanced pyramid without a chance to pick up items.


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